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Extensive Raids on Belt Shops in Telangana

Extensive Raids on Belt Shops in Telangana

Extensive Raids on Belt Shops in Hyderabad Yield Significant Arrests and Seizures

The Hyderabad police, led by the Commissioner’s Task Force, conducted a series of coordinated raids on illegal liquor belt shops across various precincts in the city. This crackdown, which took place on Sunday, targeted shops within the jurisdictions of Kulsumpura, Chatrinaka, Musheerabad, and Kachiguda police stations. The operation resulted in the apprehension of seven individuals and the seizure of 96.5 liters of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL), equivalent to 242 bottles.

Detailed Arrests and Seizures

During these raids, the police arrested Vineeth Singh (21) from Karwan, Durgam Chandrashekar (18) from Phoolbagh, and A Ravi Kumar (28) from Secunderabad, among others. The confiscated liquor, valued at Rs. 1,12,000, was being sold illegally at inflated prices during nighttime hours to maximize profits. Four cases have been officially registered: one in Kulsumpura, two in Chatrinaka, and one in Kachiguda police stations.

Modus Operandi of the Accused

Interrogations revealed that the accused were purchasing liquor from legitimate local shops and then reselling it through unauthorized channels at night. This practice not only violated local laws but also posed significant risks to public health and safety. The arrested individuals have been transferred to the respective police stations for further legal proceedings.

Police Warnings and Future Operations

The Hyderabad police have issued a stern warning against engaging in such illegal activities. They emphasized their commitment to continuing these operations to eliminate the illegal liquor trade within the city. A Srinivas Rao, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police for the Task Force, Hyderabad, oversaw the operation, supported by Inspectors S. Bala Swamy (South West Zone), D. Venkat Reddy (South East Zone), A. Nagarjuna (East Zone), Shaik Jakeer Hussain (South Zone), and the dedicated Task Force team.

Impact of the Raids

These raids underscore the Hyderabad police’s dedication to curbing illegal activities and maintaining law and order. By targeting these belt shops, the police aim to disrupt the supply chains of illegal liquor, thereby reducing related criminal activities in the city. This proactive approach is expected to deter other potential offenders from engaging in similar illegal trades.

Public Cooperation and Support

The police have called upon the public to assist in these efforts by reporting any suspicious activities related to illegal liquor sales. Public cooperation is deemed crucial in the fight against these unlawful practices. The community’s role in providing timely information can significantly aid the police in their ongoing efforts to clamp down on illegal activities.

Quantity and Value Seized

During the raids, law enforcement authorities confiscated a total of 96.5 litres of Indian-made foreign liquor, comprising 242 bottles valued at approximately Rs 1,12,000. This enforcement action underscores the city’s ongoing efforts to curb illicit activities related to alcohol distribution.

Details of the Operation

The police arrested several individuals involved in these illegal activities, including Vineeth Singh, Kuradi Sachin, Durgam Chandrashekar, A. Ravi Kumar, Ratnala Raja Rao, and others. According to official statements, the accused admitted to procuring liquor from licensed shops and selling it at inflated prices during night hours.

Continued Vigilance

Authorities have issued a stern warning against those engaged in unlawful liquor sales, emphasizing the continuation of raids across Hyderabad. The crackdown aims to deter such activities and maintain law and order in the city.


The recent raids on belt shops in Hyderabad mark a significant victory for the city’s law enforcement agencies. By seizing a substantial quantity of illegal liquor and apprehending those involved, the police have sent a clear message about their zero-tolerance policy towards illegal trades. Continuous vigilance and public support will be key in sustaining this momentum and ensuring a safer environment for all residents of Hyderabad.

The Hyderabad police remain committed to protecting the community and upholding the law, with further raids and operations planned to eradicate illegal activities in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are belt shops?

A: Belt shops are illegal establishments that sell alcohol without proper licenses, often operating clandestinely during non-permissible hours.

Q: Why are these raids significant?

A: The raids aim to disrupt the illegal liquor trade, promoting public safety and enforcing regulatory compliance.

Q: How can residents support these efforts?

A: Citizens are encouraged to report any suspicious activities or illegal alcohol sales to local authorities promptly.

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