Telangana Economic Support Schemes for Scheduled Castes

Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Telangana Scheduled Castes Cooperative Development Corp. Ltd., Hyderabad has submitted the draft SC Action Plan for 2018-19, keeping in view the budget allocations under Economic Support Schemes and CSS (SCA) to the Government seeking approval for implementation.

Government have issued orders to modify the subsidy pattern of the Economic Support Schemes to the Scheduled Castes beneficiaries from 2018-19 onwards is as follows.

                 Scheme Subsidy pattern Bank Loan


Bank  Linked Self Employment / economic support schemes 100% (for unit cost upto


80%( for unit cost upto Rs.1.00


70%( for unit cost upto Rs.2.00


60%( for unit cost upto Rs.10.00 Lakhs)





Government, after careful examination of the proposal of the VC & Managing Director, TSCCDC Ltd. Hyderabad hereby approves the SC Action Plan 2018-19 with the following details.

The Total Plan Outlay under SC Action Plan for 2018-19 is 213852.12 lakhs with the following break-up of funds covering 66105 beneficiaries.

  • Subsidy (ESS subsidy + SCA)    –     1488.38 crores
  • Bank Loan                           –        538.50 crores
  • EMF    –         107.10 crores
  • Other Department Subsidy           –           4.54 crores

The permitted subsidy funding pattern is broadly indicated below for the major sectors. 

Scheme Subsidy  Bank Loan / Others
Land Purchase Scheme &

Minor Irrigation

100 % Nil
Training –Skill development & Skill up gradation- Dist.

Initiatives & other schemes

100 % Nil
Bank –linked  Self-employment/

Economic Support Schemes


100% (for unit cost upto Rs.50,000/-)

80% (for unit cost up to 1.00 lakh)

70% (for unit cost upto 2.00 lakhs)

60% (limited to 5.00 lakhs for unit cost from 2.01 lakhs to 12.00 lakhs)

Balance as bank loan
The following scheme is under Chief Minister’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme.
Schemes with Bank linkage under Entrepreneurship Development Programme 1)           60% or Rs.5.00 lakhs subsidy whichever is less on the unit cost upto

Rs.12.00 lakhs


2)           5.00 lakhs or 35% subsidy, whichever is maximum on the unit cost upto

Rs.25.00 lakhs


3)           35% or 50.00 lakhs whichever is less on the unit cost above Rs.25.00 lakhs

Balance as bank loan


  1. Sector Wise Plan:


The Sector-wise details of the Action Plan 2018-19 with funding pattern break-up is as follows:-         (Rs. in Lakhs)




Name of the Sector  No. of  Benfs   FUNDING PATTERN Total Funding Pattern

Subsidy / EMF

Bank   Loan /

Beneficiary &

Other Dept  Subsidy 

I Schemes without Bank linkage            
1 Land Purchase Scheme 1984   41664.00 0.00 41664.00 100 %


  One Year Crop Assistance for LPS Beneficiaries 0   868.99 0.00 868.99
  Land Development Schemes


11289   14347.55 0.00 14347.55
  Energization 6044   572.12 453.60 1025.72
  TOTAL – LPS & LD& M & Energization 19317   57452.66 453.60 57906.26
2 Skill Devp.Upgradation. 18906   18561.86 0.00 18561.86 100 %


  District Initiatives (AIDs victims, Disabled) 1424   1424.00 0.00 1424.00
  District Initiatives (Innovative


631   3155.00 0.00 3155.00
  Pavalavaddi Scheme 2480   744.00 0.00 744.00
  Infrastructure (for shopping complex / Skill Upgradation Centres) 0   620.00 0.00 620.00



0   775.00 0.00 775.00
  Skill Devp.Upgradation. / DI/ & Others  – Total 23441   25279.86 0.00 25279.86
  Grand Total   83186.12  
II Schemes with Bank linkage            
3 Categery – I: ESS 7768   6214.40 1553.60 7768.00 80 % Subsidy (unit cost
  Vulnerable Groups 217   189.10 27.90 217.00
  Two Wheeler Tie-up with UBER / Swiggy / Bigbasket etc. 1000 800.00 200.00 1000.00 upto  Rs.1.00 lakh)
  (Schemes with unit cost upto  Rs. 1.00 lakh) 8985 7203.50 1781.50 8985.00
4 Categery – II 

(Schemes with unit cost upto  Rs. 2.00 lakh)

6167 8633.80 3700.20 12334.00 70 % Subsidy

(unit cost upto  Rs.2.00


5 Categery-III:Self-employment


(U.C. above Rs 2.01 lac upto

Rs 12.00 lacs)

2488 9952.00 7464.00 17416.00 60 % Subsidy

(unit cost limited to  Rs.5.00 lakh)

  Four / Three Wheeler Tie-up with UBER / OLA / MERU etc. 1500 7200.00 4800.00 12000.00
  Model Villages, (Agrl. / MI /

A.H. / ISB / Transport

  (Cluster Approch ) or any

other income generating activity)

