Telangana Civil Services Appointment of candidates as Deputy Collectors TSPSC

The Government hereby approve Telangana Civil Services Appointment the selection of the following candidates made by the Telangana State Public Service Commission for their appointment to the post of Deputy Collector (Category-2) in  the  Telangana Civil  Service  (Executive Branch)  by  direct  recruitment, and appoint them as Deputy Collectors under  Rule- 10(a)(1) of the Telangana State and Subordinate Service Rules, and allot them to the districts mentioned against their names for undergoing the training is as follows :

Sl.No.            Name of the

        Deputy Collector

Name of the District

 to   which allotted

   for training

1 2 3
1. Smt R.D.Madhuri            Ranga Reddy
2. Sri B.Rohith Singh            Nalgonda
3. Sri P.Ben Shalom            Mahaboobnagar

The above appointments as Telangana Civil Services Appointment Deputy Collector are subject to the following conditions :-

(a)  That the candidate should join duty within 30 days taking the date of dispatch (By Registered Post) of the appointment order as the crucial date for reckoning the time limit. If he/she does not join the post within the stipulated period  of  30  days,  the  officer  for  appointment  shall  be  treated  as automatically cancelled and the name of the candidate shall be deemed to have been deleted from the approved list of candidates;

(b) That the appointment is purely temporary and is liable to be terminated at any time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons;

(c) That the services of the candidates will be regularized subject to his/her character and antecedents being found satisfactory on verification, and also satisfactory medical report from the concerned authority.

(d) That the appointment of above mentioned 3 (three) candidates is subject to the result of court cases pending if any in APAT / High Court of Andhra Pradesh / Supreme Court of India including W.P.No.24311 of 2017.

(e) That the candidates shall be on probation for a total period of two years in a continuous period of three years from the date on which they join duty;

(f) That every candidate shall undergo training as per the programme prescribed by the Government from time to time.

(g) That every candidate appointed shall, before the commencement of training, execute an agreement bond that he/she shall serve the department for a period of 3 years after the completion of training referred to above. He/she shall be liable to refund to the Government the pay and allowances or other remuneration received by him/her in addition to the amount spent by the Government on his/her training :

1. If he/she fails to serve the Government for a period of 3 years after the completion of his/her training for any reasons; or

2. If he/she discontinues the training or discharges from training course for misconduct or any other reason; or

3. If he/she secures any other employment elsewhere other than under the State Government.

(h) That  the  period  of  training  shall  count  for  the  purpose  of  Probation, Increments, Leave, Pension, etc;

(i)  That he/she shall be eligible during the period of training for the initial pay of the post with usual allowances as admissible at the place of training.

(j) That every candidate shall pass the tests prescribed in Rule 10 of Telangana Civil Services (Executive Branch) Rules, 1992 within the period of his/her probation.

(k) That during the period of training, the candidates are eligible to draw the minimum of the scale of pay applicable to the Deputy Collectors (Ordinary Grade) besides the allowances admissible to them under the rules from time to time at the places of their training. They shall not, however, be eligible to draw  first  increment unless they complete the training and  pass  the prescribed tests and are declared to have satisfactorily completed the  prescribed period of probation. The postponement of declaration of probation on account of non-passing of tests shall not, however, have the effect of postponing future increments after they had passed the prescribed tests and after they had completed the probation satisfactorily.

3. The above mentioned three (3) candidates shall report to the respective District Collectors for undergoing training as per the scheme of training approved in G.O.Ms. No. 569, Revenue (Ser.I)  Department, dated:  06.08.1988. The  Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, Hyderabad shall monitor the programme of training of the Deputy Collectors. The CCLA, Hyderabad and the Director General, Dr.M.C.R.H.R.D.I, Hyderabad are requested to chalk out the programme for foundational and Professional Courses of training at the M.C.R.H.R.D.I, and the training at Hyderabad on convenient dates and with mutual consultation.

4. Orders regarding creation of the supernumerary posts of the Deputy Collectors to enable the candidates to draw pay and allowances during the period of the training will be issued separatel

5. Joining of the above Deputy Collectors shall be intimated to the Government immediately.

6. The following notification shall be published in the Telangana State Gazette :


Under Rule-10(a)(1) of the Telangana State and Sub-ordinate Service Rules,  the following candidates selected  by  the  Telangana State  Service Commission are appointed purely on temporary basis as Deputy Collectors in Category(2) of  Telangana Civil Service (Executive Branch) Rules,  in the scale of pay of Rs. 40270/- – 93780/- (RPS,  2015). They shall undergo the prescribed training at Dr.M.C.R.H.R.D.I, Hyderabad and in the Districts mentioned against their names is as follows:-

Sl.No. Name of the Deputy Collector


Name of the District to which allotted for undergoing the training
1 2 3
1. Smt R.D.Madhuri            Ranga Reddy
2. Sri B.Rohith Singh            Nalgonda
3. Sri P.Ben Shalom            Mahaboobnagar

G.O.Rt.No. 726 Dated: 05-12-2017 Read the following :

1.G.O.Ms. No. 569, Revenue (Ser.I) Department, dt:6.08.1988.
2. From the Secy., TSPSC., Hyderabad, Lr.No.612/RS-I/Gr-I/2016, dt:15.11.2017 (addressed to the CCLA, TS, Hyderabad).
3. From the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, TS Hyderabad, Lr.No.Ser.I(1)/1216/2016-2, dt:21.11.2017.
4. Government Memo No.25114/Ser.I/2017, dt:27.11.2017.

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