List of 1057 villages as over exploited villages in Telangana GO 24

Director, Rural Development, Hyderabad has informed that, the Joint Director & Head, Ground Water Department, Telangana State has stated that Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, New Delhi, GoI has approved the “Report on Ground Water Resources of India (as on March 2011). Based on this report, the Ground Water Department has identified 1057 villages as over exploited villages for the purpose of notification as per WALTA in the Telangana State.

2. As per sub section (1) of section-11 of TSWALTA, 2002 the State Authority, on the advice of technical expert, declare a particular Ground Water basin as over exploited for a period of not more than six months which, after review, may be extended for a further period of not more than six months at a time.

3. After careful examination of the matter, the Government have decided to impose ban on the exploitation of Ground Water such as drilling of fresh bore wells, etc., except for drinking purposes in the over exploited villages, list of which has been annexed to this G.O from the date of issue of this notification till further orders or till the next Groundwater assessment is carried out.

4. Accordingly, the appended notification shall be published in an Extraordinary issue of the Telangana Gazette dated: 03-04-2017.
PR&RD Department – TSWALTA, 2002 –Declaration of over Exploited Villages – Imposing of ban – Notification – Orders – issued PANCHAYAT RAJ & RURAL DEVELOPMENT (RD) DEPARTMENT GO Ms No. 24 Dated: 01-04-2017 Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.1, PR&RD(RD.III)Dept., Dt.10.1.2012. 2. G.O.Ms.No.18, PR&RD(RD.II)Dept., Dt.31.1.2015.
3. G.O.Ms.No.9, PR&RD(RD)Dept., Dt.29.1.2016.
4. From the Director, RD, Telangana, Hyderabad,Lr.No.12/SLNA-TS/ TSWALTA/2016, dated.04.04.2016 & 08-02-2017

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub – section (1) of Section 11 of the Telangana Water, Land and Trees Act, 2002 and in supercession of the orders issued in the reference 1st read above, the Telangana State Water, Land and Trees Authority hereby extends the declaration of Ground Water basins covering 1057 Villages mentioned in the Annexure to this notification as “Over Exploited” from the date of the issue of this notification till further orders and till the next Groundwater assessment is carried out. Under sub-section (3) of Section 11 of the said Act, no well can be sunk / drilling of fresh bore wells in these areas except for public drinking purposes or hand pump for public or private drinking Water purposes. Under the proviso to section 27 of the said Act, no sand mining can be permitted in those areas till further orders

ANNEXURE to the GO.Ms.No. 24 , PR&RD (RD) Dept., Dt:01-04-2017


S.No District Number of Over exploited villages
1 Adilabad —
2 Mancherial —
3 Nirmal 41
4 Komaram Bheeem Asifabad —
5 Karimnagar 24
6 Jagitial 36
7 Peddapalii —
8 Rajanna Siricilla 22
9 Nizamabad 69
10 Kamareddy 58
11 Warangal Urban 17
12 Warangal Rural 48
13 Jayashankar Bhupalpally 23
14 Jangaon 67
15 Mahabubabad 19
16 Khammam 19
17 Badradri Kothagudem —
18 Medak 100
19 Sangareddy 115
20 Siddipet 162
21 Mahabubnagar 20
22 Wanaparthy —
23 Jogulamba Gadwal —
24 Nagarkurnool 25
25 Nalgonda 31
26 Suryapet 23
27 Yaadadri 21
28 Vikarabad 7
29 Medchal-Malkajgiri 22
30 Rangareddy 85
31 Hyderabad 1
TOTAL 1055

