Indirammabata – Sanction of CC drains in Marikal

In the Circumstances reported by the Chief Engineer (PR), Hyderabad in the reference , Government after examination hereby accord Administrative Sanction with an estimated amount of Rs.40.00 lakh (Rupees Forty lakh only) for Laying of CC Drains in Marikal Village under ‘’ Assistance to PRIs for constructions of Rural roads” ( 2012 -13)under the following Plan head :

MJH 2515 Other Rural Development Programme
MH 196 Assistance to Zilla Parishds
GH (11) Normal State Plan
SH (22) Assistance to PRIs for constructions of Rural roads
310 Grants-in-Aid
319 Grant for Creation of Assets

The Superintending Engineer, PR concerned should check and verify that the work sanctioned in para 1 above is not already sanctioned/grounded/semi finished under any other grants. Any discrepancy noticed is to be brought to the notice of the higher authority immediately who will inform to Government for further necessary action. The above instructions shall be followed scrupulously. If such works as sanctioned in this GO are already grounded etc., it may deemed to have been cancelled automatically and the same may be informed to Government immediately for taking further necessary action.

The Chief Engineer, PR, Hyderabad shall take necessary action in the matter accordingly and submit the utilization Certificates to Government soon after completion of the works in the stipulated time. The release of funds will be considered based on the progress of works.

This order issued with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.PR&RD) Department vide their U.O. No.35231/655/12,Expr.PR, dated 5-01-2013.

PANCHAYAT RAJ & RURAL DEVELPOMENT ( PROGS.1)DEPARTMENT G.O.RT.No. 83 Date: 16.01.2013Read the following

1. From the CE, PR, Hyd., Lr No. AEE1/DEE1/ CE/PR /CMA/ Jadcherla/ 2012, dt 18-10-2012.
2. From the Dist. Collector, Mahabubnagar Lr No. F1/5279/12, dt 13-10-2012.

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