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Gram Panchayat General Elections Telangana 2024

Gram Panchayat General Elections Telangana 2024

Overview of Telangana Sarpanch Elections 2024

In the vibrant landscape of Telangana, the anticipation for the upcoming Telangana Sarpanch elections in 2024 or Gram Panchayat General Elections in Telangana 2024 is building swiftly. January witnessed the efficient management of Gram Panchayat elections, with notifications released in the early weeks of December. The initiation of the Sarpanch election process commenced with directives from the State Election Commission to all district collectors. A pertinent question arises amidst the political shifts under Congress leadership: Will there be alterations in the reservations for Gram Panchayat elections, including the retention of previous reservations? This uncertainty lingers in the air.

Commencing the Electoral Process

Telangana is gearing up for another round of electoral fervor as the notification for Sarpanch elections is expected soon. Directives about the election process have been dispatched to all district collectors by the State Election Commission, signaling the beginning of the electoral proceedings. The last Sarpanch elections occurred in January 2019, with the newly elected officials taking charge on February 1. According to regulations, the completion of the electoral process is followed by the public announcement of results.

Timeline for Conclusion and Initiating the Process

The electoral process for Sarpanch elections will kick off three months prior to the completion of the term. Notably, the state has witnessed a sluggish pace in the conduct of this process due to Assembly elections. The Election Commission has promptly initiated the necessary steps to conduct elections, providing a new impetus to the State’s political landscape.

Role of State Election Commission

The State Election Commission has issued detailed information regarding reservations for Sarpanch, Ward Members, and related positions to higher authorities. The reservations for Gram Panchayat elections, instituted by the state government in 2019, have been actively contributing to the electoral process. The possibility of introducing fresh reservations will be deliberated by authorities at the designated time, preventing any undue influence on the elections.

Key Highlights:

✦ Elections in 13 Gram Panchayats across the state, following a meticulously devised plan. ✦ Implementation of the ballot system for conducting Panchayat elections. ✦ Notable inclusion of serial numbers on ballot papers for easy identification. ✦ Voting commences from 7 AM to 2 PM, with counting starting at 2 PM. ✦ Deputy Sarpanch candidates nominate through the traditional method of raising hands. In case of unavailability on the scheduled day, elections will be rescheduled for the following day.

In 2019, polling for Panchayat elections occurred on January 21, 25, and 30. The notification for the current election cycle was released on the first day of the new year, indicating the proactive approach of authorities. With the notification expected in December this time, the state is poised for yet another democratic spectacle.

High-ranking officials have already communicated reservation details concerning Sarpanch, Ward Members, and Gram Panchayat elections. The state government, having introduced reservations in 2019, is committed to maintaining a transparent and unbiased electoral system. Any potential modifications to these reservations will be disclosed well in advance, avoiding unnecessary speculation and ensuring a fair electoral process.

04-12-2023 Elections to Gram Panchayats Issue of instructions — Entry of Polling Personnel in Te-Poll – Reg.

Ref:- 1. Cir.No 918/TSEC-PR/2023, dt. 29.11.2023 on appointment of Returning Officers and Polling Personnel .

2. Cir.No 135/TSEC-PR/2018r dt.18.04.2018 Operational guidelines on usage of Te-Poll Software

You are aware that, the ordinary elections to Gram panchayats in the State were held during the month of January, 2019 and their term will expire by 01.02.2024.

Article 243E(3)(a) of the Constitution of India mandates complete of elections to P.R.

Institutions before the expiry of their 5 year term. Section 14(2) of Telangana Panchayat Raj Act stipulates that elections to Gram Panchayats shall be held within three months prior to the expiry of their term.

All the District Collectors are reminded that, while conducting Elections to Gram Panchayats, the selection and appointment of Returning Officers and Polling Personnel is one of the important items of work.

Vide reference 15t cited above, the Commission issued detailed instructions on selection, appointment of Returning Officers and Polling Personnel and training to them for Gram Panchayat elections. As per the instructions issued in the said circular the following yardstick is adopted for appointment of Polling Personnel to various polling


Sl.No.Voting Strength of Pollin StationDeployment of Polling Personnel
1U to 200 VotersOne Presidin Officer + One Pollin Officer
2201 to 400 votersOne Presidin Officer + Two Pollin Officers
3401 to u to 650 VotersOne Presidin Officer + Three Pollin Officers

In Gram Panchayat elections, each Ward is a constituency. At least one Polling Station is set up in each Ward. Where the voter strength of a ward exceeds 650, two Polling Stations are to be set up.

The Commission with a view to obtain objectivity to the exercise of staff deployment, developed a software module titled “Polling Personnel Randomization System (PPRS)” within the “Te-Poll” application software and during last Ordinary elections,2019 the 3 Stage Randomization was successfully implemented without giving scope about any allegation of collusion among the Polling Personnel in favour of any Candidate or Political Party and instilled confidence in the minds of Political Parties and

Candidates about free and fair elections conducted by TSEC.

Therefore, in view of the above, you are instructed to enter the data of all eligible Polling Personnel required by adding 20 percent in excess of the requirement ( so as to keep certain personnel in reserve and also to meet any contingency) with all relevant particulars like Emp Code, Name, Gender, contact No. Designation, office and department/ institution, post Scale of Pay, work place, Native Mandal in Polling Personnel Randomization module of Te-Poll Software.

You may utilize the latest Employees data available with you during recently held Legislative Assembly Elections.

The database shall contain, distinctly and separately, the State Govt. employees including employees working on honorarium and Public Sector Undertakings, Statutory Corporations, Aided School Employees etc., who can be employed as polling personnel.

While drafting, it shall be ensured that , the Presiding Officers and Polling Officers shall be classified on the basis of scale of pay attached to their post and rank. As far as practicable, Gazetted Officers shall be deployed as Presiding Officers. If sufficient Gazetted officers are not available, the officials who are working in supervisory capacity and school Assistants should be categorized as Presiding Officers. The Presiding Officer should be of higher scale/grade in comparison to other polling officers of that formation.

Further, note that the employees from Grades I to XII (Pay Scales 19000-58850 to 32810-96890) can be taken as OPOs; Grades from XIII(Pay scales from 33750-99310) and above can be taken as POs.

Since the Gram Panchayats elections are held in 3 phases in each District, the Stage-I Returning Officers, Presiding Officers and Polling Officers of Phase-I Gram

Panchayats shall also be drafted for Phase-Ill Gram Panchayats.

This entire exercise shall be completed on or before by 30.12.2023

The Commission’ will issue separate instructions on Randomization of Polling Personnel after completion of identification and entry of Polling Personnel in Polling Personnel Randomization System in Te-Poll.

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