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Nirmal
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Adilabad Dilawarpur Gundampalle Nirmal Dilawarpur
2 Adilabad Dilawarpur Lingampalle Nirmal Dilawarpur
3 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mallapur Nirmal Dilawarpur
4 Adilabad Dilawarpur Ratnapur (K) Nirmal Dilawarpur
5 Adilabad Dilawarpur Siddankunta Nirmal Dilawarpur
6 Adilabad Nirmal Old Pochampad Nirmal Soan
7 Adilabad Nirmal Pakpatla Nirmal Soan
8 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Babapur Nirmal Laxmanchanda
9 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Boregaon Nirmal Laxmanchanda
10 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Chamanpalle Nirmal Laxmanchanda
11 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Dharmaram Nirmal Laxmanchanda
12 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Kanjar Nirmal Laxmanchanda
13 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Machapur Nirmal Laxmanchanda
14 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mallapur Nirmal Laxmanchanda
15 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Munipalle Nirmal Laxmanchanda
16 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Narsapur Nirmal Laxmanchanda
17 Adilabad Laxmanchanda New Bopparam Nirmal Soan
18 Adilabad Laxmanchanda New Velmal Nirmal Soan
19 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Parpalle Nirmal Laxmanchanda
20 Adilabad Mamda Adarsanagar
(R.C) Kothur @ Edudur Nirmal Mamda
21 Adilabad Mamda Kishanraopet Nirmal Mamda
22 Adilabad Mamda Mondepalle Nirmal Mamda
23 Adilabad Mamda Potharam Nirmal Mamda
24 Adilabad Mamda Raidhari Nirmal Mamda
25 Adilabad Mamda Venkatapur Nirmal Mamda
26 Adilabad Nirmal Akkapur Nirmal Nirmal Rural
27 Adilabad Nirmal Ananthpet Nirmal Nirmal Rural
28 Adilabad Nirmal Kondapur Nirmal Nirmal Rural
29 Adilabad Nirmal Medpalle Nirmal Nirmal Rural
30 Adilabad Nirmal Muktapur Nirmal Nirmal Rural
31 Adilabad Nirmal Neelaipet Nirmal Nirmal Rural
32 Adilabad Nirmal Ratnapur Kondli Nirmal Nirmal Rural
33 Adilabad Lokeshwaram Biloli Nirmal Lokeshwaram
34 Adilabad Lokeshwaram Hawarga Nirmal Lokeshwaram
35 Adilabad Lokeshwaram Kistapur Nirmal Lokeshwaram
36 Adilabad Lokeshwaram Manmad Nirmal Lokeshwaram
37 Adilabad Lokeshwaram Potpalle (B) Nirmal Lokeshwaram
38 Adilabad Lokeshwaram Potpalle (M) Nirmal Lokeshwaram
39 Adilabad Lokeshwaram Savargaon Nirmal Lokeshwaram
40 Adilabad Lokeshwaram Yeddur Nirmal Lokeshwaram
41 Adilabad Mudhole Edbid Nirmal Mudhole

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Karimnagar
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Karimnagar Choppadandi Katnepalle Karimnagar Choppadandi
2 Karimnagar Gangadhara Gangadhara Karimnagar Gangadhara
3 Karimnagar Gangadhara Garsekurthi Karimnagar Gangadhara
4 Karimnagar Gangadhara Islampur Karimnagar Gangadhara
5 Karimnagar Gangadhara Kachireddipalle Karimnagar Gangadhara
6 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mallapur Karimnagar Gangadhara
7 Karimnagar Gangadhara Narayanpur Karimnagar Gangadhara
8 Karimnagar Gangadhara Nayalakonda Palle Karimnagar Gangadhara
9 Karimnagar Gangadhara Uppara Mallial Karimnagar Gangadhara
10 Karimnagar Gangadhara Venkataipalle Karimnagar Gangadhara
11 Karimnagar Ramadugu Dathojipet Karimnagar Ramadugu
12 Karimnagar Ramadugu Deshrajpalle Karimnagar Ramadugu
13 Karimnagar Ramadugu Gopalraopet Karimnagar Ramadugu
14 Karimnagar Ramadugu Kistapur Karimnagar Ramadugu
15 Karimnagar Ramadugu Kokkerakunta Karimnagar Ramadugu
16 Karimnagar Ramadugu Koratpalle Karimnagar Ramadugu
17 Karimnagar Ramadugu Ramadugu Karimnagar Ramadugu
18 Karimnagar Ramadugu Rudraram Karimnagar Ramadugu
19 Karimnagar Ramadugu Shanagar Karimnagar Ramadugu
20 Karimnagar Ramadugu Sriramulapalle Karimnagar Ramadugu
21 Karimnagar Chigurmamidi Indurthi Karimnagar Chigurmamidi
22 Karimnagar Bejjanki Gannervaram Karimnagar Ganneruvaram
23 Karimnagar Bejjanki Khasimpet Karimnagar Ganneruvaram
24 Karimnagar Bejjanki Parvella Karimnagar Ganneruvaram

