Proposals for Declaring roads as State Highways Mahabubnagar

The Chief Engineer (R&B) CRN&MD,APRDC, Hyderabad in his letter read above, has stated that the NH.44(Yerravally) to Raichur Via Gadwal road consists of following two roads (MDRs) belonging to (R&B) Department.

1) Gadwal – Rangapur road km 0/0 t 15/0.
2) Gadwal – Raichur road km 0/0 to 32/2.

The total length of the proposed road is 47.2 km (upto Karnataka State border). These two roads are important Major District Roads (MDR) having 2702, 801 CVPD and 13236, 4464 PCUs/Day respectively. Gadwal is fast growing town with good development in infrastructure facilities. It is a big business center for its unique Zari sarees. The surrounding villages under the Ayacut of Priyadarshini Jurala Project across river Krishna, produce both commercial and food grains, having large agriculture market and growing business centre. The town is growing industrially with large factories like Aluplex Industries Limited, edible oil industries etc. The traffic coming from Karnataka to Andhra Pradesh will be entering through this road. Heavy trucks carrying various industrial and agricultural products and raw materials will be transporting to other parts of the State. Pilgrims visiting various holy places and tourists places will be passing on these roads. The Outer Ring road directly connects the above two roads and to develop this road will facilitate the people to transport the commercial and agriculture produce to other State markets such as Raichur, Gulbarga, etc., to get appreciable returns.This road is an interstate connectivity road and is having all parameters to declare as State Highway.

The Chief Engineer (R&B) CRN&MD,APRDC, Hyd., has further stated that the total length of the Yerrigera-Ieeja-Alampur road is 83.60 km. and it starts 0/0 km. at Yerrigera which is in Raichur District of Karnataka State, and ends at km 83/6 in Alampur town of Mahabubnagar District of Andhra Pradesh carrying CVPD 2196 and 9148 PCUs/Day. Alampur town is well known for its holy temples of 5th Shakthi Peetam Sri Jogulamaba Devi and Sri Bala Brahmeshwara Swamy Temples on the banks of River Tungabhadra. The road passes all along the fertile lands on the banks of river Tungabhadra in RDS ayacut. The road is very useful in transportation of goods and agriculture products besides movement of public. The road is the shortest and the main connecting road to Karnataka State from central parts of Andhra Pradesh like Kurnool, Prakasam, Krishna and East Godavari, West Godavari Districts etc. This road is very much useful to convey the goods and raw – material to Cotton Industry and Other factories located in Raichur District.Developing this road will improve the transport facility to the public and to transport the raw material, agriculture produce to bigger market to get the higher value to their products.Since this road connects the AP roads with Karnataka State roads, and is having all parameters to declare as the State Highway.
He has further stated that the Gadwal – Bellary road consists of several roads which are in Mahabubnagar District and Kurnool District as following:

1. Gadwal – Ieeja road from km 0/0 to 13/6.
2. Ieeja – Rajapur from km 0/0 to 13/0.
3. Naguladinne – Yemmiganur road.
4. Yemmiganur – Adoni road.
5. Adoni – Aloor road.

The total length of the road 44.20 km in Mahabubnagar District.The traffic intensities on the above roads are 1929, 994, 1930, 2184, 1872 in CVPD and 7667, 4062, 6754, 10308, 5820 in PCUs/Day, respectively. If above road is developed as State Highway the distance to southern parts of India, the cost of transport and time of travel will be reduced. Previously this road was intensively used for transporting the iron ore from Bellary in Karnataka State to Andhra Pradesh. During 2009 floods, HLB at Naguladinne collapsed and the whole traffic was stopped. Recently the bridge work was sanctioned amounting to Rs.45.00 Crores and tenders processing is completed and work will be grounded soon. Considering the above, approval to convert and develop this road as State Highway will facilitate transportion of the goods and public.It connects Mahabubnagar District with Kurnool District and also a shortest route for AP pilgrims of Sri Ragavendra Swamy Temple at Mantralayam, which is one of the biggest pilgrim centers in South India.

The Chief Engineer (R&B) CRN&MD,APRDC, Hyderabad, has therefore recommended that the three roads i.e 1.NH.44(Yerravally) to Raichur Via Gadwal Road 2. Yerrigera-Ieeja-Alampur road 3.Gadwal – Bellary Road, to be declared as the State Highway and to take up under Core road network.

After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby decide to declare the following three roads as State Highways and to take up under Core Road Network.

1. NH.44(Yerravally) to Raichur Via Gadwal Road,
2. Yerrigera-Ieeja-Alampur road,
3. Gadwal – Bellary Road.

The Chief Engineer (R&B) CRN&MD,APRDC, Hyderabad, shall take further necessary action accordingly. These orders issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.PW) Department vide their U.O.No.12012/420/A2/Exp.PW-II/2013, Dt:02.05.2013.

G.O.Ms.No. 35.Dated:03-05-2013
Read: From the Chief Engineer (R&B) CRN&MD,APRDc, Hyd., Lr.No.26313/APRDC/GM (RDC)/DCE-II/DEE-8/AEE-21/2012-13; dt:28.03.2013

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