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Telangana Penalty Point System for Drivers In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 28 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (Central Act, 50 of 1988), the State Government hereby makes the following amendment to the Telangana Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 issued in G.O.Ms.No.216, TR&B (Tr.II) Department, date:7.8.1989 and published at pages, 1-135 of the Rules supplement to part-I, Extraordinary issue of the A.P. Gazette, dt:25.8.1989 and as adapted to the State of Telangana vide G.O.Ms.No.2, TR&B (Tr.I) Department, dt: 17.06.2014 as subsequently amended and the same having been previously issued in G.O. 1st read above and published in the Rules Supplement to Part-I, Extraordinary of the Telangana Gazette No.176/A, dt: 23.09.2016, as required under sub-section (1) of Section 212 of the said Act.

Telangana Penalty Point System for Drivers

In the said Rules after Rule 45 (A) to the Telangana Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 the following shall be added, namely:-

“Rule 45(A) Scheme of Penalty Points for Drivers:- 

 Penalty Point System: Any person who commits any of the  offence or offences, mentioned in column 2 of the table given below,  shall be awarded penalty points as mentioned in column three thereof:

Relavent Section under



Gist of  Offence Penalty Points
(1) (2) (3)
177 Carrying extra passengers in the front seat of Auto (piloting) 1
Unauthorized carrying of passengers  in goods vehicle 2
Driving without wearing of seat belts/helmets 1
Wrong side driving 2
183 Driving at a speed upto 40 kms/hr higher than permitted speed 2
Driving at a speed  exceeding 40 kms/hr higher than permitted speed 3
184 Driving Dangerously/Driving while using cell phone/excess load projection on either side/ jumping signal/lane crossing (zig zag). 2
185 Drunken driving of Two wheeler 3
Drunken driving of Four wheeler/Lorry/Goods carrier 4
Drunken driving of a public service vehicle like Bus/Cab/Auto 5
189 Racing & Trial of Speed while driving 3
190(2) Using vehicle in unsafe condition in public place by violating road safety, control of noise and air pollution, parking endangering safety of commuters (only on Highways) 2
196 Driving without Insurance Certificate 2
Driving without Public Liability Certificate in respect of vehicles carrying or meant to carry hazardous substances 2



Cognizable offences involving 
(i)279 IPC/336 IPC/337 IPC/338 IPC 2
(ii) 304 (A) IPC / 304 II IPC 5
(iii)Using the vehicle while committing chain snatching/robbery/similar offence,etc., 5

 Allocation of penalty points: Whenever a person having a driving license commits an offence as provided under the Rule 45 A (1) shall accrue Penalty Points as specified therein. The Penalty points shall be endorsed and their record shall be maintained in RTA database or in a manner as may be prescribed by the State Government.

Where a person commits any offence(s) involving judicial proceedings punishable with fine/imprisonment or both, the penalty points in such case(s) shall accrue on the award of punishment by the trial court. However, the date of offence/violation shall be the date of the accrual of points for the purpose of the record.

Duration of validity of penalty points: Penalty points awarded for an offence shall remain on record for a block period of 24 months from the date of award.

 SuspensionAt any point of time, if the cumulative tally of the penalty points accrued by a driver having a license exceeds the limit of twelve (12) points during the preceding block period of 24 months, his/her driving license shall be suspended for a period of one year from the date of accrual of twelve points. On suspension of the driving license, the accrued penalty points shall cease to subsist.

If a person, whose license has been suspended and later revoked after completion of one year period under Rule 45-A(4)(i), again accrues twelve (12) points subsequently, driving license of such person shall be suspended for a period of 2 years from the date of accrual of the said twelve (12) points. On further repetition of accumulation of 12 points every time, the driving license shall be suspended for a period of 3 years.

Cancellation of learner’s license: If a person holding a learner’s license accrues five (5) points during the validity period of learner’s license, such learner’s license shall be cancelled forthwith. The person whose learner’s license has been cancelled shall be eligible for re-issue of fresh Learner’s License on production of a certificate of learning driving as prescribed from a recognized school or establishment.

Reduction in penalty points in case of undergoing defensive driving course or motor vehicle accident prevention course : If a person has accumulated several points for violations, he shall get an opportunity to reduce the tally by three Penalty Points by undergoing defensive training course/motor vehicle accident prevention course from an institution recognized by the Transport Department of the Government.  However, this facility shall be restricted to two times in a continuous period of two years”.

Transport Department – Amendment to Telangana Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 by inserting New Rules 45-A (1) to 45–A (6) to Telangana Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 – Scheme of penalty points for the Drivers – Notification Issued – Regarding.


G.O.Ms.No. 26 Dated: 24-04-2017 Read the following:

1. G.O.Ms.No.80, TR&B (TR.I) Department, Dt.22.9.2016. 2. From the Transport Commissioner, Telangana State, Hyderabad, Letter No.3642/R/2015, Dt. 25.07.2016.

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