Telangana Hostels Guidelines for fixing the expenditure norms

Director, SCDD,TS, Hyd., has submitted  that Government  have created the following Head of Account for Departmental Attached College Hostels and provided an amount of Rs.100.00Crores for the year 2016-17.

2225-Welfare of SCs, STs & OBCs 01-Welfare of Scs 277-MH 11-GH 10-NSP-SH Departmental Attached Colleges Hostels(Plan)

In this regard, the guidelines, expenditure norms and ceiling limits have to be fixed by the Government for spending the amount/ for proper maintenance and effective monitoring of Department Attached College Hostels to run under Scheduled Castes Development Department. For ensuring the greater accountability and reducing procedural delays, financial powers and administrative powers are delegated as indicated below:-

Budget Head Description Expenditure

Norms and ceiling limit

Illustrative list of items of expenditure Drawing and Disbursing Officers Estimated expenditure  (


BE-201617 Sub


Detailed Head
123.12 010 010 Salaries Actuals Salaries Hostel welfare Officer Uncontrolled item
63.30 110 111 Travelling Allowance Actuals Hostel welfare Officer Actuals
105.50 130 131 Service postage, Telegram and



Up to Rs.1000/PM Service Postage

Telegrams, STD calls, Local calls, internet charges etc.,

Hostel welfare Officer Rs.19.56 lakhs (for 12 months)
398.98 132 Other Office Expenses Up to Rs.4000/PM 1.Bulbs/tubes

2.Stationery items 3.Cleaning of Septic tank

4.Kitchen gardening 5.Repairs to furniture and equipment

6.Maintenance of


7.Other unforeseen expenditure.

Hostel welfare Officer Rs.78.24 lakhs (for 12 months)
1188.00 133 Water and




Actual Hostel welfare Officer Actuals
1396.00 140 140 Rents, Rates and Taxes Based on actual As per the rent approved by competent authority


Hostel welfare Officer Actuals
2228.10 210 211 Materials and Supplies Items to be procured under Non-Recurring expenditure: Deputy Director
Rs.8000/- per bed with life of 5 years a.Bunker beds Deputy Director Rs.800.00 lakhs (for 20000 boarders)


Rs.200/- per student with life of 5 years. b. One Plate, glass  and bowl Deputy


Rs.40.00 lakhs (for 20000 boarders)
Rs.12000/- per year per hostel c. News papers and Library Books for the reading room cum




Rs.19.56 lakhs
As per the estimates of engineering dept., (Govt.buildings) d. Dining hall tables and chairs (only for Govt. buildings) Deputy


As per the estimates of engineering dept., e. CC cameras (only for Govt. buildings

girls hostels)


Deputy Director Actuals
As per the estimates of engineering dept., f. RO Water plants (only for Govt.


Deputy Director Actuals
Up to Rs.15000/- per hostel (life time 2 years) g. Wet grinder Deputy Director Rs.24.45 lakhs
Rs.2500/- per hostel (every 5 years) h. Mike sets Deputy


Rs.4.07 lakhs
Rs.5000/- per year per hostel i. Games and sports material Deputy Director Rs.8.15 lakhs
As per the estimates

of engineering dept.,


j. Inverter (only for Govt., girls hostels buildings as per  the estimates of

Engineering Dept.,)

Deputy Director Actuals
Rs.10000/- per hostel for 2

Almarahs (life time 5 years)

k. Furniture almarah Deputy Director Rs.16.30 lakhs
Rs.20000/- per hostel. (for every 3 years) l.       Cooking       and

serving utensils

Deputy Director Rs.32.60 lakhs
Up to Rs.10000/- Per hostel. (for every 2 years) m. Pressure cooker Deputy


Rs.16.20 lakhs
3020.00 230 230 Cost of



Rs.1050/- per boarder per month (now being sanctioned to the DAH boarders under MTF)  m. As prescribed by the Government  from time to time. Hostel



Rs.2520.00 lakhs

(for              20000


1266.00 300 300 Other

Contractual Services

i)    College Hostels located in Private Buildings @ Rs.5000/- per month

ii)   College Hostels located in Government

Buildings @ Rs.10000/- per month

iii)  College Hostels located in Govt./Private Buildings (Municipal corporations) @ Rs.12000/- per month

n. Sanitation : Sweeping &  Toilets cleaning should be outsourced. Deputy Director Rs.195.60 lakhs (for 12 months)
Up to Rs.5000/- per month o. Security Services: night watchman should be hired on outsourcing basis Deputy Director Rs.146.70 lakhs ( for 12 months)
(i)    Up to 100 boarders Rs.20000/- per month

(ii)   Up to 150 boarders Rs.25000/-

(iii)  Up to 200 boarders Rs.30000/-

p. Catering Activity: can be engaged  on outsourcing basis Deputy Director Rs.489.00 lakhs (for 12 months)
211.00 500 503 Other Expenditure Based on actuals q. Medical expenditure  and other un defined expenditure Hostel




After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby accept the above guidelines as fixed under expenditure norms and ceiling limit and delegate the financial and administrative powers to the concerned officer for ensuring greater accountability and reducing procedural delays in proper maintenance and effective monitoring of Department Attached College Hostels  to run under  Scheduled Castes Development Department, subject to duly following the District Purchase Committee rules scrupulously.

The Director, SCDD, TS, Hyd., shall take further necessary action accordingly.

This order issued with the concurrence of Finance (EBS-III) Dept., vide their U.O.No.9688/274/A1/EBS-III/2016, dated 08.08.2016.

Guidelines for fixing the expenditure norms and ceiling limit for the budget provided for Departmental Attached College Hostels run under control of Scheduled Castes Development Department-Orders –Issued.

G.O.MS.No. 49 Dated: 18-11-2016

1. G.O.Ms.No.126, SW(Q2)Dept., Dated.03.09.1997.
2. Memo.No.245/SCD.Edn/2015, Dated.31.08.2016.
3. From the Director,SCDD,TS, Hyd., Lr.Rc.No.C1/1696/2016,dated:13.06.2016, 23.06.2016, 05.07.2016 & 19.07.2016.

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