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Telangana Election Manifestos 2023

Telangana’s Political Landscape: A Tale of Three Manifestos BRS Congress and BJP

As Telangana gears up for the upcoming Assembly elections Telangana Election Manifestos 2023, the three major political parties Telangana Congress, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (BRS), and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – have unveiled their manifestos, outlining their vision for the state’s future. Each manifesto promises a plethora of initiatives aimed at addressing the aspirations of the people and propelling Telangana’s growth trajectory.

Policy AreaTelangana CongressTelangana Rashtra SamithiBJP
FarmersIncrease Rythu Bandhu assistance from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per acreIncrease Rythu Bandhu assistance from Rs 10,000 to Rs 16,000 per acreContinue existing schemes and focus on improving agricultural infrastructure
WomenRs 2,500 monthly allowanceMonthly honorarium of Rs 3,000 to women from low-income familiesProvide free cooking gas cylinders and free travel for women in state transport buses
YouthUnemployment allowanceFree electricity up to 200 units to householdsSkill development programs and employment opportunities
HealthExpand AarogyaSri health schemeIncrease limit for AarogyaSri health schemeFocus on preventive healthcare and improving hospital facilities
EducationStrengthen public education systemOpen one residential school in each of the 119 assembly constituencies for the upper castesIncrease funding for education and focus on improving quality
Social WelfareIncrease pension amounts for Aasara and persons with disabilitiesLife insurance cover of Rs 500,000 to 9.3 million poor familiesWelfare schemes for various social groups
InfrastructureInvest in road, rail, and irrigation infrastructureDevelop industries and create employment opportunitiesImprove connectivity and infrastructure in rural areas
Economic DevelopmentPromote industries and increase employmentFocus on sustainable development and environmental protectionDevelop tourism and other sectors
GovernancePublic accountability and transparencyStrengthen local government institutionsImprove citizen services and reduce corruption
Telangana Election Manifestos 2023

Telangana Congress: Abhaya Hastham – A Promise of Empowerment

The Telangana Congress manifesto, aptly titled “Abhaya Hastham” (Helping Hand), centers on empowering the state’s farmers, women, and youth. For the agricultural backbone of Telangana, the manifesto proposes an increase in Rythu Bandhu assistance from Rs 10,000 to Rs 16,000 per acre, ensuring free electricity for irrigation, and investing in infrastructure to boost productivity.

Recognizing the pivotal role of women in society, the manifesto pledges a monthly allowance of Rs 2,500, subsidized gas cylinders, and free travel in state transport buses. To address youth unemployment, the manifesto offers an unemployment allowance, free electricity for households, and skill development initiatives.

• ₹2,500 monthly financial assistance to women
• Gas Cylinder at ₹500
• Free travel for women in TSRTC buses

• Financial assistance of ₹15,000 per year to farmers, tenant farmers
• ₹12,000 to agricultural labourers every year
• ₹500 bonus per quintal for paddy in addition to MSP

• 200 units free electricity for all households

• Families not owning a house will be provided a house site & ₹5 lakh financial assistance towards construction of the house
• All Telangana movement fighters will be provided a 250 sq yards house site

• Vidya Bharosa Card - A financial assistance card worth ₹5 lakh will be provided to students 
• Telangana International Schools will be built in every mandal

• Monthly pension of ₹4,000 will be provided to senior citizens, widows, disabled, beedi workers, single women, toddy tappers, weavers, AIDS and Filaria patients and kidney patients undergoing dialysis
• Rajiv Aarogyasri - Health insurance of ₹10 lakh will be provided

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (BRS): Bharosa – Continuing the Development Journey

The BRS manifesto, titled “Bharosa” (Trust), emphasizes continuity and further advancement of the incumbent government’s development agenda. It reaffirms the party’s commitment to the Rythu Bandhu scheme, reiterating its support for irrigation facilities and crop diversification.

Empowering women remains a priority, with the manifesto pledging increased participation in governance, financial assistance, and entrepreneurship support. For the youth, the focus is on skill development, entrepreneurship, and employment opportunities.

In healthcare, the manifesto promises to strengthen the AarogyaSri scheme, expand access to healthcare facilities, and promote preventive healthcare. Education receives a boost with plans to improve school infrastructure, enhance teaching quality, and increase funding. The manifesto also outlines comprehensive welfare schemes for socially disadvantaged groups.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): Sakala Janula Saubhagya Telangana – PM Modi’s Guarantee

The BJP manifesto, titled “Sakala Janula Saubhagya Telangana – PM Modi’s Guarantee” (Prosperous Telangana for All – PM Modi’s Guarantee), envisions holistic development for Telangana. Farmers can expect 24/7 free power, enhanced irrigation infrastructure, and organic farming promotion.

Women’s empowerment takes center stage with promises of free cooking gas cylinders, free travel in state transport buses, and support for women entrepreneurs. Skill development, employment opportunities, and entrepreneurship promotion form the cornerstone of the party’s plan for youth development.

In healthcare, the manifesto aims to provide health insurance coverage up to Rs 10 lakh, expand access to healthcare facilities, and promote preventive healthcare. Education receives attention with plans to improve school infrastructure, enhance teaching quality, and increase funding. The manifesto also outlines comprehensive welfare measures for various social groups.

Conclusion: A Choice for Telangana’s Future

The manifestos of the three major parties present a diverse range of promises, reflecting their respective visions for Telangana’s future. As the electorate makes its choice, the focus will be on the party that can effectively translate these promises into tangible outcomes, ensuring the continued progress and prosperity of Telangana.

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