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Barrelakka Arrest at TSPSC

Barrelakka Arrest at TSPSC

Tensions Rise at TSPSC Office: Arrests Made During Protests

Unemployment Crisis Leads to Arrests Near Metro Stations

Police are arresting unemployed individuals gathering near metro railway stations. The situation remains tense at the TSPSC office as unemployed youths stage a protest. Among those arrested is Karne Sirisha, also known as Barrelakka, who expressed her outrage at being detained while advocating for the unemployed. watch video of Barrelakka Arrest at TSPSC (TGPSC).

Protest Escalates at TSPSC Office

BJYM activists have joined the unemployed at the TSPSC office, demanding solutions to their issues. The atmosphere became hostile as scuffles broke out between the police and the BJYM activists, leading to more arrests.

Heavy Police Presence in Hyderabad

In response to the protests, heavy police presence is noted across Hyderabad, especially around reading rooms and libraries. Police are conducting searches in suspected areas and have set up stringent security measures to prevent further gatherings.

Support for Unemployed from Telangana BJYM

Telangana BJYM has called for a march to the Collectorate in support of the unemployed. They demand the state government to conduct a mega DSC immediately and to provide 33% reservation for women in all appointments. BJYM also insists on the immediate release of the job calendar.

Growing Unrest and Arrests: A Closer Look

The recent wave of protests by unemployed individuals has highlighted the growing frustration and demand for immediate action from the state government. As the situation unfolds, several key issues and demands have come to light, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive and swift response.

Unemployment Crisis and Protests

The unemployment crisis has reached a boiling point, with large groups of unemployed youths gathering to voice their frustrations. The focal point of these protests is the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) office, where tensions have escalated significantly.

Key Figures and Arrests

Karne Sirisha, also known as Barrelakka, has emerged as a prominent figure in these protests. Her arrest, while advocating for the unemployed, has sparked further outrage and intensified the protests. Sirisha’s detention underscores the heavy-handed approach taken by the authorities in dealing with the demonstrators.

BJYM Activists Join the Fray

The involvement of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) activists has added a new dimension to the protests. Their presence has increased the intensity of the demonstrations, leading to clashes with the police. The demand for immediate resolution of unemployment issues has been echoed by the BJYM, further pressurizing the state government.

Police Response and Security Measures

The police have responded with a robust security presence, particularly in Hyderabad. Reading rooms and libraries, often frequented by job seekers, are under tight surveillance. The police are also conducting searches in suspected areas to prevent any potential escalation of protests. These measures highlight the authorities’ intent to maintain order, but also reflect the severity of the unrest.

Demands for Immediate Action

The core demands of the protesters revolve around the immediate need for job opportunities and reservations. The call for a mega District Selection Committee (DSC) examination is a primary demand, aimed at addressing the unemployment crisis. Additionally, the protesters are advocating for a 33% reservation for women in all job appointments, highlighting the need for gender equality in employment opportunities.

Job Calendar Release

One of the critical demands is the immediate release of the job calendar. The job calendar is seen as a crucial step in providing transparency and clarity on upcoming job opportunities, thereby addressing the uncertainty and anxiety among job seekers. The delay in its release has only added to the frustrations of the unemployed youths.

Support and Solidarity

The protests have garnered significant support, not just from the BJYM, but also from various sections of society. This solidarity underscores the widespread concern over unemployment and the urgent need for governmental action. The call for a march to the Collectorate by Telangana BJYM is a testament to the growing solidarity and support for the unemployed.


The ongoing protests at the TSPSC office and the subsequent arrests reflect the deep-rooted issues of unemployment in the region. The demands for immediate action, reservations, and the release of the job calendar highlight the urgency of the situation. As tensions continue to rise, the need for a comprehensive and swift response from the state government becomes increasingly apparent. Addressing these demands will not only help alleviate the immediate crisis but also pave the way for long-term solutions to the unemployment issue.

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