378 lakhs under MGNREGS Grant to Gadwal Constituency

Administrative sanction was accorded to the following (4) road works stated at Sl.No.110 – 113 annexed to the G.O. with an amount of Rs.150.00 lakh in Gadwal Assembly Constituency of Mahabubnagar District along with the other works under Up-Gradation of MGNREGS road works.

S.No. Madal Name of the work Length in KM Amount Sanctioned

In lakh Rs.

1. Dharur BT to the R/f R&B road Raichur to Dornala 1.00 30.00 SCP
2. Dharur BT to the R/f R&B road Raichur to Pothulagidda 1.00 35.00 Plain
3. Gadwal BT to the R/f R&B road Jammichedu to Venkatonipalley 1.50 40.00 SCP
4. Maldakal BT to the R/f R&B road Peddapally to Kakularam 1.50 45.00 Plain

Total: Rupees in lakhs

5.00 150.00

Chief Engineer, MGNREGS, Panchayat Raj, Hyderabad  has stated that the Superintending Engineer, Panchayat Raj, Mahabubnagar District has stated that the above four (4) works of  sanctioned lengths and amounts are insufficient for completing the works in full in shape in Gadwal Constituency of Mahabubnagar District and requested to accord Revised Administrative sanction for the following four works for Rs.378.00 lakh as against the original administrative sanction amount of Rs.150.00 lakh.

In the circumstances stated by the Chief Engineer, Panchayati Raj, Hyderabad in the references 2nd read above, Government after careful examination of the proposals hereby accord Revised Administrative Sanction with an amount of Rs.378.00 lakh (Rupees Three Crore and Seventy eight lakhs only) under Upgradation of MGNREGS Grant under Plain Grant of the following Head of account during the year 2013-14.




Revised Sanction

Name of the work Actual length in KM Revised Est. Cost. (lakh)
1 Dharur BT to the raod from R&B road Raichur to Dornala 5.00 135.00
2 Dharur BT to the raod from R&B road Raichur to Kothulagidda 1.08 43.00
3 Gadwal BT to the R/f R&B road to Jammichedu to Venkatonipally 2.50 100.00
4 Maldakal BT to R/f R&B road Peddapally to Kakularam 2.50 100.00


11.08 378

MJH    2515  Other Rural Development Programme

MH     196  Assistance to Zilla Parishads.

GH     11    Normal State Plan

SH    (46)   Upgradation of NREGP works   310 Grants in Aid

312    Other Grants in Aid.

The Chief Engineer, MGNREGS, Panchayati Raj, Hyderabad shall take necessary action in the matter. He is also directed to submit revised estimates proposals for the said amount for the year 2013-14 at appropriate time and submit the utilization Certificate to Government soon after completion of the works in the stipulated time.

These orders are issued in consultation with the Finance (Exp. PR) Department vide their U.O. Note No. 26762/469/Exp.PR/2013,   Dated. 08.11.2013.

G.O.Rt.No:  1982 Dated:03.12. 2013
1. G.O. Rt No.576, PR & RD (Progs.I) Deptt., dt 06.04.2013.
2. From the CE, MGNREGS, PR, Hyd., Lr. No. NG14/MGNREGS /Upgradation of works/MBNR/2012,03.05.2013 & 10.10.2013.

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