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Jagityal
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Karimnagar Kathlapur Bhushanrao Peta Jagityal Kathlapur
2 Karimnagar Kathlapur Ootpalle Jagityal Kathlapur
3 Karimnagar Kathlapur Peggerla Jagityal Kathlapur
4 Karimnagar Kodimial Cheppial Jagityal Kodimial
5 Karimnagar Kodimial Gourapur Jagityal Kodimial
6 Karimnagar Kodimial Kodimial Jagityal Kodimial
7 Karimnagar Kodimial Kondapur Jagityal Kodimial
8 Karimnagar Kodimial Nachupalle Jagityal Kodimial
9 Karimnagar Kodimial Pudur Jagityal Kodimial
10 Karimnagar Kodimial Ramsagar Jagityal Kodimial
11 Karimnagar Kodimial Sanivarampeta Jagityal Kodimial
12 Karimnagar Kodimial Thippaipalle Jagityal Kodimial
13 Karimnagar Kodimial Thiramalapur Jagityal Kodimial
14 Karimnagar Kathlapur Bommena Jagityal Kathlapur
15 Karimnagar Kathlapur Dulur Jagityal Kathlapur
16 Karimnagar Kathlapur Dumpeta Jagityal Kathlapur
17 Karimnagar Kathlapur Gambhirpur Jagityal Kathlapur
18 Karimnagar Kathlapur Ippapalle Jagityal Kathlapur
19 Karimnagar Kathlapur Kathlapur Jagityal Kathlapur
20 Karimnagar Kathlapur Naga Mallappakunta Jagityal Kathlapur
21 Karimnagar Kathlapur Posanipeta Jagityal Kathlapur
22 Karimnagar Kathlapur Thandriyal Jagityal Kathlapur
23 Karimnagar Korutla Nagulpeta Jagityal Korutla
24 Karimnagar Korutla Yakeenpur Jagityal Korutla
25 Karimnagar Medipalle Govindaram Jagityal Medipalle
26 Karimnagar Medipalle Lingampeta Jagityal Medipalle
27 Karimnagar Medipalle Mannnegudem Jagityal Medipalle
28 Karimnagar Medipalle Pasnoor Jagityal Medipalle
29 Karimnagar Korutla Mohanraopet Jagityal Korutla
30 Karimnagar Korutla Venkatapur Jagityal Korutla
31 Karimnagar Medipalle Dammannapet Jagityal Medipalle
32 Karimnagar Medipalle Kacharam Jagityal Medipalle
33 Karimnagar Medipalle Kalvakota Jagityal Medipalle
34 Karimnagar Medipalle Raghojipet Jagityal Medipalle
35 Karimnagar Medipalle Rangapuram Jagityal Medipalle
36 Karimnagar Medipalle Venkatraopet Jagityal Medipalle

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Rajanna Sircilla
o Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisatio n New Mandal
Reorganisatio n
1 Karimnagar Chandurthi Ananthapalle (Pk) Rajanna Sircilla Chandurthi
2 Karimnagar Chandurthi Jogapuram Rajanna Sircilla Chandurthi
3 Karimnagar Chandurthi Lingampeta Rajanna Sircilla Chandurthi
4 Karimnagar Chandurthi Marrigadda Rajanna Sircilla Chandurthi
5 Karimnagar Chandurthi Moodepalle Rajanna Sircilla Chandurthi
6 Karimnagar Mustabad Aunoor Rajanna Sircilla Mustabad
7 Karimnagar Mustabad Cheekod Rajanna Sircilla Mustabad
8 Karimnagar Mustabad Gudur Rajanna Sircilla Mustabad
9 Karimnagar Mustabad Moraipalle Rajanna Sircilla Mustabad
10 Karimnagar Mustabad Morrapur Rajanna Sircilla Mustabad
11 Karimnagar Mustabad Pothugal Rajanna Sircilla Mustabad
12 Karimnagar Mustabad Terlumaddi Rajanna Sircilla Mustabad
13 Karimnagar Mustabad Turkapalle Rajanna Sircilla Mustabad
14 Karimnagar Sircilla Gandilachachapet Rajanna Sircilla Thangallapalli
15 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Dharmaram Rajanna Sircilla Konaraopeta
16 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Marthanpet Rajanna Sircilla Konaraopeta
17 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Nagaram Rajanna Sircilla Konaraopeta
18 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Ramannapet Rajanna Sircilla Konaraopeta
19 Karimnagar Sircilla Mushtipalle (Og) (Part) Rajanna Sircilla Sircilla
20 Karimnagar Vemulawada Anupuram Rajanna Sircilla Vemulawada Rural
21 Karimnagar Vemulawada Chandragiri Rajanna Sircilla Vemulawada
22 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Pothareddipalle Rajanna Sircilla Yellareddipet

