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సమ్మక్క సారలమ్మకు ఆన్‌లైన్‌లో బంగారం బెల్లం నైవేద్యం Online Bangaram Jaggery offering to Sammakka Saralamma @

సమ్మక్క సారలమ్మకు ఆన్‌లైన్‌లో బంగారం బెల్లం నైవేద్యం Online Bangaram Jaggery offering to Sammakka Saralamma @

Telangana’s Chief Minister, A. Revanth Reddy, took a significant step by launching an online Bangaram (jaggery) offering to the revered tribal deities of Medaram, Sammakka-Saralamma, from the State Assembly Committee Hall in Hyderabad on Friday.

Embracing Tradition Digitally

In a move to blend tradition with technology, Telangana CM A. Revanth Reddy initiated the digital offering of Bangaram to the esteemed tribal deities, Sammakka-Saralamma, symbolizing the state’s commitment to cultural preservation and technological advancement.

Dignitaries Attend the Ceremony

The inaugural ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of various dignitaries, including Ministers Konda Surekha, Ponnam Prabhakar, Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy, and Damodar Raja Narasimha, alongside several MLAs. Chief Secretary A Santhi Kumari, Commissioner of Revenue Department Anil Kumar, and other officials also graced the occasion with their presence, highlighting the significance of the event.

Personal Gestures of Devotion

During the virtual ceremony, CM Revanth Reddy personally offered Bangaram equivalent to the weight of his grandson, Riyansh, setting a heartfelt example of devotion and reverence. Following suit, Minister Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy expressed his devotion by presenting Bangaram equivalent to his granddaughter’s weight, showcasing the personal connection individuals share with the revered deities.

Inclusivity Through Innovation

The initiative by the Telangana State government aims to promote inclusivity by enabling devotees, regardless of their physical presence at the Medaram jatara, to participate in the sacred tradition of offering Bangaram to Sammakka-Saralamma.


Telangana CM A. Revanth Reddy’s launch of the online Bangaram offering to Sammakka-Saralamma signifies a harmonious blend of tradition and technology, fostering inclusivity and devotion among the devotees. This innovative approach not only preserves cultural heritage but also reflects the state’s commitment to embracing digital solutions for cultural practices.

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