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Telangana Congress Assembly Election Committee 2023

Telangana Congress Assembly Election Committee 2023

Telangana Congress Assembly Election Committee 2023

In a strategic move ahead of the upcoming elections in Telangana, the Congress party Today 20 July 2023 released Telangana Congress Assembly Election Committee 2023. This committee will play a crucial role in formulating the party’s election strategies, selecting candidates, and devising a roadmap for success. With political dynamics constantly evolving in the region, the Congress party aims to regroup and make a significant impact in the state’s political landscape.

List of 29-member election committee for Telangana Elections 2023

  1. Shri A. Revanth Reddy, MP  Chairman
  2. Shri Bhatti Vikramarka Mallu, MLA
  3. Shri Thatiparthi Jeevan Reddy, MLC
  4. Shri Bomma Mahesh Kumar Goud
  5. Shri Jagga Reddy, MLA
  6. Dr. J. Geetha Reddy
  7. Shri Mohd. Azharuddin
  8. Shri M. Anjan Kumar Yadav
  9. Shri Kunduru Jana Reddy
  10. Shri V. Hanumantha Rao II. Shri Ponnala Lakshmaiah
  11. Shri N. Uttam Kumar Reddy, MP
  12. Shri Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, MP
  13. Shri C. Damodar Raja Narasimha
  14. Shri Y. Madhu Yashki Goud
  15. Shri Duddilla Sridhar Babu, MLA
  16. Shri Challa Vamshi Chand Reddy
  17. Shri S.A. Sampath Kumar
  18. Smt. Renuka Chowdhury
  19. Shri Porika Balram Naik
  20. Shri Podem Veeraiah, MLA
  21. Smt. Dansari Anasuya (Seethakka), MLA
  22. Shri Mohd. Ali Shabbir
  23. Shri Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy
  24. Shri Premsagar Rao
  25. Smt. M Sunitha Rao Mudhiraj

Ex Officio Members

  1. President, Pradesh Youth Congress
  2. President, State NSUI
  3. Chief Organiser, State Seva Dal

Understanding the Significance of the Election Committee

The Election Committee is a critical aspect of any political party’s campaign planning. It is responsible for analyzing the political climate, assessing the current situation, and identifying areas where the party can focus its efforts. This committee is entrusted with the task of designing a winning campaign that resonates with the electorate and addresses their concerns effectively.

Composition of the Election Committee

The newly formed Election Committee comprises 29 eminent members of the Congress party. These members come from diverse backgrounds, bringing together a wealth of experience and expertise. The inclusion of representatives from various regions of Telangana ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing regional issues and concerns.

Responsibilities of the Committee Members

Each member of the Election Committee has specific roles and responsibilities, contributing to the overall success of the party in the upcoming elections. Some of the key responsibilities include:

Formulating Election Strategies

The committee will brainstorm and devise result-oriented election strategies that align with the party’s vision and ideology. These strategies will focus on connecting with the voters and presenting the party’s agenda convincingly.

Candidate Selection

Selecting the right candidates is crucial for the Congress party’s electoral prospects. The committee will carefully assess potential candidates based on their track record, public appeal, and commitment to the party’s values.

Crafting the Election Manifesto

The Election Committee will play a vital role in drafting the party’s election manifesto. This document outlines the party’s promises, plans, and proposed policies, aiming to gain the trust and support of the voters.

Coordinating with Local Leaders

The committee will work closely with local party leaders to understand the ground realities and incorporate local issues into the election campaign. This collaborative effort will enhance the party’s outreach and engagement with the electorate.

The Party’s Vision for Telangana

The Congress party envisions a prosperous Telangana where every citizen enjoys access to quality education, healthcare, and employment opportunities. The committee’s focus will be on developing comprehensive policies that cater to the needs of various sections of society.

The Road Ahead

With the Election Committee in place, the Congress party is gearing up for an intense and well-organized election campaign. The committee’s dedication and hard work will be instrumental in determining the party’s performance in the upcoming polls.


The formation of the 29-member Election Committee marks a pivotal moment for the Congress party as it prepares for the elections in Telangana. The committee’s collective expertise and strategic planning will undoubtedly bolster the party’s electoral prospects. As the political landscape unfolds, the Congress party aims to reclaim its position and make a meaningful impact in Telangana’s governance.

When will theAssembly elections take place in Telangana State 2023

The exact date for the elections has not been announced yet, but it is expected to take place in December 2023 and Notification will be announced in November 2023

What is the Congress party's main agenda for the elections?

The Congress party’s main agenda is to focus on the welfare and development of Telangana’s citizens, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

How will the Election Committee contribute to the party's success?

The Election Committee will strategize, select candidates, and design a winning campaign to maximize the party’s chances of success.

What factors will the committee consider while selecting candidates?

  • The committee will consider factors such as track record, public appeal, and commitment to the party’s values while selecting candidates.
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