Cooperation Department-Appointment of PICs to Coop. Societies in Mahabubnagar

Commissioner for Cooperation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies, A.P., Hyderabad has stated that the District Cooperative Officer, Mahaboobnagar has informed that the Divisional Cooperative Officer, Mahaboobnagar has appointed PICs to Societies U/S 32 (7) (a) of the APCS Act, as the term of the elected bodies of the said societies was expired and there was no valid committees to manage their affairs and it was also not possible to conduct the elections to the societies as they are under dormant condition. Further the DCO has submitted proposals with a request to recommend and forward the same to the Government for ratification of the action taken by the DLCO, Mahaboobnagar that there is extending the term of the PICs of the societies beyond (6) months and further informed that the term of the PICs of the societies expired by 1.9.2012, and also requested to recommend the proposals to the Government, to accord permission for extending the term of the PICs of the said societies for a further period of the (6) months with effect from 01.09.2012. The Commissioner for Cooperation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies, A.P., Hyderabad has also stated that, since the Government is empowered to extend the term of the PIC to the Cooperative Societies U/s 32 (7) (a) of APCS, Act 1964, but not the DLCO, Mahaboobnagar, and requested the Government to ratify the action taken by the DLCO, Mahaboobnagar in violating the Act and Rules as his first mistake and further requested to extend the term of PIC to the societies mentioned in the Annexure for a further period of six months beyond 1.9.2012 U/s 32 (7) (a) read with Section 123 of Andhra Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act, 1964.

Government after examination of the proposal,has ratified the action taken by the DLCO, Mahabubnagar, for extending the term of PICs of the 39 societies in Mahabubnagar Sub-Division, 35 societies in Shadnagar Sub-Division and 20 Societies in Kodangal Sub-Division for a period of six months, i.e., from 01.03.2012 to 01.09.2012 as his first mistake and further extended the term of PICs of the above said Societies for a period of (6) months beyond 01.09.2012 or till 14.02.2013 or till the election process is completed or till the APCS Act is amended in consonance with the provisions of the Constitution (97th amendment ) Act, 2011 whichever is earlier, as Annexed to this G.O.

The Commissioner for Cooperation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is requested to take further necessary action in the matter.

ANNEXURE To G.O.Rt.No. 392 , A&C (Coop.IV) Department,
dt:23 .02.2013
Sl. Types of societies appointed as PIC

1        JFCS Kakarlapad

2        JFCS Parpally

3        F.B.LCCS Boyapally

4        F.B.LCCS Ramchendrapoor

5        Telugu Talli Education Employees LCCS, M.Nagar

6        Bhagyasri Primary C.C. Stores Mahaboobnagar

7        Survey and Land Records ECHBS Ltd., M..Nagar

8        Janatha CHBS Ltd., Mahabubnagar

1        JFCS Kuchoor

2        Revenue Empl. CHBS M.Nagar

3        Waddera LCCS, M.Nagar

4        Dist. Police CHBS, M.Nagar

5        B.R.Ambedkar LCCS, Mahabubnagar

6        Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section CHBS, M.Nagar

1        JFCS Garlapad

2        JFCS Yenmangandla

3        JFCS Karkonda

4        Padmavathi Mahila Super Bazar, M.Nagar

5        LCCS Gundyal

6        Coop. Employees CHBS Ltd., Mahabubnagar

7        BCCS, Mahabubnagar

1        JFCS Yedira

2        Adarsha Stone Cutting LCCS Mahaboobnagar

3        Vasavi Mahila Coop. Con Stores, M.Nagar

4        Nethaji Primary C.C.Stores, M.Nagar

5        Teachers CHBS Mababbobnagar

6        LCCS Shaikpally

1        Chandra Mahila C.C.Stores, M.Nagar

2        F.B.LCCS Pomal

3        LCCS Parpally

4        SC/ST LCCS Kothapet

5        Sri.Laxmi Coop.Veg & Fruit Vendors Soc, M.Nagar

6        Hanuman Hamali LCCS, M.Nagar

1        Dist. Police Officer, C.C.Stores Mahaboobnagar

2        SC LCCS, Mahabubnagar

3        F.B.LCCS Gundyal

4       Indira Gandhi Drivers CHBS, Ltd., M.Nagar

5        SC/ST LCCS, Parpally

6        Jagadamba weaker section CHBS, M.Nagar

39:        Total



Types of societies appointed as PIC



1       Mahatma Gandhi Waddera LCCS Shadnagar

2       Mallikarjun LCCS Shadnagar

3       Dr.B.R.Ambedkar LCCS Gurrampally

4       Durga Bhavani LCCS Elikatta

5       F.B.LCCS Mallapoor

6       JFCS Chinchode

7       LCCS Burgul

8       BCS Shadnagar

9        PCS Eklaskhanpet 10 F.B.LCCS Veljerla 11 F.B.LCCS Kisannagar

12    Sri. Laxmi Narasimha Waddera Stone cutting LCCS, Vemula Narwa

1       JFCS Ayyawarpally

2       JFCS Mallapoor

3       JFCS Gudoor

4       JFCS Chowlapally

5       LCCS Vemula narva

6       Advocate and Employees CHBS Shadnagar

7       JFCS Kammadanam

8       RPCS Shadnagar

9       PCS Shadnagar

10      F.B.LCCS Nagulapally


11      F.B.LCCS Kothapet

1      F.B.LCCS Mamidipally

2       F.B.LCCS Jakkaram

3        F.B.LCCS Keshampet

4        F.B.LCCS Badanampally

5        CHBS Shadnagar

6        APSRTC Mazdoor CHBS Shadnagar

7        Laxmi mudiraj Seethapal Coop. Society Shadnagar

8        Shivaji meat vendors Coop. Society Shadnagar

9        LCCS Farooqnagar

10       JFCS Kammadanam

11       F.B.LCCS Choulapally

12       F.B.LCCS Jilleda

35:  Tota


Types of societies appointed as PIC No.

1        JFCS Bomraspet

2        JFCS Renivetla

3        LCCS Balampet

4        Sri Hanuman Waddera LCCS, Kasturipally

5        LCCS Kodangal

6        BCS Kodangal

7        JFCS Lagcherla

1        JFCS Kosgi

2      JFCS Angadi Raichoor

3        SC LCCS Kosgi

4        CHBS Indira Kodangal

5        CHBS Anand Kosgi

6        Sri Venkateswara SB Kodangal

1        JFCS Kappagiri

2        LCCS Maddur

3        SC/ST LCCS, Timmareddypally

4        Dhanalaxmi Roof LCCS Ravalpally

5        BCS Maddur

6        LCCS Gatpa Antaram

G.O.Rt.No. 392  Dated:23-02-2013, Read :

From the CC&RCS, A.P., Hyderabad, Lr. Rc. No. 22589/2012/W.S, Dated: 23.01.2013. 7        JFCS Bapanpalli

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