Sri K. Pentaiah, DEO, Mahaboobnagar – Transferred – Orders

Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby transfer Sri K. Pentaiah, DEO, Mahaboobnagar, with immediate effect, in relaxation of rules.

On transfer Sri K. Pentaiah is posted as Dy. Director in one of the existing vacancies in the o/o C&DSE, Hyderabad.

The Commissioner and Director of School Education, Hyderabad is requested to take necessary action accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O. No. 32620/1085/A1/DCM.III/12, dated 11.12.2012 and No. 4780/M(Fin.)(o)/13, dated 04.01.2013.


orders were issued relaxing the ban  on  transfers  for  the  period  from  01.06.2012  to  10.07.2012  subject  to  following certain conditions laid down therein.

The Government after careful consideration hereby orders a ban on all transfers w.e.f.11.07.2012 except in respect of the following cases:

i)          Posting orders to the employees on account of promotion shall be issued to the clear existing vacancies without shifting any other employees.

ii) Posting orders to the employees due to disbandment of posts, reversions, repatriations, deputations   (on   Foreign   Service   only), disciplinary proceedings and returning from long leave of more than three months shall be issued in clear existing vacancies without shifting other employees.

The appointing authority is competent to issue posting orders in respect of the cases referred at para 2 above, without reference to Finance Department.

It is further ordered that no relaxation proposals shall be entertained  by any department for a period of six months commencing from 11.07.2012. Thereafter, the Special Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries/Secretaries will review department wise, quarterly, the number of relaxations given within their departments and submit the same to Chief Secretary/Chief Minister for information.

In respect of the existing vacancies to be filled for administrative efficiency, these shall be filled with persons who have completed one year of active service at present station duly submitting proper justification of the proposal for obtaining the concurrence of Finance Department. The administrative departments are advised not to entertain any proposal where the transfer is not justifiable for administrative efficiency.

It is also ordered that the transfer proposals which are cleared by G.A.(MC-I/SPF) Department, where six point formula is involved shall also be sent to Finance (DCM-III) Department for concurrence.

It is further ordered that the orders issued vide G.O first, second and third cited shall continue to be in force until further orders.

The  treasury  officers  shall  not  admit  the  pay  bills  of  the  employees  whose transfers are considered in deviation of the above orders.

All the Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Departments shall follow the above orders scrupulously.

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