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Shocking facts about priyanka reddy veterinary doctor Muder Case

Shocking facts about priyanka reddy veterinary doctor Muder Case

Shocking facts about Priyanka reddy veterinary doctor Muder Case Request will be made to handover the case to the fast track court, Mahbubnagar to expedite the prosecution for maximum punishment to the accused

Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad requests women, girls, old age people, and public in distress to utilise the services of Dial 100 for emergency Police help

In the early hours of 28.11.2019 at 3.10 AM a complaint was received at Shamshabad Police Station about missing of a woman aged about 25 years. As per the complaint, the victim lady had left to visit Oliva clinic at Gachibowli at around 5.50 PM on 27.11.2019 from her home in Shamshabad.

Further, the complainant stated “that the victim had called her at 9.22 PM and informed that she is at Shamshabad Toll plaza and her scooty got punctured. She further stated that a lorry and some people have gathered and that they stated that they will get the scooty repaired and she was afraid. Then at about 9.44 PM, she called the victim but her phone was switched off and she did not come back home.” In this regard a woman missing case was registered vide Cr.No.480/2019 at 3.10 AM of Shamshabad Police Station.

Further, on 28.11.2019 at 9.00 AM a complaint was received at Shadnagar wherein the complainant has noticed at 5.00 AM while going to his agriculture field for taking milk on his bike near a bridge of NH 44 road which falls in the limits of Chattanpally village that something was burning which he had thought of as a winter fire. Later, when he was returning at around 7.30 am, he noticed that a body of a female person aged around 22-25 years was burning. He immediately informed Shadnagar Police. Basing on the complaint a case in Cr. No. 784/2019 u/s 302, 201 IPC was registered at Shadnagar PS.

ACP Shadnagar, V.Surender and SHO Shadnagar, Sridhar Kumar rushed to the scene of offence followed by DCP Shamshabad N.Prakash Reddy, IPS. Immediately this matter was informed to all the Police Stations. As there was a woman missing case registered at Shamshabad PS, immediately the relatives of the victim were informed. The relatives identified that the dead body belongs to the victim. Immediately, DCP Shamshabad N.Prakash Reddy, IPS requisitioned the services of clues team, dog squad etc and investigation was taken up by Shadnagar Police.

Further DCP Shamshabad N.Prakash Reddy also formed 10 teams to collect the details of the witnesses, CCTVs etc. After making lot of efforts, based on the human intelligence, four people were taken into custody today at Shadnagar Police Station.

Based on the confession of the accused and the evidence collected, it is revealed that the following four persons were involved in the crime:

(A-1). Mohammed @ Areef S/o Hussain, Age: 26 years; Occ: Lorry Driver; R/o Jakkulare Village, Makthal Mandal, Narayanapet Dist.
(A-2). Jollu Shiva S/o Rajappa, Age: approx., 20 Years; Occ: Lorry Cleaner; R/o Gudigandla village, Makthal Mandal, Narayanapet Dist.
(A-3). Jollu Naveen S/o Yalappa, Age: approx., 20 Years; Occ: Lorry Cleaner; R/o Gudigandla village, Makthal Mandal, Narayanapet Dist.
(A-4). Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu @ Chenna S/o Kurmaiah, Age: approx., 20 Years; Occ: Lorry Driver; R/o Gudigandla village, Makthal Mandal, Narayanapet Dist.

[9:49 PM, 11/29/2019] Pavan Kumar Anna: The investigation has revealed that the lorry driver Mohammed @ Areef (A-1), came and parked his vehicle near Tondupalli Tollgate, Shamshabad with his cleaner Jollu Shiva (A-2) and two other accomplices on 26.11.2019 as the delivery of the load could not be made as the receiver was not reachable. The said four people saw the victim parking her vehicle near the toll plaza at 6.00 PM on 27.11.2019 and while consuming alcohol they discussed about the lady and had hatched a plan to commit the crime. As part of the plan Jollu Naveen (A-3) removed the air from the back tyre of the victim’s scooty. When the victim, after finishing her work at Gachibowli, returned to toll plaza at 9.18 PM, Mohammed @ Areef (A-1), got down from his lorry, approached her and told her that her vehicle’s back tyre is punctured and offered to get it repaired through his cleaner Jollu Shiva (A-2) and the victim innocently agreed.

Mean while, the victim called her sister and informed about the scooty puncture and also about the physical features of the accused and told her that she was afraid and her sister advised her to come to the toll plaza and wait. Meanwhile, the accused Jollu Shiva (A-2) came and again went to get it repaired as the earlier repair shop where he went was closed. Then Mohammed @ Areef (A-1), Jollu Naveen (A-3) and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (A-4) forcibly took her inside the compound nearby.

The accused Jollu Shiva (A-2) who had taken the vehicle also returned back with the vehicle. All the accused raped her one by one. During this time, the accused Mohammed @ Areef (A-1) forcibly closed her mouth and nose till her death. Immediately the accused Mohammed @ Areef (A-1) to Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (A-4) put the body in the lorry cabin. The accused Jollu Shiva (A-2) and Jollu Naveen (A-3) drove the scooty towards Shadnagar while Mohammed @ Areef (A-1) and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (A-4) took the lorry ahead of them. The accused Jollu Shiva (A-2) and Jollu Naveen (A-3) on scooty went to petrol bunks enroute asking for petrol in a loose bottle and got it from a petrol bunk near Kothur. Further, they all (lorry and scooty) stopped near JP Dargah cross roads, Kothur and took diesel in a bottle from their lorry. Then, they took u-turn near Shadnagar crossroads and stopped on the road above the underpass. They carried the body to the underpass by covering it in a blanket and set it afire using the petrol and diesel.

They started from the scene and after a while the two on scooty went back to check whether body is properly burnt or not and further they stopped after a distance further to dispose off the scooty near Kothur and all the four accused started in their lorry and reached Aramghar Chowrastha. Then, Jollu Shiva (A-2), Jollu Naveen (A-3), and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (A-4) left from there while Mohammed @ Areef (A-1) took the lorry to deliver the load in the City.

The case was detected with the help of CCTV analysis and the eye witnesses and human intelligence.
All the four accused persons were arrested today afternoon at Shadnagar by police.

The Police officers and staff of Shadnagar and Shamshabad divisions have put in continuous and dedicated efforts in detecting the case and taking the accused into custody in short time.

Cyberabad Police advises the public, particularly Women/Children/Old persons/Person in Distress to utilise the services of Dial 100 at all times whenever they are in need of any kind of assistance in emergency circumstances.

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Also, whenever there is a vehicle breakdown anywhere, they can seek Police help either by Dialling 100 or Cyberabad SHE team on 9490617444 or through Hawkeye App or contact Cyberabad Police Control Room 9490617100.

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