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Guidelines Rythu Bandhu Scheme for year 2019-20 – Telangana

Government of Telangana with G.O.Rt.No. 202 Dated: 01-06-2019 issued Continuation of Rythu Bandhu Scheme for the year 2019-20 – Guidelines for Implementation of Agriculture Investment Support Scheme (“Rythu Bandhu”) in Telangana State

The Commissioner & Director of Agriculture vide reference has submitted detailed proposals for continuation of the implementation of Agriculture Investment Support Scheme (“Rythu Bandhu”) during 2019-20.

Government have issued orders for implementation of Agriculture Investment Support Scheme (“Rythu Bandhu”) for the year 2018-19, with the objective of relieving the farmers from debt burden and not allowing them to fall in the debt trap.

This scheme was proposed for providing Initial investment support to Agriculture and Horticulture crops by way of a grant @ Rs. 4000/- per acre per farmer each season towards purchase of inputs like

(1)Seeds, (2)Fertilizers, (3)Pesticides, (4)towards Labor and other investments in the field operations of farmers’ choice for the crop season.

Government of Telangana with G.O.Rt.No. 202 Dated: 01-06-2019 issued Continuation of Rythu Bandhu Scheme for the year 2019-20 - Guidelines for Implementation of Agriculture Investment Support Scheme (“Rythu Bandhu”) in Telangana State

The scheme was successfully implemented during Kharif-2018 and Rabi-2018-19, duly extending it to Agency areas and RoFR (Recognition of Forest Rights) patta holders.

The scheme has been appreciated by the entire farming community and also throughout the country and has also brought laurels of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome) and other International agencies.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister in the last Legislative Assembly session announced that the assistance under Rythu Bandhu shall be enhanced to Rs. 5000/- per acre per season from 2019-20 onwards to all the Agriculture and Horticulture farmers.

During the current year the scheme will be implemented by providing enhanced assistance of Rs. 5000/- per acre per season to all the Pattadars and RoFR

Title holders, by way of electronic transfer of money through e-Kuber (RBI payment platform) and the bills will be processed through DTO, Ranga Reddy district, as was done during Rabi 2018-19, since the system is streamlined and the DTO, Ranga Reddy is well aquainted with procedure.

During current year, it is proposed to provide assistance to all the pattadars both during Kharif and Rabi, as per the digitally signed data received from CCLA, prior to everyseason as done during 2018-19.

However, the detailed guidelines for implementation of the scheme issued during Kharif in the reference 2nd and 3rd read above will be followed including extension of the scheme to the Agency areas to all the RoFR title holders. All the RoFR beneficiaries shall be identified by the District Collectors concerned according to the guidelines issued by the

Tribal Welfare Department in consultation with the Forest Department. The data pertaining to the RoFR Patta holders will be obtained from Commissioner Tribal welfare before every season as being done for Revenue Patta holders.

The Commissioner & Director of Agriculture is authorized to issue sanction for drawl of funds from the District Treasury Office, Ranga Reddy District with respect to Rythu Bandhu funds and the DDO nominated from the accounts section.

Director of Agriculture, Telangana State shall present the bills on his behalf in the District Treasury Office, Ranga Reddy District.

Further, the validity time period for re-submission of failure cases is extended from 3 to 6 months, keeping in view the huge number of beneficiaries, as there is a possibility of number of failure cases and accordingly more time may be required for re-submitting the corrected bank account details.

Administrative expenses for scheme implementation will be met from the funds released under the scheme as done during 2018-19

How to Give it UP Rythu Bandhu Scheme in Telangana State:

“Give it up” pattadar who intend to give up the assistance shall fill in the “Give it up” form and handover the same to the AEO /MAO who in turn will indicate “Give it up” against the PPB in the portal. In all such cases amounts will be summed up and transferred to Telangana Rashtra Rythu Samanvaya Samithi by the Commissioner & Director of Agriculture. Wide publicity shall be given at field level with respect to “Give it up” option to create awareness among the pattadars.


The scheme is a top priority scheme to be implemented involving various

departments and stake holders. Therefore a State Level Monitoring Committee with the

following members is constituted:

1. APC & Principal Secretary (A&C Dept.) – Chairman

2. Commissioner & Director of Agriculture – Convener

3. Joint Secretary (Finance Dept.) – Member

4. Convener, SLBC – Member

5. State Information Officer, NIC – Member

 The committee will meet periodically to review and monitor the implementation of the scheme in each season.


Scheme will be implemented by the DAOs under the leadership and supervision of concerned District Collectors .The overall responsibility of implementing the scheme in the districts in a smooth and successful manner by utilizing all the resources and machinery available at their command rests with the District Collector concerned.


After the completion of transfer of amounts through e-Kuber, to ensure accuracy of the disbursement to the farmers, Audit has to be conducted.

 The Audit teams will verify the relevant records.

 Audit will be taken up in accordance with the usual procedure prescribed by RBI /


 The audit may be conducted by concurrent auditors, statutory auditors or special auditors or CAG. Monitoring and Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

There will also be a suitable monitoring and grievance redressal mechanism established by the District Collectors at Mandal, ADA Division and District level and similarly by the C&DA

State level and every representation has to be disposed within (30) days, duly examining the case in consultation with the Revenue Department under the guidance of District Collector.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O. Note No.NIL, Dt: 17/05/2019.

 Read the following:-

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