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Election to Manikonda Municipality into 20 wards

Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Manikonda Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Manikonda Municipality into (20) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. 3rd read above. She has requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter, Government have decided to issue final notification of division of Manikonda Municipality into twenty (20) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette.

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 10 of the Telangana Municipalities Act, 1965 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules, 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Manikonda Municipality into twenty (20) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.

Starts from Chitrapuri Hills proceeds towards east with Jana Chaitanya venture road turns right and ends at Dumping Yard.

Starts from Dumping Yard and proceeds towards south all along with dumping yard road and ends at Sc Grave Yards
Starts from Sc Grave Yards and proceeds towards west and along with general Grave yard and ends at lanco Towers .
Starts from lanco Towers and goes towards north side up to”Y “Junction and ends at Yellamma Cheruvu.

Starts from Sri sai Krupa Enclave colony proceeds towards east along Ghan Shyart Super market and ends at Sri sai Krupa Enclave Park.

Starts from Sri sai krupa Enclave Park and proceeds towards South all along the Lanco Hills Road and ends at Lanco Hills.

SOUTH Starts from Lanco Hills Proceeds towards west and ends at H.No:10-01-01.

WEST Starts from H.No:10-01-02 and goes towards north side all along the puppalguda road and ends at masjid.

NORTH Starts from chitrapuri colony HIG towers proceed towards east along colony road and ends at LIG Towers.

3 ward EAST Starts from LIG Towers and proceeds towards south along with chitrapuri colony road and ends at chitrapuri colony association office.
SOUTH Starts from chitrapuri colony association office and proceeds towards west along chitrapuri colony road and ends at Khairous Global School.
WEST Starts from Khairous Global School and goes towards north side and ends at HIG Towers Association Building.
NORTH Starts from Panchavati colony TVS’ Lak View Apartment and proceeds towards east along pandenvagu road and ends at ramalayam.

EAST Starts from Ramalayam and proceeds towards south all along Hi tension line road ends at Mana Elite Apartment.

SOUTH Starts from Mana Elite Apartment and Proceeds towards west ES1 Construction Office and ends at Ratnadeep Super Market.

WEST Starts from Ratnadeep Super Market and goes towards north side Muppa Venkaiah 8s Brbthers House ends Studio ‘N “

NORTH Starts froth Bhagyalaxmi colony and proceeds towards East liberty height apartment and ends at Bharadwaj Residency.

Starts from Bharadwaj Residency aparment and proctuds towards Sou ti. along with sai sannidhi apartment and ends Bhagyalaxmi t rnmunity
Starts from Bhagyalaxmi Community Hall and procee towards v est Y3R Church and ends at Chachanehru Nursury Taneesha Nagar Pk k.
Starts from Taneesha Nagar parkand goes towards nor :a side all plong with radial road and ends at vijaya bank.
Starts from Weaker Section colony H.N0:4-1-1 proceed s towards cast along with huda colony road and ends at the community hall.
Starts from Community Hall proceeds towards South11 Along with Taneesha nagar Road and ends at Bathukamma Park
Starts from Bhathukamma Park Proceeds towards we all along -aial road and ends at Municipal Pump Office.
Starts from Municipal Pump Office Proceds towards N( along v ith Ad tya Hospital, Employee Colony and ends at Govt Primary :thool .
Starts from Concrete Sarigama Apartment and proceed east along laxmi priya colony road ends at Harivilla gated Community
Starts from Harivillu Proceds towards South all along ‘andenvagt, Boundary and ends at RK County Apartment.
Starts from RK County apartment: Proceeds towards w !;t Gayathri Residency and end sat Jawel Crown Apartment.
Starts from Jewel Crown apartment and goes towards ] firth Gandipet Canute Canal road and ends at Sundar Gardens.
Starts from River Shed apartment proceeds towards eE all along with Lane° Hills road and ends at sampoma Super Market.
Starts from Samporna Super Market Proceed Towards ‘uth krish ^‘partrn(mt Road and ends at Suha Apartment.
Starts from Suha apartment proceed towards west all ong with I anulran Nagar Road and ends at Goura Hall Mark Tower.
Starts from Goura Hall Mark Apartment nd goes towarc north side Shiva j: NagarCommunity hall and ends at Shivayalam Shivapu colony.
Starts from HMWSSB sump and proceed towards east ::Ing Huntsman Temple road and ends at H.N0:1-112.
Starts from H.N0:1-112 and proceed South all along Ra 1 al road a–id ends at Jaihind valley
Starts from Jaihind Vally and goes towards west AVL Tc crs and erils at ThArol Bunk.
Starts from Petrol Bunk Proceed Towards North ZEE Scl ‘.al all Alor Laxri: Nagar Road and ends at KGN Xerox.

Starts frpm Syno:53 and 54 and goes towards Garden Park Apartemnt ro
Starts from Puppalguda Hotel mahalaxmi pceeds toy No:05 Alkapur township ends at Road no:08. Starts from Road no:08 and goes towards hanuman T Starts from syno:67 Proceeds towards ” E” Block of Alt Road no:30.
Starts From Road no:30 and goes towgrds Road no: 1 at ” 80 “feet Road Mahalakshrni Hotel.
Starts From Aditya fort villas proceeds towards Indian village ends at Shivalayam Temple.
Starts From Shivalayam Temple proceeds towards Soi ends at syno:67.
Starts From syno:67 and proceeds towards west Greer. Narsingi Municipal boundary .
Starts From Narsingi Municipal boundary and goes to Apartment turns rights towards road no:16 Begonia A
Starts From Saichandra colony entrance runnig towar turns right at LIC colony ends at Kamar Heights Apart
Starts From Kamar Heights Apartment proceeds towal market along with Alkapur Park and ends at 80 feet all
Starts From Alkapur 80 feet Road’via Sunshine Saloon Begonia Apartment and end at kundanbahgh colony .
Starts From kundanbahgh colony and goes towards n along Skyla Apartment road and ends at sai Goutham:
Starts From Phirangi nala running towards East along station and ends at Beerappa Temple Manikonda.
Starts From Beerappa Temple Manikonda running Tow ,Syndicate Bank along Pochamma Temple and ends at
Starts From MPP School euppalguda proceeds toward:
nagar Phase -I and 2 and ends at Muskin chervu Syno Starts From Muskin chervu Syno:249 running towards Boundary of dumping yard and ends at Agriculture Sy- Starts From Gowlidoddi village boundary proceedss toys Hospital ,Ekther Villas road and ends at ORR Tollgates Starts From ORR Tollgates and proceeds towards soutl
along with ORR Service road end end at My home Hiri Starts From My home Hirising Building proceeds towar(
kokapet village boarder and ends vattinagulapally Boar

Starts From vattinagulapally Boarder and goes towards north side all along the ” Kandisekula lands boundary and ends at lemon Tree hotel .
Starts From Aparna Elixire Villas runs towards east side along syno:447 and ends at Lanco hills .
Starts From Lanco hills proceeds towards south along with syno:460 and ends at KNR Hills .
Starts From KNR Hills and proceeds towards west all along Anatha Padmanabha SwAMY Temple and ends at ORR Service road .
Starts From ORR Service road and proceed towards north Ashoka Builders and ends at Aparna villas Phsae -II .

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