Improvements to certain roads in Pargi, Vikarabad and Tandur Constituencies 1

i) Improvements to Shankarapally-Marpally road from Km 1/7 to 22/450:

Shankarapally- Marpally road is an important MDR in Vikarabad Constituency. This road is passing through Shankarpally & Mominpet towns connecting number of important villages of Shankarpally Mandal, Nawabpet Mandal, Mominpet Mandal & Marpally Mandal and Tribal Hamlets and terminating at Marpally Mandal Head quarters. Many other (R&B) roads Z.P. roads radiate from this road. Traffic intensity on this road is 23200/PCU per day.

ii) Widening & strengthening of Vikarabad –Karelly road from Km 0/0 to 9/285:-

This road  from Km 0/0 to 0/6-10.5Mts and from Km 0/6 to 1/9 7.00n Mt. Carriage way & Km 1/9 to 9/285 is single lane. This road connects Vikarabad-Tandur  via  Dhasuru,  Tandur  industrial  materials  like  stone, cement, Sudda & Shabad stone etc., heavy vehicle loads comes on this road due to Anathagiri Hills Ghat portion this road is acting as a bye-Pass road to Vikarabad –Tandur road and totally heavy loaded vehicles are diverting on this road only, the existing double lane Bituminous road is damaged, carriageway edges reduced and the berms are not sufficient also. The traffic intensity on this road is 6482 CVP/day.

iii). Widening and strengthening of Vikarabad -Thangadapally road from Km 5/0 to 15/350:-

Vikarabad-Tangadapally road from 5/0 to 15/350 is an important road connecting Vikarabad Chevella Constituencies. It facilitates in transport of agricultural produce of many villages. Also connects many Hamlets which run in area. The road from Km 0/0- 5/0 is double lane Bituminous carriageway. The reach from 13/5/0 to 15/350 is totally worn out. The traffic intensity on this road is 4075 CVP/day.

iV).  Widening  and  strengthening  of  Pargi-Vikarabad  (via)  Naskal road from Km 9/0 to 12/5:-

The road connecting Vikarabad and Pargi Constituencies. This road connects Vikarabad, Pargi. This road is passing through many major villages like Shivareddy pet, Burgupally, Chittampally, Gudpally Gottimukla, Naskal Rukumally and Pargi. Many buses are plying on this road. This road facilitates in transportation of Major Agriculture products like cotton, Maize, Paddy, ground  nut  and  vegetables.  This  road  provides  the  short  route  from Vikarabad to Mahabubnagar District and Bijapur. The traffic intensity on this road is 8444 CVP/day.

The  Engineer-in-Chief  (R&B)  SR,  Hyderabad  has  certified  that  the stage -1 approval is not required as detailed investigation completed and designs are finalized. No land acquisition and shifting of utilities are required for taking up the subject work. He has requested to accord administrative for the above works under Plan (MDR) scheme.

Government after careful examination of the matter hereby accord administrative  sanction  for  the  following  four  works  under  Plan  (MDR) scheme:

Sl.No. Name of the work Amount    of

Rs. in lakhs

1 Improvements  to  Shankarapally-  Marpally  road from Km 12/7 to 22/450 690.00
2 Widening & strengthening of Vikarabad –Karelly road from Km 0/0 to 9/285 675.00
3 Widening    and    strengthening    of    Vikarabad- Thangadapally road from Km 5/0 to 15/350 800.00
4. Widening and strengthening of   Pargi-Vikarabad

(via) Naskal road from Km 9/0 to 12/5



2545.00 lakhs

The amount sanctioned in the Para (3) above shall be met from the Head of Account Head of Account “5054 Col on roads and Bridges -04- Districts and other roads -MH800- Other expenditure –GH11- Normal state plan- SH (07)- Major District Roads -530- Major Works -531 –Other expenditure.”.

The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) SR, Hyderabad, shall take further action accordingly and the work shall not be entrusted prior to March, 2013 so as to ensure that the expenditure be incurred starting from next Financial year i.e. 2013-2014.

This order issues with the concurrence of Fin. (Expr.PW) Department vide their U.O. No.33330/1437/A2/Exp.PW/12, Dt.14-12-2012.

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