Stage I & II of Koilsagar Lift Irrigation Scheme in Mahabubnagar

The Chief Engineer (P), Mahabubnagar has submitted the Government of Andhra Pradesh have accorded Administrative Approval for the subject work for Rs.359.00 Crores, vide G.O. Rt. No.1658, dt.15.11.2005. Mahatma Gandhi Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation Scheme, the work was divided into two packages Via., Koilsagar Lift Irrigation Scheme Stage-I Stage-II and technically sanctioned for Rs.180.03 Crores and 178.97 Crores respectively.


Tenders were invited under EPC Package system and the Stage-I works package was awarded to M/s IVRCL- SEW & Prasad (JV), Hyderabad @ 4.23% excess over ECV under EPC package and agreement was concluded vide AB No..01/EPC/MGJLIP/2006-07, dated.17.11.2006 for Rs.184.86 Crores.  The work is completed up to 88% by 10/2012. The Stage-II package works were awarded to the same agency @ 1.11% less than the ECV under EPC Package and agreement was concluded vide A.B. No.06/EPC/MGJLIP/2005-06, dated.24.08.2005 for Rs. 175.32 Crores. The work is completed up to 85% by 10/2012.

The Chief Engineer, has further submitted that expenditure towards certain items have been incurred which is more than the estimated amount and has submitted Revised  Estimate for an amount of Rs. 458.245  Crores for Revised  Administrative Approval.

The Chief Engineer (Projects), Mahabubnagar has submitted requested that the Revised Estimate is prepared duly including the expenditure incurred / to incurred for inevitable item of works of completion of the scheme in full shape.

The details of R.E provision proposed now with reference to the original sanction is tabulated below: In Lakhs


Sl. No.


Description of item


As per sanction

(sage-I+ stage –II

As per R.E. now proposed (stage-I

+ stage-II

1. Civil works – EC Value 35477.11


2. Labour cess


3. Price variation


4. Land Acquisition



5. Buildings



6. Communications



7. Railway crossing works





8. Miscellaneous



Total 35900.00 45824.50

Government after careful consideration hereby accord Revised Administrative Approval for Rs.458.245 Crores which is Rs.99.245 Crores in excess of the earlier sanctioned vide the reference for the work of stage-I & II Koilsagar Lift Irrigation Scheme in Mahabubnagar District subject to the price adjustment application and calculations are as per the orders in vogue, including G.O. Ms. No.1 Finance (W&P) Department, dated.25.02.2012.

The expenditure shall be debited to the Head of Account 4701 – Capital out lay on  Medium  Irrigation  03  Medium  Irrigation  Commercial  M.H.127  Koilsagar  Project G.H.11 Normal State plan S.H.(26) Dam and Appurtenant Works S.H. 27 Canals and Distributaries.

The Chief Engineer (P), Mahabubnagar shall take necessary action accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (W&P) Department vide their U.O.No.5296/164/Exp.,PW.-I/13, dated.12.03.2013.

G.O.Ms. No. 29  Dated:30-03-2013

1.  G.O.Rt. No.158, I & CAD (Medium Irrigation –II Dept., 15.11.2005

2.   From the Chief Engineer(P), Mahabubnagar Lr.No.CE(P)/MBNR /KSLIS/ RE/1907, dated.03.12.2012

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