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700 Crore Telangana Sheep distribution Scheme Scam

700 Crore Telangana Sheep distribution Scheme Scam

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has identified the colossal Rs. 700 Crore Telangana Sheep distribution Scheme Scam, prompting an intensified investigation. Suspicions are high that influential figures played significant roles in this large-scale embezzlement.

In-Depth Investigation into the Sheep Supply Scheme Scam

The ACB has been closely examining the financial irregularities of the Sheep Supply Scheme, where a staggering amount of Rs. 700 crore was misappropriated. The scheme’s magnitude suggests the involvement of high-ranking officials. Given the scheme’s scale, the ACB’s next steps are critical.

Key Figures Under Scrutiny

An unauthorized contractor, Mohiuddin, who managed the Loloan company, fled to Dubai immediately after the case was filed. The ACB has issued a lookout notice to bring him back for interrogation, believing that his testimony could expose the key players behind the scam. To uncover how the embezzled funds were distributed, the ACB is focusing on the bank transactions of Mohiuddin and the arrested suspects.

Appointing Favorable Officials

In this case, several officials were previously arrested, including Dr. Ravi, Assistant Director of the Kamareddy Regional Veterinary Hospital; Dr. M. Aditya Keshav Sai, Assistant Director of the Medchal District Veterinary Department; Pasula Raghupathi Reddy, Officer of the Ranga Reddy District Groundwater Department; Sangu Ganesh, Deputy Director of the Adult Education Department; Anjilappa, Joint Director of the Animal Husbandry Department; and Krishnaiah, Assistant Director.

Recently, Ramachandra Naik, who served as the MD of the State Sheep and Goat Development Federation, and Kalyan, who was an OSD to former minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav, were also arrested. The preliminary investigation by the ACB suggests that Mohiuddin managed to co-opt senior officials with the blessings of influential figures overseeing the Animal Husbandry Department. These officials were strategically placed in key positions to facilitate the scam.

Manipulating Records for Personal Gain

The officials involved played crucial roles in falsifying records to ensure funds were diverted to Mohiuddin’s proxies rather than legitimate suppliers. Each unit of sheep, valued at approximately Rs. 33,000, was allegedly embezzled by Mohiuddin’s group. Many units were never supplied, yet the funds were fully utilized. Consequently, several individuals received shares amounting to crores of rupees. The ACB’s analysis of the diverted government funds to Mohiuddin’s proxy accounts has yielded critical information.

700 Crore Telangana Sheep distribution Scheme Scam

The investigation has uncovered that influential leaders supervised the Animal Husbandry Department, facilitating Mohiuddin’s manipulation of high-ranking officials. These officials were instrumental in orchestrating the scam, from the purchase of sheep to the diversion of funds into proxy accounts. This strategic placement of favorable officials helped in executing and covering up the fraudulent activities.


The Rs. 700 crore Sheep Supply Scheme scam highlights a severe breach of trust and misuse of public funds, involving high-ranking officials and influential leaders. The ongoing investigation by the ACB aims to unravel the extent of the scam, bring the culprits to justice, and recover the misappropriated funds. This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in government schemes to prevent such large-scale corruption.

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