Telangana State Micro Irrigation Project Implementation of GST 3

The Commissioner of Horticulture, Hyderabad have issued orders revising the prices of MI Components & Crop wise unit costs for the year 2014-15 for implementation of OFWM under NMSA in the State of Telangana. Further vide reference 2nd read above Government have ratified the action of the Commissioner of Horticulture, Hyderabad in having implemented the orders issued in reference for the year 2015-16 duly including the unit cost for some more crops.

2. He has also stated that vide reference  proposals were submitted to Government for approval of new MI Components & Crop wise Unit costs for new crops during the year 2016-17. Since, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) has come into force w.e.f., 01.07.2017 and has replaced the present system of taxing. All Micro Irrigation Systems / Products are brought under GST. The GST on the Micro Irrigation Systems is to be charged @18%.

3. Further, the Commissioner of Horticulture, Hyderabad has informed that the Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture & Cooperation has approved the Note on 21-07-2017, for continuing the existing system of reimbursing 5% taxes (up to a maximum of Rs.5,000/- per beneficiary) in case of GST also and the balance tax amount may be borne by the beneficiary. Subsequently the MI component prices and unit costs of MI systems were revised and placed before the Board of Directors of Telangana State Horticulture Development Corporation Limited, in a special meeting convened on 11.08.2017 and has accorded approval to the revised prices of MI components and revised spacing wise unit costs worked out by TSMIP based on the revised prices of the components and approved vide reference

4. In the circumstances reported by the Commissioner of Horticulture, Hyderabad and Government after careful examination hereby revise the prices of Micro Irrigation Components and spacing wise unit costs on the existing prices of TSMIP mentioned in the Annexure – I and Annexure – II appended to this order for the year 2017-18 (w.e.f. 01/07/2017) and to avoid further inconvenience to the farmers and accord permission for continuation of 5% tax incentive (up to Maximum of Rs. 5,000/- per beneficiary), as a relief to

the farmers for implementation of PMKSY – Per Drop More Crop & NABARD assisted MI Project. The prices of MI Components & Spacing wise unit costs of MI system shall be effective from 01.07.2017 and they will continue until further orders.

5. The Commissioner of Horticulture, Hyderabad shall take further necessary action in the matter accordingly

G.O.Ms.No.40. Dated:28-08-2017.
Read the following:
G.O.Ms.No.1, A&C (Horti & Seri) Dept., Dt:02-01-2015.
G.O.Ms.No.375, Agri. & Coop., Department Dt:23.07.2016.
From CoH, Hyderabad Lr.No.TSMIP/376/2016, Dt:19-04-2017.
Note approval of Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture on Dt:21-07-2017.
Minutes of the Board meeting of TSHDCL held on Dt:11-07-2017.
From CoH, Hyd., Lr.No. TSMIP /P&M/399/2017, Dt:17-08-2017 & Dt:24-08-2017.

(Annexure to G.O.Ms.No.40, Agriculture & Cooperation (Horti & Seri) Department, Dated:28-08-2017)



Telangana State Micro Irrigation Project

TSMIP – Component wise Prices Post GST
(Amount in Rs.)


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3 thoughts on “Telangana State Micro Irrigation Project Implementation of GST


    Dear sir
    On the basis of TELENGANA STATE GOVERNMENT MICRO IRRIGATION PROJECT here in after called as TSMIP, encouragement of subsidizing LATERAL ROLLER to every farmer, thereby small scale units have emerged in TELENGANA to produce and tied up with MI COMPANIES through which generated manpower as well small scale industries one of which is ours.
    We have substantially grown to give good quality of LATERAL WINDER to our TELENGANA farmer community. The product as such has very good features and importance which reduce the cost of Tubing maintenance every year.
    I heard that this Product is being made “OPTIONAL” in MI COMPANY BOM.(BILL OF MATERIALS). Which infact benefitted to MI COMPANIES fearing of covering maintenance cost subsequently after sales.
    Looking into benefits to farmers by making compulsory of this product, not only benefitting Farmers but also encouraging small scale industries which generates manpower.
    Looking into above facts, it humbly request the concerned authorities to encourage this product and save small scale industries by continuing the product “LATERAL ROLLER” in subsidy scheme.


    Dear sir
    My earlier mail regarding distribution of lateral winder compulsorily to each farmer not being implemented by most MI COMPANIES. This may kindly be noted and taken necessary steps to deliver each farmer the component of “LATERAL WINDER” by TS HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT and necessary steps may be taken on companies who are not supplying the component along with the drip system.
    In anticipation of corrective steps from the department.
    Manufacturer and supplier of lateral winders through MI COMPANIES.