Laxmidevipally village as a new Gram Panchayati

The Commissioner, Panchayat Raj & Rural Employment, Hyderabad, has submitted the proposal of the District Panchayat Officer,  Medak  for  formation  of  Laxmidevipally  Village  as  a  new  Gram Panchayat duly bifurcating from Narayanaraopet Gram Panchayat in Siddipet Mandal of Medak District.  The District Panchayat Officer, Medak has informed that   the   existing   Narayanaraopet   Gram   Panchayat   has   the   following habitations:-

(1) Narayanaraopet and (2) Laxmidevipally.

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The Commissioner, Panchayat Raj & Rural Employment Hyderabad has reported that the population of Laxmidevipally Village is 1474, income is Rs.58,065/- and     Distance between Narayanaraopet Gram Panchayat to Laxmidevipally (V)   is 3.5 K.Ms.     Even after bifurcation the boundaries of Mandal  Parishad  Territorial  Constituency  will  not  change  because  both proposed Laxmidevipally Gram Panchayats and Narayanaraopet (Residuary) continued to be the part of Narayanaraopet Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituency.    The Gram Panchayat proposed for bifurcation are existing in Non-scheduled area.

The Narayanaraopet Gram Panchayat in its Gram Sabha resolution dt.15.3.2013 has resolved to bifurcate the Laxmidevipally Village from Gram Panchayat Narayanaraopet and constitute the area as new Gram Panchayat namely Laxmidevipally.

Government after careful examination of the matter and keeping in view of the resolution of the Narayanaraopet Gram Panchayat, report of the District Panchayat Officer, Medak and the remarks of the Commissioner, Panchayat Raj and Rural Employment, Hyderabad, have decided for bifurcation of Laxmidevipally   village   from   the   Gram   Panchayat   Narayanaraopet      and constitute the area as new Gram Panchayat namely Laxmidevipally in relaxation of the ban orders issued in the G.O.Rt.No.1634, PR&RD (Pts.IV) Department, dt.12.10.2001.

Accordingly, the following notification will be published in an Extraordinary Issue of the Andhra Pradesh Gazette dated:26-03-2013.

The  Commissioner,  Printing,  Stationery  and  Stores  Purchase, Hyderabad, is requested to publish the notification and furnish (25) copies of the Andhra Pradesh Gazette to Government, immediatel

In exercise of the powers conferred under Sub-section (1) of section with clauses (a) and (f) of sub-section (2) of section 3 of the Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 read with rule 6 of A.P.Gram panchayats (Declaration of villages) Rules 2007, issued in G.O.Ms.No.542, PR&RD (Pts.IV) Department, dt:03.12.2007 (Andhra Pradesh Act 13 of 1994) and in relaxation of   ban orders issued in the G.O.Rt.No.1634, PR&RD (Pts.IV) Department, dt.12.10.2001,   the   Government   of   Andhra   Pradesh   hereby   cancel   the notification in which the Laxmidevipally Village in Medak  District was declared as village in order to   bifurcate the said village from   Narayanaraopet Gram Panchayat     of  Siddipet  Mandal,  and  constitute  the  area  as  new  Gram Panchayat namely Laxmidevipally Gram Panchayat, in Medak District with immediate effect.

G.O.Ms.No. 128   Dated:-25.03.2013 Read the following:-

1. From the DPO, Medak, Lr.No.A1/21/2013 Pts., dt.17.3.2013.

2. From the CPR&RE, Lr.No.2999/CPR&RE/D3/2012, dt.19.03.2013.

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