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Nizamabad
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Nizamabad Balkonda Nagapur Nizamabad Balkonda
2 Nizamabad Balkonda Kothapally Nizamabad Mupkal
3 Nizamabad Balkonda Venchiryal Nizamabad Mupkal
4 Nizamabad Balkonda Nagampet Nizamabad Mupkal
5 Nizamabad Balkonda Kishannagar Nizamabad Balkonda

6 Nizamabad Makloor Gunjili Nizamabad Makloor
7 Nizamabad Makloor Vallabhapur Nizamabad Makloor
8 Nizamabad Makloor Dharmora Nizamabad Makloor
9 Nizamabad Makloor Mamdapur Nizamabad Makloor
10 Nizamabad Makloor Gottimukla Nizamabad Makloor
11 Nizamabad Makloor Mullangi Nizamabad Makloor
12 Nizamabad Makloor Venkatapur Nizamabad Makloor
13 Nizamabad Nandipet Kamtham Nizamabad Nandipet
14 Nizamabad Navipet Antagiri Nizamabad Navipet
15 Nizamabad Navipet Kamalpur Nizamabad Navipet
16 Nizamabad Navipet Navipet Nizamabad Navipet
17 Nizamabad Navipet Mahantham Nizamabad Navipet
18 Nizamabad Navipet Dharamaram Nizamabad Navipet
19 Nizamabad Nizamabad Jalalpur Nizamabad Nizamabad Rural
20 Nizamabad Navipet Mokanpally Nizamabad Navipet
21 Nizamabad Armoor Kota Armoor Nizamabad Armoor
22 Nizamabad Balkonda Chittapur Nizamabad Balkonda
23 Nizamabad Vailpoor Hameenapur Nizamabad Vailpoor
24 Nizamabad Vailpoor Anksapur Nizamabad Vailpoor
25 Nizamabad Vailpoor Venkatapur Nizamabad Vailpoor
26 Nizamabad Vailpoor Kuknoor Nizamabad Vailpoor
27 Nizamabad Vailpoor Komanpally Nizamabad Vailpoor
28 Nizamabad Morthad Dharmora Nizamabad Morthad
29 Nizamabad Vailpoor Vailpoor Nizamabad Vailpoor
30 Nizamabad Morthad Morthad Nizamabad Morthad
31 Nizamabad Morthad Waddiot Nizamabad Morthad
32 Nizamabad Morthad Donpal Nizamabad Morthad
33 Nizamabad Morthad Sunket Nizamabad Morthad
34 Nizamabad Morthad Battapur Nizamabad Yergatla
35 Nizamabad Morthad Torthi Nizamabad Yergatla
36 Nizamabad Morthad Palem Nizamabad Morthad
37 Nizamabad Morthad Thimmapur Nizamabad Morthad
38 Nizamabad Morthad Ramannapet Nizamabad Vailpoor
39 Nizamabad Kammarpally Laxmapur Nizamabad Kammarpally
40 Nizamabad Kammarpally Basheerabad Nizamabad Kammarpally
41 Nizamabad Kammarpally Choutpally Nizamabad Kammarpally
42 Nizamabad Kammarpally Hasakothur Nizamabad Kammarpally
43 Nizamabad Kammarpally Kona Samudar Nizamabad Kammarpally
44 Nizamabad Kammarpally Dammannapet (Ameerpet) Nizamabad Kammarpally
45 Nizamabad Kammarpally Dammannapet Nizamabad Kammarpally
46 Nizamabad Dharpally Challagarga Nizamabad Dharpally
47 Nizamabad Dichpally Koratpally Nizamabad Dichpally
48 Nizamabad Dichpally Kamalapur Nizamabad Dichpally
49 Nizamabad Dichpally Mallapur Nizamabad Indalwai
50 Nizamabad Jakranpally Argul Nizamabad Jakranpally
51 Nizamabad Jakranpally Narayanapet Nizamabad Jakranpally
52 Nizamabad Jakranpally Jakranpally Nizamabad Jakranpally
53 Nizamabad Jakranpally Kaligote Nizamabad Jakranpally
54 Nizamabad Jakranpally Chintaloor Nizamabad Jakranpally
55 Nizamabad Vailpoor Kothapally Nizamabad Vailpoor
56 Nizamabad Vailpoor Wadi Nizamabad Vailpoor
57 Nizamabad Vailpoor Saibpet Nizamabad Vailpoor
58 Nizamabad Jakranpally Laxmapur Nizamabad Jakranpally
59 Nizamabad Bheemgal Bheemgal Nizamabad Bheemgal
60 Nizamabad Bheemgal Puranipet Nizamabad Bheemgal
61 Nizamabad Bheemgal Salampur Nizamabad Bheemgal
62 Nizamabad Bheemgal Bachenpally Nizamabad Bheemgal
63 Nizamabad Bheemgal Babapur Nizamabad Bheemgal
64 Nizamabad Bheemgal Sekandarapur Nizamabad Bheemgal
65 Nizamabad Bheemgal Gongopula Nizamabad Bheemgal
66 Nizamabad Dharpally Dammannapet Nizamabad Dharpally
67 Nizamabad Dharpally Govindpally Nizamabad Dharpally
68 Nizamabad Sirikonda Rekulapally Nizamabad Dharpally
69 Nizamabad Vailpoor Mothe Nizamabad Vailpoor

