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DK Shivakumar in Hyderabad till 9 December 2023

DK Shivakumar in Hyderabad till 9 December 2023

DK Shivakumar Set to Navigate Telangana Election Results 2023: Congress ‘Trouble Shooter’ Heads to Hyderabad

As the Telangana election results draw near, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister, DK Shivakumar, recognized as the Congress party’s ‘troubleshooter,’ is scheduled to touch down in Hyderabad on Saturday. Fueled by optimistic exit poll forecasts for the Congress, Shivakumar faces a landscape where victory seems promising, but the potential for a hung assembly looms, prompting cautious consideration by the party’s leadership regarding MLA poaching.

Ensuring MLA Stay: Karnataka Deputy CM Shivakumar Addresses Reports

In the midst of speculations surrounding the Congress high command’s instructions to Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar, he clarified his stance on arrangements for winning Congress candidates from five recently contested states. The reports suggested a directive to replicate the strategies implemented for 44 Gujarat legislators during the August 2017 Rajya Sabha elections to prevent ‘poaching.’

Dispelling Rumors: Shivakumar’s Firm Denial

Shivakumar firmly denied any such directives, emphasizing that he has not received any specific responsibilities or calls in this regard. Addressing media concerns, he asserted, “No MLAs will be going anywhere.” Despite media speculations on poll analysis, Shivakumar expressed confidence in the Congress’s victory in all the states.

Election Recap: States in Focus

With recent elections held in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, and Mizoram, the anticipation builds as the counting of polled votes is scheduled for Sunday.

Local Management: Shivakumar’s Assurance

Responding to queries, Karnataka’s Congress chief stated, “There is no need for them (MLAs) to go anywhere.” He emphasized that any attempts to reach out to winning candidates in Telangana would be handled locally by the Congress. Shivakumar reassured that, despite media speculation, he has not been tasked with making arrangements for a large number of individuals.

Flexibility for the Party: Shivakumar’s Commitment

In a show of commitment to the party’s needs, Shivakumar mentioned his willingness to comply with any directives, especially in situations resembling the Gujarat scenario. On the potential election results, the Deputy Chief Minister conveyed positive reports from other states.

In summary, Shivakumar quashed rumors surrounding MLA arrangements and underscored the party’s readiness to address any challenges that may arise in the aftermath of the elections. The focus remains on local management and ensuring a seamless transition post-results.

Anticipation Builds: Shivakumar’s Arrival

With encouraging exit poll predictions, Shivakumar’s presence in Hyderabad is expected to add momentum to the Congress’s prospects in Telangana. The Deputy Chief Minister, known for his strategic acumen, is a key figure in the party’s efforts to secure favorable outcomes.

Warning on MLA Poaching: Leadership’s Concerns

Amidst the positive predictions, the party’s leadership has sounded a note of caution, highlighting the potential for a hung assembly and advising Shivakumar to be vigilant against MLA poaching. The Deputy Chief Minister, however, remains undeterred.

Shivakumar’s Confidence: A Defiant Stance

Expressing unwavering confidence in the Congress MLAs and the party’s imminent triumph, Shivakumar dismissed concerns about MLA poaching. He stated, “Poaching our MLAs is an insurmountable task. The grassroots support is firmly with the Congress, and even before the exit polls, I was confident of our victory in Telangana. I am prepared to tackle any situation as directed by my high command.”

Recap of Telangana Polls: A Close Contest

Telangana witnessed polls on November 30, boasting a voter turnout of 71.34 percent. The Bhartiya Rashtra Samiti (BRS), Congress, and BJP are equally confident in securing victory. However, exit polls suggest a closely contested battle between the ruling BRS and the Congress party.

In conclusion, as Shivakumar gears up for his visit to Hyderabad, the Congress’s optimism, strategic preparedness, and Shivakumar’s confidence in the party’s strength remain central themes in the unfolding narrative of the Telangana election results.

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