Town Planning Mahabubnagar Municipality – Reduction of 60 feet wide Master Plan road to 40’

The draft variation to the Mahabubnagar General Town Planning Scheme to the Master Plan which was sanctioned in G.O.Ms.No.472 MA., dated:29-10-2010 was issued in Government Memo. No.23723/H1/2011-4, Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department, dt.19-10-2012 and published in the Extraordinary issue of A.P. Gazette No. 594, Part-I, dated:01-11-2012.  No objections and suggestions have been received from the public within the stipulated period.   Hence, the draft variations are confirmed.


In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (a) of Sub- Section (2) of Section 15 of the Andhra Pradesh Town Planning Act, 1920, the Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following variation to the Master Plan of Mahabubnagar Town, the same having been previously published in the Extraordinary issue of Andhra Pradesh Gazette No.594, Part-I, dated:01.11.2012 as required by clause (b) of the said section.


The 60’-0” wide  Master Plan road from D.E.O. Office to Shetty Complex Chowrastha situated at Rajendra Nagar, Mahabubnagar and the boundaries  which are shown in the schedule below which is marked as 60’-0” wide as per the General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan) of Mehabubnagar, sanctioned in GO.Ms.No.472 MA, dated:29.10.2010, is now reduced to 40’-0” width of the road stretch as marked as “A, B” by variation of change of land use which is shown in the revised part proposed land use map G.T.P.No. 3/2012/H, which is available in the Municipal office, Mahabubnagar town subject to the following conditions:

  1. The owners who approaches for any development in the above variation now being confirmed has to pay development charges to the concerned authority as per G.O. Ms. No. 158 MA, dt. 22.03.1996.
  2. The applicant shall obtain the permission before commencing any development activity from the Competent Authority.
  3. That the title and Urban Land Ceiling / Agricultural land ceiling aspect shall be scrupulously examined by the concerned authorities i.e., Urban Development Authorities / Municipal Corporations / Municipalities before issue of building permission / development permission.
  4. That the above change of land use is subject to the conditions that may be applicable  under the Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976 and A.P. Agriculture Ceiling Act.
  5. The owners / applicants are solely responsible for any misrepresentation with regard to ownership /title, Urban Land Ceiling Clearances etc.  The owners / applicants shall be responsible for any damage claimed by any one on account of change of land use proposed.
  6. The change of land use shall not be used as the proof of any title of the land.
  7. The change of land use shall not be used as the sole reason for obtaining exemption from the provisions of Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976.
  8. The applicant shall obtain layout / development permission from Director of Town and Country Planning / competent authority as the case may be.
  9. Any other conditions as may be imposed by the competent authority.

                    SCHEDULE OF BOUNDARIES

North : H.Nos.5-2-127, 128, 130, 131, 132 & 133 (P.S., Residential use & Commercial Belt as per Master Plan)

East : Shetty Complex Junction.

South : H.Nos.5-2-109, 110, 112, 113 & R&B Guest House & Hanuman Temple (Residential Use & Commercial Belt as per Master Plan).

West : D.E.O Office X roads.

G.O.Ms.No. 64 Dated: 18-02-2013. Read the following:-

1) GO.Ms.No.472, MA dated:29-10-2010.
2) From the Director of Town and Country Planning, Hyderabad Letter Roc.No.7402/ 2011/H, dt:05.09.2011.
3) From the Director of Town & Country Planning, Hyderabad Lr.Ro.No.7402/2011/H, dated 09.10.2012.
4) Govt. Memo No.23723/H1/2011-4, dated 19.10.2012.
5) Commissioner of Printing, A.P. Extraordinary Gazette No.594, Part-I, dt:01-11-2012.
6) From the Commissioner, Mahabubnagar Lr. Roc.No.G1/10299/MBNR/2012, dated

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