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Kamareddy
o Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Nizamabad Biknoor Mallupally Kamareddy Biknoor
2 Nizamabad Kamareddy Kyasampally Kamareddy Kamareddy
3 Nizamabad Kamareddy Patharajampet Kamareddy Kamareddy
4 Nizamabad Kamareddy Gargul Kamareddy Kamareddy
5 Nizamabad Kamareddy Isrojiwadi Kamareddy Kamareddy
6 Nizamabad Kamareddy Elchipoor Kamareddy Kamareddy
7 Nizamabad Kamareddy Tekryal Kamareddy Kamareddy
8 Nizamabad Kamareddy Chinna Mallareddy Kamareddy Kamareddy
9 Nizamabad Kamareddy Sarampally Kamareddy Kamareddy
10 Nizamabad Kamareddy Lingapoor Kamareddy Kamareddy
11 Nizamabad Kamareddy Devanpally Kamareddy Kamareddy
12 Nizamabad Kamareddy Kamareddy Kamareddy Kamareddy
13 Nizamabad Kamareddy Gudem Kamareddy Kamareddy

14 Nizamabad Kamareddy Ugrawai Kamareddy Kamareddy
15 Nizamabad Kamareddy Rameswarpally Kamareddy Kamareddy
16 Nizamabad Kamareddy Sabdipoor Kamareddy Kamareddy
17 Nizamabad Kamareddy Thimmakkapally(A) Kamareddy Kamareddy
18 Nizamabad Kamareddy Thimmakkapally(B) Kamareddy Kamareddy
19 Nizamabad Kamareddy Narsannapally Kamareddy Kamareddy
20 Nizamabad Kamareddy Adloor Kamareddy Kamareddy
21 Nizamabad Kamareddy Lingaipally Kamareddy Kamareddy
22 Nizamabad Machareddy Palwancha Kamareddy Machareddy
23 Nizamabad Machareddy Bhavanipet Kamareddy Machareddy
24 Nizamabad Machareddy Ganpoor Kamareddy Machareddy
25 Nizamabad Machareddy Devnipally Kamareddy Machareddy
26 Nizamabad Machareddy Potharam Kamareddy Machareddy
27 Nizamabad Machareddy Singaraipally Kamareddy Machareddy
28 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Tirmanpally Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
29 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Markal Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
30 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Uppalwai Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
31 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Gidda Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
32 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Poshanipet Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
33 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Gollapally Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
34 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Issannapally Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
35 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Rangampet Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
36 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Radhaipally Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
37 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Moshampur Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
