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Cadaver Liver Transplants Save Two Lives in Hyderabad

Cadaver Liver Transplants Save Two Lives in Hyderabad

In a remarkable achievement, the South Asian Liver Institute in Hyderabad conducted two cadaver liver transplants within a single day, saving the lives of two patients suffering from end-stage liver disease.

A Day of Unprecedented Success

Led by Dr. Tom Cherian and a team of over 40 caregivers including senior transplant surgeons, anesthesia specialists, nurses, and paramedical staff, the institute orchestrated a marathon effort. The team worked tirelessly for over 36 hours, procuring and transporting vital donor organs from different locations to Hyderabad.

The Surgical Feat

The first donor liver was sourced from Nagpur, and as the team prepared for its arrival, they received news of another potential donor in Hyderabad itself. Despite the logistical challenges, the team swiftly coordinated ground and air logistics to ensure both transplants proceeded seamlessly.

Commitment to Patient Care

Dr. Tom Cherian emphasized the urgency of the surgeries, stating that the patients could not have survived much longer without the transplants. By deploying additional resources and meticulously planning every detail, both transplant surgeries were successful. As of now, both recipients are recovering well post-surgery and are expected to be discharged soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many patients were saved in the recent liver transplants in Hyderabad?

Two patients suffering from end-stage liver disease were saved through the cadaver liver transplants conducted by the South Asian Liver Institute.

What challenges did the medical team face during the surgeries?

The team faced logistical challenges in transporting donor organs from different locations to Hyderabad within a tight timeframe, requiring meticulous planning and coordination.

Who led the medical team for these liver transplants?

Dr. Tom Cherian, a senior liver surgeon and founder of the South Asian Liver Institute, led the team of over 40 caregivers involved in the transplant surgeries.

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