4500 lakhs for formation of two lane Outer Ring Road at Gadwal

Government have issued administrative sanction for formation of two lane Outer Ring Road to Gadwal, Mahabubnagar  district  at  an  estimated  cost  of  Rs.4500.00  lakhs  under  the scheme “Special Development Fund for Welfare and Developmental activities”.

The District Collector, Mahabubnagar in his letter informed that the Revenue Divisional Officer, Gadwal has initiated action for acquisition of lands for an extent of Ac 19.39 Gts out of total extent of Ac 115.00 Gts and requested to release an amount of Rs.400.00 lakhs towards land compensation.

Government  after examination  has  release  an  amount  of Rs.400.00 lakhs (Rupees Four Hundred Lakhs only) towards payment of compensation  for  acquisition  of  lands  for  formation  of  Outer  Ring  Road  to Gadwal, Mahabubnagar  District under “Special Development  Fund for Welfare and Developmental Activities for the year 2012-13.

The Finance (Expr.GAD II) Department have issued Budget Release Orders (BRO) for an amount of Rs.600.00 crores in the G.O 3rd  read above from the Budget  Estimates  of  2012-13  for  implementation  of  the  state  plan  scheme “Special Development Fund for Welfare and Developmental Activities”.

The expenditure sanctioned in para 3 above shall be debited to the Head of Account   “5475–MH   800   GH.11   Normal   State   Plan-   SH  (08)   Special Development  fund for Welfare and Development  activities-530 Major works–531 other expenditure”.

The District Collector Mahabubnagar District is hereby authorized to draw and credit the above amount to the P.D Account “8448-Deposits to local funds- MH

120 – Other funds – SH (22) – Deposits of Decentralized Planning” and disburse the  amount  sanctioned  in  para  3  above  for  incurring  expenditure  towards payment of compensation for acquisition of lands for formation of Outer Ring Road to Gadwal, Mahabubnagar District.

The District Collector, Mahabubnagar District shall release funds to the executive agencies after fulfilling the administrative and technical sanctions as per their respective departmental norms in vogue.

The District Collector Mahabubnagar shall monitor the progress of works on a regular basis and shall furnish utilization certificate after completion of the works. No revision of estimate is allowed.

This order does not require the concurrence of Finance Department as per the orders in force.

G.O.Rt.No.168 Dated:16.02.2013 Read the following:-

1. G.O.Rt.No.728, Planning (XVIII) Department, dt.26-08-2011.

2. G.O.Rt.No.512, Planning (XVIII) Department, dt.24-04-2012.

3. G.O.Rt.No.1866, Finance (Expr. GAD-II) Dept.,dt:21-04-2012.

4. Lr.No.G1/198/2012, dt.4-1-2013 from the District Collector, Mahabubnagar District addressed to the Prl. Secretary to Govt., Planning Dept.,

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