38 Nizamabad Sadashivnagar Adloor Yellareddy Kamareddy Sadashivnagar
39 Nizamabad Tadwai Somaram Kamareddy Tadwai
40 Nizamabad Tadwai Kalojiwadi Kamareddy Tadwai
41 Nizamabad Tadwai Sangojiwadi Kamareddy Tadwai
42 Nizamabad Tadwai Brahamanpally Kamareddy Tadwai
43 Nizamabad Tadwai Chandapur Kamareddy Tadwai
44 Nizamabad Tadwai Devaipally Kamareddy Tadwai
45 Nizamabad Tadwai Krisnajiwadi Kamareddy Tadwai
46 Nizamabad Domakonda Muthyampet Kamareddy Domakonda
47 Nizamabad Domakonda Domakonda Kamareddy Domakonda
48 Nizamabad Domakonda Ambarpet Kamareddy Domakonda
49 Nizamabad Machareddy Yelpgonda Kamareddy Machareddy
50 Nizamabad Machareddy Bandarameshwarpall y Kamareddy Machareddy
51 Nizamabad Machareddy Wadi Kamareddy Machareddy
52 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Anthampally Kamareddy Bhiknoor
53 Nizamabad Domakonda sitharampally Kamareddy Domakonda
54 Nizamabad Domakonda Malkapur Kamareddy Domakonda
55 Nizamabad Domakonda Tujalpur Kamareddy Domakonda
56 Nizamabad Domakonda Bibipet Kamareddy Domakonda
57 Nizamabad Sirikonda Kondur Kamareddy Sirikonda
58 Nizamabad Sirikonda TallaRamadugu Kamareddy Sirikonda

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Warangal Urban
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Kannaram Warangal Urban Velair
2 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mallaram Warangal Urban Bheemadevarpalle
3 Warangal Wardhannapet Punnelu Warangal Urban Inavolu
4 Warangal Wardhannapet Panthini Warangal Urban Inavolu
5 Warangal Sangem Gadepalli Warangal Urban Khila Warangal
6 Warangal Geesugonda Sthambhampalli Warangal Urban Khila Warangal
7 Warangal Geesugonda Vasanthapur Warangal Urban Khila Warangal
8 Warangal Dharmasagar Velair Warangal Urban Velair
9 Warangal Dharmasagar Janakipuram Warangal Urban Dharmasagar
10 Warangal Hasanparthy Jayagiri Warangal Urban Hasanparthy
11 Warangal Hasanparthy Devannapeta Warangal Urban Hasanparthy
12 Warangal Hanamkonda Thralapally Warangal Urban Khazipet
13 Warangal Dharmasagar Mallikudurla Warangal Urban Velair
14 Warangal Dharmasagar Mallakapalli Warangal Urban Dharmasagar
15 Warangal Zaffergadh Garmillapalli Warangal Urban Inavolu
16 Warangal Wardhannapet Inavolu Warangal Urban Inavolu
17 Warangal Wardhannapet Singaram Warangal Urban Inavolu

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Warangal Rural
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Warangal Nekkonda Alamkhanpet Warangal Rural Nekkonda
2 Warangal Nekkonda Bollikonda Warangal Rural Nekkonda
3 Warangal Nekkonda Peddakorpole Warangal Rural Nekkonda
4 Warangal Nekkonda Topanpalli Warangal Rural Nekkonda
5 Warangal Parvathagiri Konkapaka Warangal Rural Parvathagiri

