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Guidelines for Telangana Mahalaxmi Scheme for Supply of LPG for Rs 500 per refill to the White Ration Card

Guidelines for Telangana Mahalaxmi Scheme for Supply of LPG for Rs 500 per refill to the White Ration Card

The government of Telangana issued an order with Go no 2 on 27 Feb 2024 on Guidelines / Modalities for the implementation of the Mahalaxmi Scheme for the Supply of LPG Domestic Cylinders at Subsidized Rate of Rs.500/- per refill to the White Ration Card (Food Security Card) holders in the State Orders.

Government have issued orders sanctioning “Mahalaxmi” Scheme for Supply of LPG Domestic Cylinder at a subsidized rate of Rs.500/- per refill, to the White Ration Card (Food Security Card) holders in the State of Telangana. During the Praja Palana village wise meetings have been conducted from 28.12.2023 to 06.01.2024 and applications have been collected from the applicants for “Mahalaxmi” Scheme for subsidized LPG benefit. The Commissioner of Civil Supplies, T.S., Hyderabad, in the reference 4th read above while furnishing the guidelines / modalities for implementation of the “Mahalaxmi” LPG Scheme have requested the Government to issue further necessary orders in the matter.

  • Government after examination of the matter, hereby, issue the following guidelines for the implementation of “Mahalaxmi” Scheme.
  • The scheme will come into effect immediately. Modalities to be implemented shall be as hereunder;


The objective of this scheme is women empowerment and providing them with smoke free cooking medium.


i. They should have applied for subsidized cylinder through Praja Palana application.

 ii. They should be White Ration Card (FSC) holders in Telangana.

 iii.  They should have active domestic LPG connection in their name. 

 The LPG cylinders, which can be availed by the Consumers will be limited to average of their last three (3) years consumption of Cylinders, for that household.


  1. State Government will transfer the required amount, in advance, to the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), on a monthly basis.
  • OMCs will transfer the subsidy amount by Direct Beneficiary Transfer (DBT) to the beneficiaries.

This method of release of subsidy is on pilot basis and Civil Supplies Department and Finance Department shall explore and come up with model for delivery of cylinder on payment of Rs.500/- only.


  1. The District Collectors shall monitor that proper awareness/publicity is given on the above scheme ensuring that eligible White Ration Card (FSC) holders with active LPG connections are benefited from the Mahalaxmi LPG Scheme.
  2. The District Collectors shall also issue instructions to the field level functionaries to monitor the supply of LPG refills to the eligible LPG beneficiaries under this Scheme.
  3. Further, District Collectors shall arrange the opening of the Counters for Registration, verification and updation of the data of beneficiaries, who may approach for the same. A wide publicity may be given, to that effect.

The administration of the scheme shall be through Praja Palana  portal and the Civil Supplies department will maintain beneficiary wise release of subsidy in the said portal.

4.      The Commissioner of Civil Supplies, Hyderabad / the Chief Rationing Officer, Hyderabad / all the District Collectors in the State of Telangana are requested to take further necessary action accordingly.


G.O.Ms.No. 2  Dated: 27-02-2024  

1. G.O.Rt.No.47, G.A.(Cabinet) Dept. Dated: 09.01.2024

2.From CCS, Hyd., Ref.No.PP1(2)/2606/2023, dt.15.12.2023

3.Memo No. 2251/CS.I-CCS/2023, Dated: 13.02.2024

4.From CCS, Hyd., Ref.No.PP1(2)/2606/2023, dt.17.02.2024.

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  • A. Valentina , March 26, 2024 @ 9:07 am

    Sir, gas subsidy 40.50 ne paddadi, apply chasina kuda subsidy ki cylinder evvaledu
    Subsidy cylinder anedi e govt.esthunda?
    Appl no. 139/B/2430

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