Prohibition of usage of Red Lights, Blue Lights on vehicles of Officials

Orders were issued from time to time on the usage of beacons (Blue lights/ Red lights) and hooters on the vehicles plying in the State with twin objective of protocol and security for the dignitaries. However, it has been brought to the notice of Government that the usage of signs of VIP culture such as beacons and hooters by those eligible is causing intimidation, inconvenience and outrage among the public. There are also innumerable instances of those ineligible persons also using beacons and sirens as a status symbol in violation of Government Orders. In order to put an end to VIP culture and bring equality between the common man and a person holding high office, there is a need to ban usage of such symbols in a democratic society. Government of India during the meeting of its Council of Ministers had taken a decision to abolish the usage of Beacons by the VIPs.

2) Accordingly, Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby issue the following orders on prohibited and allowed uses for beacons and hooters on vehicles in the State.

i) Dignitaries.

(a) Only such dignitaries as are allowed by Government of India i.e., i) President of India, ii) Vice President of India, iii) Speaker, Lok Sabha, and iv) Chief Justice of India shall use beacons and hooters.

(b) Display of Beacon in switched–off condition- covered or Uncovered is prohibited.

(c) Use of switched-on or switched-off beacons on escort/ security vehicles of Ministers/VIPs/Officials is prohibited.

(d) The vehicles of or vehicles accompanying Council of Ministers, Chief Secretary and Director General of Police will not be eligible for use of beacons and hooters.

ii) Emergency and Disaster Management Duties.

(a) Ambulances and Fire Vehicles: Vehicles on emergency duties such as Ambulances and Fire vehicles shall be eligible to use prescribed beacons and prescribed hooters.

(b) Executive magistrate / Police vehicles: Vehicles of prescribed Executive Magistrates and Police authorities shall be permitted use of prescribed beacons and prescribed hooters only during the following emergency circumstances:-

(i) While going to a location where a law and order situation emerged.

(ii) While going to an accident site, and

(iii) While perusing offenders.

(c) Prohibited uses: Use of beacons and hooters by vehicles of Police and Executive Magistrates who are not on emergency duty is prohibited.

(d) Usage of beacons and hooters on vehicles of defense and Paramilitary forces will be governed by regulations of Government of India.

iii) The guidelines / notifications issued by Government of India shall be followed.

3) The Transport Department shall take necessary action for amending the relevant rules.

4) The above orders shall come into force with immediate effect.

GAD- Beacons and Hooters on vehicles – Prohibition of usage of Red Lights, Blue Lights on vehicles of Dignitaries and Officials — Revised Orders – Issued GENERAL ADMINISTRATION (POLL.B) DEPARTMENT

G.O.RT.No. 1077 Dated: 15-05-2017

Read the following:-
1. Circular Memo .No.476/Poll-C/A1/2003, Dated.19-08-2003.
2. Supreme Court Judgment of in SPL NO. (C ) No. 25237/2010, dated: 10-12-2013.
3. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, GoI, Notification No. SO 1374 (E) dated 01-05-2017
4. Cabinet Resolution No. 177/2017 dated 5th May 2017.
5. G.O.Rt.No.1015, GA(Poll-B) Dept., Dated: 05.05.2017.

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