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15000 per acer Rythu Bandhu for Cultivated Lands in the Upcoming Kharif Season

15000 per acer Rythu Bandhu for Cultivated Lands in the Upcoming Kharif Season

Reformations in Rythu Bandhu Expected This Kharif Season

Optimizing Rythu Bandhu Scheme for Cultivated Lands

In the forthcoming kharif season, significant changes are anticipated in the administration of Rythu Bandhu, primarily focusing on restricting benefits to cultivable lands. Approximately 19,000 acres categorized as non-cultivable may face exclusion from receiving these benefits.

Government’s Determination to Refine Rythu Bandhu

Indications from Chief Minister Revanth Reddy suggest a forthcoming adjustment in the disbursement criteria of Rythu Bandhu, favoring cultivated land exclusively. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to optimizing the utilization of taxpayers’ money and ensuring it directly benefits active agricultural ventures.

Financial Prudence Highlighted in Budget Discourse

Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Bhatti Vikramarka’s budget speech underscored the government’s stance on rationalizing the allocation of funds under Rythu Bandhu. He questioned the rationale behind extending financial support to lands held by real estate ventures, emphasizing the need for targeted disbursement aligned with agricultural objectives.

Sustainable Fiscal Measures

In informal discussions with the media, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy expressed reservations about the continued allocation of Rythu Bandhu funds to non-cultivated lands. He emphasized redirecting resources towards actively cultivated areas, critiquing past practices of allocating funds to lands utilized for infrastructural purposes or unsuitable for cultivation, such as rocky terrains and hillocks.

Strategic Fiscal Impact

The government anticipates substantial fiscal savings, estimated at approximately ₹3,000 crore, through the exclusion of non-cultivable lands from the Rythu Bandhu beneficiary list. Under the revised scheme, renamed Rythu Bharosa, the government proposes to enhance the financial support provided to cultivable lands, increasing the annual allocation from ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 per acre in the upcoming kharif season and subsequent cycles.

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