6 Warangal Wardhannapet Katrial Warangal Rural Wardhannapet
7 Warangal Wardhannapet Nallabelli Warangal Rural Wardhannapet
8 Warangal Wardhannapet Ellanda Warangal Rural Wardhannapet
9 Warangal Wardhannapet Upparapalli Warangal Rural Wardhannapet
10 Warangal Nekkonda Gotlakonda Warangal Rural Nekkonda
11 Warangal Sangem Lohitha Warangal Rural Sangem
12 Warangal Sangem Shapur Warangal Rural Sangem
13 Warangal Sangem Mondrai Warangal Rural Sangem
14 Warangal Sangem Narlavai Warangal Rural Sangem
15 Warangal Sangem Pallarigudem Warangal Rural Sangem
16 Warangal Geesugonda Machapur Warangal Rural Geesugonda
17 Warangal Geesugonda Kommala Warangal Rural Geesugonda
18 Warangal Parvathagiri Enugal Warangal Rural Parvathagiri
19 Warangal Chennaraopet Upparapalli Warangal Rural Chennaraopet
20 Warangal Chennaraopet Lingapuram Warangal Rural Chennaraopet
21 Warangal Parkal Laxmipur Warangal Rural Parkal
22 Warangal Parkal Rajipet Warangal Rural Parkal
23 Warangal Parkal Vallampalli Warangal Rural Parkal
24 Warangal Parkal Nadikuda Warangal Rural Parkal
25 Warangal Parkal Sarvapoor Warangal Rural Damera
26 Warangal Shayampet Gatlakanaparthy Warangal Rural Shayampet
27 Warangal Shayampet Kippula Warangal Rural Shayampet
28 Warangal Shayampet Thaharapur Warangal Rural Shayampet
29 Warangal Shayampet Kothagattusingaram Warangal Rural Shayampet
30 Warangal Atmakur Singarajupalli Warangal Rural Atmakur
31 Warangal Atmakur Brahmanapalli Warangal Rural Atmakur
32 Warangal Rayaparthy Gannaram Warangal Rural Rayaparthy
33 Warangal Rayaparthy Kondur Warangal Rural Rayaparthy
34 Warangal Rayaparthy Kolanpaly Warangal Rural Rayaparthy
35 Warangal Rayaparthy Burahanpally Warangal Rural Rayaparthy
36 Warangal Rayaparthy Pothireddypally Warangal Rural Rayaparthy
37 Warangal Rayaparthy Gattikal Warangal Rural Rayaparthy
38 Warangal Rayaparthy Jagannathpally Warangal Rural Rayaparthy
39 Warangal Rayaparthy Sannur Warangal Rural Rayaparthy
40 Warangal Rayaparthy Kondapur Warangal Rural Rayaparthy
41 Warangal Parvathagiri Annaramshareef Warangal Rural Parvathagiri
42 Warangal Parvathagiri Bhurgumadla Warangal Rural Parvathagiri
43 Warangal Parvathagiri Ravuru Warangal Rural Parvathagiri
44 Warangal Wardhannapet Lyabarthy Warangal Rural Wardhannapet
45 Warangal Wardhannapet Bandawathapur Warangal Rural Wardhannapet
46 Warangal Wardhannapet Divitipally Warangal Rural Wardhannapet
47 Warangal Wardhannapet Kothapalli Warangal Rural Wardhannapet
48 Warangal Rayaparthy Keshwapur Warangal Rural Rayaparthy

