0.017 TMC of water from Lanka Sagar to Matrix Thermal Power Plant

M/s. Matrix Thermal Power Private Ltd., Hyderabad requested for drawl of 0.017 TMC of water from Lanka Sagar, Penuballi Mandal, Khammam District for their Power Plant. The Engineer-in-Chief (I), Hyderabad in the references has submitted proposals for issue of permission to draw 0.051 TMC of water for a period of 7 (seven) months from the Nagarjuna Sagar Left Main canal at km.83.00 duly mentioning certain conditions therein.

Government after examination of the proposal hereby accord permission to draw 0.051 TMC of water per annum from the Nagarjuna Sagar Left Main canal at km 83.00 to M/s. Matrix Thermal Power Private Ltd., Penuballi Mandal, Khammam District subject to condition the water will be supplied during the canal running period in full capacity only and also subject to the following terms and conditions. The

firm shall obtain the concurrence of the District Collector, Khammam and the clearance of the Pollution Control Board. Structure permissions etc., are to be obtained form the Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation) and the Chief Engineer, CDO, Hyderabad as per relevant Government orders. All other conditions applicable to water allocation for industrial purpose vide various Government orders are to be met with.


i. The water can be spared by the Chief Engineer, Nagarjuna Sagar Left main canal at Km.83.00 during the months from 1st July to 31st January (seven months) when canal Irrigation is in operation only. No drawl shall be permitted between 1st February to 30th June.

ii. The water drawn from the canal should be utilized for the purpose for which permission is granted. Any misuse in this regard will entail cancellation of the permission without any notice and liable for imposition of penalty. Any structure to be constructed for the purpose will have to approved by the Chief Engineer NSP as per CE CDO approval.

iii. The industry should make its own arrangements creating storage facilities for the requirement of water for the period from 1st February to 30th June in their premises only and should draw the required water from the canal when the flows are sufficient in the canal and the demand for irrigation is less.

iv. The firm should not demand the storage requirement just before the closure of the canal and shall not demand for early openings of the canal.

v. The present rate of royalty charges as per the G.O.Ms.No.39, Irrigation& CAD Department, dated: 02-04-2002 is Rs.4.50 per 1000 gallons for consumptive use as the water is drawn from irrigation canal. The water royalty charges are likely to be revised by the Government from time to time and the industry shall pay the revised rates as fixed by the Government from time to time.
vi. The industry should follow the revenue board standing orders

vii. The Irrigation & CAD Department is no way responsible for non- supply/ Non availability of water due to any reasons in any particular water year.

viii. The permission accorded shall be for a period of 10 years only. The permission shall have to renewed well in advance before the expiry of the permission. This does not consider any special water drawing rights during any closure of canals by the Government for any reasons what so ever.

ix. The utilization of 0.051 TMC of water as required by the firm should not exceed under any circumstances. The Chief Engineer NSP will ensure the same through installation of water metering devices at the agency cost.

The Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation), Hyderabad/ Chief Engineer NSP, Nalgonda shall take necessary action accordingly. An agreement to this effect will have to be entered between the Chief Engineer NSP and the agency.

G.O.Ms. No. 90 Dated: 28-11-2012mRead the following:-

1. From the M/s. Matrix Thermal Power Private Limited, Hyderabad, Lr. No. Nil, dated: 28.04.2011.
2.Govt.Memo.No.8737/Reforms-A2/2011-1, dated:15.3.2012.
3. From the Engineer-in-Chief (Irr), Hyderabad, Lr.No.ENC(I)/ DCE-I/OT-5/AEE5/Misc/2012,dated:26.4.2012.
4.Govt.Memo.No.8737/Reforms-A2/2011-2, dated:25.5.2012.
5. From the Engineer-in-Chief (I), Hyderabad, Lr.No.ENC(I)
/DCE I/OT5/AEE5/Misc/2012,dated: 13.8.2012.

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