List of New Grampanchayat in Telangana from 02 August 2018 2

List of New Grampanchayat in Telangana from 02 August 2018. The following steps to be taken for roll out new Grampanchayat with effect from 02.08.2018:

1. Appointment of Special Officers for Existing GPs on completion of term of office and for New GPs from the date of i. exis.nce. Proposals to be circulated to the Government for approval.

2. Rationalization of clusters and in charge arrangements to each GP to the Panchayath Secretaries.

3. Identification of building to establish New GramaPanchayath office.

4. Procurement of stationery and furniture for New GP.

5. Staff: Bifurcation and allocation of existing staff (Sweepers, Waterman, Electricians, Bill Collectors etc, wherever available).

6. Handing over of Registers. (Demand Register, Revision Register, all statutory registers).

7. Distribution of Assets and Liabilities.

8. Wide publicity be made in the New GP areas by Beat of tomorrow about the formation of new GP.

9. Banner to be displayed in the New GP duly extending congratulations to the Villagers.

10. On the existence of New GPs the following shall be made available in the new GP.

a. Name Board in Telugu “GramaPanchayathiKaryalayamu” ).

b. Seal and stamps

c. Mandatory boards.

d. Citizen charter e. Board showing the geographical details of New GP as per Schedule VIII of PR Act, 2018.

11.The formation day of the New GP shall be conducted in the village with befitting manner, like festival.

12.0n the specified date, the Special Officer and PS should take charge of New GPs and see that the basic services shall be delivered from the new GPs only. They have to make arrangements for daily sanitation, drinking water supply and lighting of street lights. Henceforth, payment of pensions and other Government benefits shall be distributed from the new Gps only.

13. Special Officer has to open Bank account and PD Account for the New GramaPanchayaths under his charge.

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