Restoration of old canal of Dindi Medium Irrigation Projects

Government of Telangana has taken-up restoration of all Minor Irrigation Tanks in the State to their original capacity and to effectively utilize water allocated for Minor Irrigation sector under Godavari & Krishna River Basins as a flagship programme under the name of “MISSION KAKATIYA”.

Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme

2. The Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation (KB), Hyderabad in his letter read above has requested the Government to accord administrative approval for the work “Restoration of (3) old canal of Dindi Medium Irrigation Projects in Nalgonda District for an amount of Rs.169.91 Lakhs, under Mission Kakatiya Phase-IV.

3. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord administrative approval for an amount of Rs.1,69,91,000/- (Rupees One Crore Sixty Nine Lakhs and Ninety One thousand only) towards “Restoration of (3) old canal of Dindi Medium Irrigation Projects in Nalgonda District” for the Financial Year 2018-19 under Mission Kakatiya phase-IV Programme, subject to the responsibility of the Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation (KB) Hyderabad to follow the following points while giving Technical Sanction and while executing the work. The statement showing the details of tanks sanctioned for restoration is annexed to this order:-

i. Ensure and satisfy from the history of repairs carried to the tanks that there are no overlap of proposed repairs in any other previous sanctioned schemes.

ii. The provisions in the estimate are arrived after thorough investigation and as per the actual requirement of components for the work and the lump sum provisions are in terms of codal provisions and the guidelines issued in relation thereto.

iii. Whenever applicable, the de-siltation provision made in the estimates are based on pre-levels and prudent assessment of quantities involved and in consideration of nature of percolation and potential of the yield.

iv. Follow due procurement procedures for taking up the works.

v. Ensure sufficient funds in 2018-19 BE to meet the expenditure towards MK programme works including sanctions considered now.

vi. To recheck works arithmetical accuracy of individual provisions and total estimate cost before according technical sanction as the estimates are with number of corrections.

vii. Dismantling of existing damage Structures and construction of new weir and sluice shall be done only in rare cases after due examination of the possibilities of repairs of the existing damage structures at a level not lower than Superintending Engineer.

viii. Ensure and satisfy the cost benefit implications of the proposed tanks.

4. The expenditure sanctioned in para (3) above shall be debited to the Head of Account “4702-COL on MI 101 Surface Water – GH-25 State Sector Schemes – SH (23) – Mission Kakatiya – 530 Major Works – 531 Other Expenditure”.

5. The Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation (KB), Hyderabad, shall take necessary action accordingly to complete the work within the stipulated period and submit the utilization certificate to Government. The (03) estimates received through the letter 1st read above are returned herewith.

6. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (EBS.IX) Department vide their U.O.No.18772/210/A1/EBS.IX/18, dated:05.03.2018.


Statement showing the details of canals sanctioned for  “Restoration of  old canals of

Dindi Medium Irrigation Projects in Nalgonda District”






Name of the














Total Amount Sanctioned Rs in Lakhs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Restoration of Dindi Old Canal from Kamepally (Gundlapally Mandal) to Thimmapur (Neredugomma  Mandal) Thimmapur Neredugomma Devarakonda Nalgonda 98.90
2 Restoration of Dindi Old Canal from Guntlapally Gate to Oora Cheruvu






Murupununthala Chandampet Devakonda Nalgonda 30.26
3 Restoration of Dindi Old Canal from Erraram Gate (Gundlapally (M) to Teegala Cheruvu, Chandampet Mududandla Chandampet Devarakonda Nalgonda 40.75

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