Widening and Improvements to Nizamabad-Narsi Corenet road 1

Chief Engineer(R&B) CRN & MD, APRDC, Hyderabad., has stated that the length of Nizamabad-Narsi Core Net road is 40.20 Km. The road starts from Nizamabad and passes through the Janakampet village which is a major Gram panchayat and it is also a junction where the road connecting “Gnana Saraswathi Basara temple Road” Joints. It also connects Yedapally Mandal Headquarters. Bodhan Revenue divisional Headquarters, and ends at the State Border at Saloora village where an integrated check post is located. The road from Km 0/0 to 6/1 is four lane in the Nizamabad town. The road from Km 10/2 to 40/2 is an intermediate lane with width varying from 5.1 m to 6/1 m which not sufficient to cater to the present flow of vehicular traffic.

2. He has also stated that it is proposed to improve this road by widening from 6.1 m to 10.00 m which includes paved shoulders of 1.50m width on either side of the road except the following small reaches which are to be widened to four lanes in urban areas.

(i) Jankampet village (Major Gram panchayat and Major Junction where the traffic from Adilabad & Basar, Karimnagar, Hyderabad & Maharastra state meet and diverts to different parts of the State).
(ii) Yedapally Mandal Head quarters (Major Gram panchayat).
(iii) Bodhan town (Revenue division and Assembly Constituency

The Chief Engineer(R&B) CRN & MD, APRDC, Hyderbad, has requested the Government to accord Administrative Sanction for the work of Widening and Improvements to Nizamabad-Narsi road from km 10/2 to 40/2 in Nizamabad District for an amount of Rs.30.00 Crores, under Plan Scheme.

After examination of the matter, Government of AP hereby accord administrative sanction for the work Widening and Improvements to Nizamabad-Narsi road from km 10/2 to 40/2 in Nizamabad District” for an amount of Rs 30.00 crores, (Rupees thirty Crores only), under Core Net Plan scheme, in the financial year 2013-2014.

The amount sanctioned in Para (4) above, shall be met from the Head of account “5054–Capital outlay on Roads and Bridges-04- District and other Roads-MH800- Other Expenditure-GH 11- Normal State Plan- SH(33)–Core net Works Roads (works)-530–Major works- 531 – Other Expenditure.”

The CE(R&B) CRN & MD, APRDC, Hyderabad, shall take further action in the matter accordingly and also advised that the expenditure be incurred starting from the Financial 2013-14.

These orders issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.PW) Dept vide their U.O.No.159/2/Exp-PW-II/13, Dt:15-01-2013.

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