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Stern Action Against Pub and Bar Owners Encouraging Drug Use

Stern Action Against Pub and Bar Owners Encouraging Drug Use

Stern Action Against Pub and Bar Owners Encouraging Drug Use: Telangana DGP Ravi Gupta

Telangana police have issued a stern warning on Thursday, announcing severe punishments for pub and bar owners found promoting drugs or marijuana to their customers.

Telangana’s Crackdown on Drug Promotion in Bars and Pubs

Director-General of Police Ravi Gupta emphasized the state’s zero-tolerance policy in a tweet, stating, “Punishments are very severe if pub or bar owners promote drugs and marijuana. The Telangana government and Telangana police are determined to prevent the spread of drugs and marijuana.”

Community Involvement in Combating Drug Menace

DGP Gupta urged the public to report any information related to drugs or marijuana by dialing 100 or 8712671111 immediately. This call to action is part of a broader initiative by the Telangana police to involve the community in their fight against drug abuse.

Government’s Commitment to Eradicate Drugs

The Telangana state government has taken a serious stance on the issue of drug abuse, with the police department committed to eradicating it completely. The Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TGNAB) and local police forces are intensifying their efforts to combat drug smuggling and distribution.

Recent Successes in Anti-Drug Operations

In a recent operation, the TGNAB, in collaboration with the Madhapur police, apprehended four individuals found in possession of marijuana. Authorities seized 1.5 kilograms of the substance from these arrests, showcasing the effectiveness of their ongoing crackdown on drug-related activities.

Severe Penalties for Drug Promotion

The Telangana government and police force have made it clear that they will impose severe penalties on pub and bar owners who promote drug use. This stern stance aims to deter such activities and promote a drug-free environment across the state.

Reporting and Helpline Information

Citizens are encouraged to report any suspicious activities related to drugs by contacting the helpline numbers provided: dial 100 or 8712671111. The cooperation between the public and the police is crucial in the ongoing battle against drug abuse.

The Goal: A Drug-Free Telangana

The hashtags #SayNoToDrugs and #DrugsFreeTelangana reflect the state’s commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment for all its residents. The collective efforts of the government, police, and community are essential in achieving this goal.


Telangana’s unwavering resolve to combat drug abuse is evident in its stringent measures and community-focused strategies. The state’s comprehensive approach, involving severe penalties and active public participation, aims to eradicate the drug menace and ensure a safe, drug-free environment for its citizens.

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