Nizamabad Alisagar Lift Irrigation Project

Nizamabad Alisagar Lift Irrigation Project was completed in all aspects and the water was released from the end of July, 2007 to 04-11-2007 and the scheme was dedicated to the nation by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 04-11-2007.

The Commissioner, Godavari Basin, has submitted that he has permitted the Superintending Engineer, NSLI Circle, Nizamabad to make payment towards power consumption charges to be paid to NPDCL for the release of water for Khariff and Rabi Season for the year 2007-08. The Commissioner, Godavari Basin has requested to ratify the action in permitting the Superintending Engineer, NSLI, Nizamabad to make payment in anticipation of administrative approval and to accord administrative approval for Rs.10.325 Crores for the estimate of Power Consumption Charges for pumping of water for Khariff and Rabi Season of the year 2007-08 and from July, 2007 to November, 2007.

The Commissioner, Godavari Basin, in the letter, has corrected his earlier recommendation and informed that the power consumed towards pumping of water from July, 2007 to November, 2007 is to derive benefits from the scheme and submitted that there is no specific clause in the agreement for the payment of power charges by the contractor when the water is pumped for farmers. Commissioner,

Godavari Basin has unambiguously explained vide his letter, that there is no clause in the agreement which indicate that power charges towards pumping of water for crops have to be collected from the agency. This view was also agreed by the Law Department vide their U.O.Note No.3729/LSP/2009, dt. 30-07-2009. The agency is liable to pay power charges for temporary lighting and power facility as per
Cl.6 of the agreement and not for pumping water for ayacut.

In view of the circumstances explained by the Commissioner, Godavari Basin Government, after careful examination and consideration accord Administrative approval for an amount of Rs.10.325 Crores (Rupees Ten Crores Thirty Two Lakhs and Fifty Thousand only) towards the power consumption charges to be paid to NPDCL in respect of Alisagar Lift Irrigation Scheme for release of water during Khariff and Rabi
season for the year 2007-08. Government also ratify the action of Commissioner, Godavari Basin, in having instructed the Superintending Engineer, NSLI, Nizamabad to make payment to NPDCL, Nizamabad, in anticipation of administrative approval. The instructions issued in the Govt. Memo. shall deemed to have been cancelled as the power consumption charges for pumping water to ayacut cannot be
recovered from the Agency, as it is used for the bonafide work of the Irrigation Department, which is also in accordance with the agreement, as interpreted by the Law Department.

The expenditure sanctioned in para (3) above, shall be debited to “MH 4701 – COL 152 GWUA, M&MI 27 C&D 530/531 other expenditure”.

Alisagar LiftIrrigation Scheme Project Telangana State

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (W&P) Department vide
U.O.No.SP8956/F4(1)/09-1, Dt.25-09-2009.Administrator-cum-Chief Engineer, Sriramasagar Project, Karimnagar in the letter, Government after careful consideration, accord permission to release of 0.500 TMC water from Sriramasagar Project for Drinking needs of villages and cattle till next monsoon under Nizamabad District through Gutpa and Alisagar Lift Irrigation Scheme.

From the Administrator-cum-Chief Engineer, Sriramasagar Project, Karimnagar, Lr.No.ACE/SRSP/DEE.4 /AE.8/8514/SRSP-LMD, dated.15.12.2009 Engineer- in – Chief (Irrigation), Hyderabad, has submitted a report for allocation of water to Argula Rajaram Guthpa Lift Irrigation Scheme and Alisagar Lift Irrigation Scheme based on the announcement of Hon’ble Chief Minister, during his visit to Nizamabad District in connection with Rythusadassu programme at Bodhan.

Engineer- in – Chief (Irrigation), Hyderabad, states that, there is an allocation of 7.90 TMC of water to NTPC from SRSP through Kakatiya Canal and that, 6.50 TMC ( out of 7.90 TMC allotted water to NTPC from SRSP) of water is now allocated and being supplied from Sripada
Yellampally Project through a lift scheme to NTPC Lift. He requests for additional allotment of 1.0 TMC of water to Argula Rajaram Guthpa Lift Irrigation Scheme and 1.50 TMC of water to Alisagar Lift Irrigation Scheme from the savings of SRSP water earlier given to NTPC from Kakatiya canal of SRSP.

Government, after examining the proposal of the Engineer-in- Chief, (Irrigation), Hyderabad, allocate 1.00 TMC of water in addition to the original allocation of 1.952 TMC to Argula Rajaram Guthpa Lift Irrigation Scheme and 1.50 TMC of water to Alisagar Lift Irrigation Scheme in addition to the original allocation of 2.847 TMC from savings of water available due to withdrawal of 6.5 TMC of earlier allocation to NTPC at Ramagundam.

Commissioner, Planning &Development of Godavari Basin, Hyderabad in the reference,
Government after examination of the proposal accord Administrative Approval for Rs.4.98 crores (Rupees Four crores and ninety eight lakshs only) as against Rs.5.02 crores in respect of
Raising FRL by 1.22 Meters of Alisagar Reservoir Thanakalam(V) Nizamabad District etc.,
2. The above expenditure is chargeable to the following Head of Account ”4701-01-Major & Medium Irrigation GH-11.Normal State plan 107- Nizamsagar Project SH-27-Canal & Distributaries – 530-Major works,
531-other expenditure”.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (W&P) Department vide their U.O.No.2742/F4(2)/12-1, dated.22.08.2012. I&CAD Department – Representation of Hon’ble Minister for Major and Medium
Irrigation, Local MLAs and Farmers of Nizamabad District during the visit of Hon’ble Chief Minister’s visit to Bodhan Rythusadassu – Allocate 1.00 TMC of water in addition to Argula Rajaram Guthpa Lift Irrigation Scheme and 1.50 TMC of water to Alisagar Lift Irrigation Scheme in addition from savings of water available due to withdrawal of 6.5 TMC of earlier allocation to NTPC at Ramagundam.

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