2000 4800.00 3200.00 8000.00  
    5988 21952.00 15464.00 37416.00
6 CM Entrepreneurship

Development Programme 

a Categery – I:  Self-

employment Schemes (Backend Schemes)  (Unit Cost upto Rs 12.00 lakh)   (60% or 5.00 lakhs w.e.l)

1063 5315.00 7441.00 12756.00 60 % Subsidy

(unit cost limited to

Rs.5.00 lakh)

b Categery – II: Self-

employment Schemes (Backend Schemes)  (U.C. above Rs 12.01 lac upto Rs 25.00 lacs)   (5 lakhs or 35%  w.e.max)

721 6308.75 11716.25 18025.00 (5 lakhs or

35% Subsidy

unit cost


c Categery -III: Self-

employment Schemes

(Backend Schemes)

(U.C. Rs 25.01 lac and above

)  (35% or 50.00 lakhs w.e.l)

423 7402.50 13747.50 21150.00 35% of the unit cost or 50.00 lakhs subsidy w.e.l
7 Innovative / Income Generating Schemes           
  a) Working Capital / Dealership programme   10000.00   10000.00 (Corporation loan / advance

with 2%


  b) Any other  Innovative schemes   10000.00   10000.00
  Grand Total 66105 159548.07 54304.05 213852.12  

Under Economic Support Schemes upto Rs.1.00 lakh, the Corporation subsidy is 80% and the remaining portion is loan from Bank or Beneficiary Contribution. Wherever, the beneficiary contribution lies there is no need to bankers consent.

Eligibility criteria for beneficiaries under the Self-Employment Schemes with Bank Linkage are as under:


  1. 21-50 years for non-agricultural Schemes as on July 1st of the year of consideration.
  2. 21-60 years for agricultural Schemes as on July 1st of the year of consideration.
  3. 18-45 years for Skill Development Training Programme for Self Employment programmes and 18 – 35 for Wage Employment programmes.


1,50,000/- per annum for Rural areas.

2,00,000/- per annum for Urban areas (Municipalities, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayats).

There is no income limit for the schemes taken up under Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP).

Preference shall be given to other conditions:

Candidates with higher qualification or requisite qualification required for a skill.

Candidates who are trained under any skill improvement program of the Government from this Corporation are any other Government agency either in the current year or earlier.

Beneficiaries who are availing the self-employment scheme for the first time.

Women beneficiaries shall be preferred so as to give 50% of the total target in all the schemes besides 100% coverage under Land Purchase Scheme.

5% of the target to be covered with Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

Other conditions:

One house hold shall be limited to only one Self-employment Scheme in (5) years.

Beneficiaries availing the scheme shall not be given any benefit under such scheme for the next 5 years.

Every beneficiary must have an Aadhaar number.

Every beneficiary must have Ration card / Food Security Cards.

All Beneficiaries shall apply through the Online Beneficiary Monitoring & Management System (OBMMS) except those specified by the


To avail loan under transport sector the driving license with badge is a must.

Time schedule for implementation:

The following schedule has been fixed for implementation of SCAP 2017-18.



Activity By Date Responsibility
1 Approval of SCAP in DCC 15.07.2018 EDs, LDMs
2 OBMMS Registrations 15.08.2018 EDs / MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners
3 Selection of candidates by the



15.09.2018 EDS, MPDOs, Municipal

Commissioners & Bankers.

4 Submission of Selected lists to Banks 31.09.2018  MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners
5 Bank Consent 15.10.2018  Branch Managers
6 Issues of sanction proceedings by District Societies 25.10.2018 EDs of District SC Societies
7 Obtaining two Loan Accounts 10.11.2018  Banks / EDs
8 Release of subsidy by Head Office 10.12.2018  VC & MD, TSCCDC Ltd., Hyderabad
9 Grounding of schemes 21.12.2018 Bankers  / MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners & EDs
10 Uploading UCs post grounding follow-up action 10.01.2019  EDs, MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners / Banks


All the concerned implementing agencies (District SC Societies, MPDOs, Municipal Commissioners & Banks) shall invariably follow the above time frame in implementation of the Action Plan.

Government further orders that the above approval is subject to meet the expenditure within the BE 2018-19.

During this year the following new schemes are introduced in the Action Plan, with a view to have more sustainable assured livelihood by adopting Innovative and high value schemes to the SC families.

  1. CM’s SC Entrepreneurship Development Programme, separate orders will be issued.
  2. Working capital assistance by way of advance with 2% interest.
  3. Tie-up with UBER, OLA, MERU, Big Basket, SWIGGY, etc., under Driver Empowerment Programme
  4. Other Innovative schemes

The Scheme wise / District Wise approved S.C Action Plan 201819 is appended to this order.

The Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Telangana Scheduled Castes Cooperative Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad shall take necessary further action accordingly.

Center for Good Governance shall ensure that all the above eligibility criteria are incorporated in the online beneficiaries management and monitoring system.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (SCSDF) Dept., vide their U.O.No.4628/130/SCSDF/2018, dt.20.07.2018.

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