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Nalgonda Kalyani Last Statement

Nalgonda Kalyani Last Statement

Young Woman’s Tragic Suicide Under Pressure from Marriage and Love Proposals

Despite the existence of strict laws like Nirbhaya, and the imposition of severe punishments, some individuals driven by obsessive love continue their heinous acts. Recently, a tragic incident occurred in the Nalgonda district where two young men residing in the same neighborhood tormented a young woman to such an extent that she took her own life. One man demanded marriage, while the other professed his love, threatening to post her photos on social media if she did not comply.

The Incident: A Tale of Harassment and Threats

In Nalgonda district, Chintalagudem village of Madgulapally mandal, Kalyani, an 18-year-old, became the victim of relentless harassment. Kalyani, daughter of Kotha Ramalingam and Rajitha, had completed her polytechnic studies and was employed in a private job in Hyderabad. Recently, she had been staying at home. Two men from the same village, Aruri Shiva and Kommanaboina Madhu, also working in local private jobs, began to trouble her.

Shiva and Madhu, taking advantage of their acquaintance with Kalyani, started calling her frequently after obtaining her phone number. Shiva wanted Kalyani to fall in love with him, while Madhu insisted on marriage. Despite Kalyani’s refusal and her decision to cut off all communication, the harassment did not stop.

Relentless Harassment and Final Threats

Shiva and Madhu escalated their tactics by threatening to post her photos, taken from her WhatsApp display picture, on their social media statuses if she did not yield to their demands. The constant pressure and threats became unbearable for Kalyani. On July 6, she attempted suicide by consuming pesticide when she was alone at home.

Desperate Efforts and a Tragic End

Kalyani’s family members and neighbors immediately rushed her to the Miryalaguda hospital. Her condition worsened, and she was transferred to a private hospital in Nalgonda, where she succumbed to the poisoning during treatment. Her tragic death left her parents and family members in deep sorrow.

Community Outcry and Demand for Justice

The grief-stricken plea of Kalyani’s mother for severe punishment for those responsible moved everyone to tears. The villagers of Chintalagudem staged a massive protest, demanding strict action against the perpetrators. In her dying declaration to the judge, Kalyani named Shiva and Madhu as the individuals responsible for her suicide. Based on her mother’s complaint, the police registered a case and reported that the accused are currently absconding.

Addressing the Issue of Harassment and Mental Health

This tragic incident highlights the critical need to address harassment and mental health issues, especially among young people. The relentless pressure and social media threats can lead to devastating outcomes. It is crucial to foster a supportive environment where individuals feel safe to seek help and where perpetrators are held accountable.

Conclusion: A Call for Stricter Enforcement and Awareness

The Nalgonda incident underscores the urgency for stricter enforcement of existing laws and increased awareness about the psychological impact of harassment. Society must come together to ensure that such tragedies do not repeat and that every individual feels safe and respected. The enforcement of laws must be rigorous, and there must be a concerted effort to educate and sensitize people about the consequences of harassment and the importance of mental health support.

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