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Jayashankar Bhupalpally
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Warangal Chityal Venkatraopally Jayashankar Bhupalpally Tekumatla
2 Warangal Chityal Garimillpalli Jayashankar Bhupalpally Tekumatla
3 Warangal Chityal Ramkistapur Jayashankar Bhupalpally Tekumatla
4 Warangal Chityal Pangidipally Jayashankar Bhupalpally Tekumatla
5 Warangal Chityal Chityal Jayashankar Bhupalpally Chityal
6 Warangal Chityal Nawabepta Jayashankar Bhupalpally Chityal
7 Warangal Chityal Somanpalli Jayashankar Bhupalpally Tekumatla
8 Warangal Chityal Ankushapur Jayashankar Bhupalpally Tekumatla
9 Warangal Chityal Zookal Jayashankar Bhupalpally Chityal
10 Warangal Regonda Repaka Jayashankar Bhupalpally Regonda
11 Warangal Regonda Kanaparthy Jayashankar Bhupalpally Regonda
12 Warangal Regonda Chennapur Jayashankar Bhupalpally Regonda
13 Warangal Regonda Jaggaiahpet Jayashankar Bhupalpally Regonda
14 Warangal Regonda Sultanpur Jayashankar Bhupalpally Regonda
15 Warangal Regonda Jamshedbegpet Jayashankar Bhupalpally Regonda
16 Warangal Mogullapally Mulkalapalli Jayashankar Bhupalpally Mogullapally
17 Warangal Mogullapally Gundlakurthy Jayashankar Bhupalpally Mogullapally
18 Warangal Mogullapally Dubbyal Jayashankar Bhupalpally Tekumatla
19 Warangal Mogullapally Akenepally Jayashankar Bhupalpally Mogullapally
20 Warangal Mogullapally Peddakomatipally Jayashankar Bhupalpally Mogullapally
21 Warangal Mogullapally Vemulapalli Jayashankar Bhupalpally Mogullapally
22 Warangal Chityal Kundanpalli Jayashankar Bhupalpally Tekumatla
23 Warangal Mogullapally Rangapur Jayashankar Bhupalpally Mogullapally

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Jangoan
o Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Warangal Bachannapet Lingampalli Jangoan Bachannapet
2 Warangal Bachannapet Pullaguda (D) Jangoan Bachannapet
3 Warangal Bachannapet Dubbakuntapalli Jangoan Bachannapet
4 Warangal Bachannapet Ramchandrapur Jangoan Bachannapet
5 Warangal Bachannapet Alimpur Jangoan Bachannapet
6 Warangal Bachannapet Bandanagaram Jangoan Bachannapet
7 Warangal Bachannapet Thammadapalli Jangoan Bachannapet
8 Warangal Bachannapet Pochannapet Jangoan Bachannapet
9 Warangal Bachannapet Narayanapur Jangoan Bachannapet
10 Warangal Raghunathpally Kanchnpalle Jangoan Raghunathpally
11 Warangal Raghunathpally Komalla Jangoan Raghunathpally
12 Warangal Devaruppula Kolukonda Jangoan Devaruppula
13 Warangal Devaruppula Chowdur Jangoan Devaruppula
14 Warangal Devaruppula Madhapur Jangoan Devaruppula
15 Warangal Devaruppula Dharmapur Jangoan Devaruppula
16 Warangal Devaruppula Manphad Jangoan Devaruppula
17 Warangal Kodakandla Mondrai Jangoan Kodakandla
18 Warangal Palakurthy Kothulabad Jangoan Palakurthy
19 Warangal Jangaon Obulakeshavapur Jangoan Jangaon
20 Warangal Jangaon Pembarthy Jangoan Jangaon
21 Warangal Lingala ghanpur Chinnarajipet Jangoan Lingala ghanpur
22 Warangal Lingala ghanpur Jeedikal Jangoan Lingala ghanpur
23 Warangal Lingala ghanpur Nagaram Jangoan Lingala ghanpur
24 Warangal Jangaon Jangaon(town) Jangoan Jangaon

25 Warangal Jangaon Peddapahad Jangoan Jangaon
26 Warangal Jangaon Venkiryal Jangoan Jangaon
27 Warangal Jangaon Adavikeshapur Jangoan Jangaon
28 Warangal Jangaon Yerragollapahad Jangoan Jangaon
29 Warangal Jangaon Marigidi Jangoan Jangaon
30 Warangal Jangaon Ganugupahad Jangoan Jangaon
31 Warangal Jangaon Wadlakonda Jangoan Jangaon
32 Warangal Jangaon Cheetakodur Jangoan Jangaon
33 Warangal Jangaon Yeshawanthapur Jangoan Jangaon
34 Warangal Lingala ghanpur Nellutla Jangoan Lingala ghanpur
35 Warangal Lingala ghanpur Kothaplli Jangoan Lingala ghanpur
36 Warangal Devaruppula Gollapalli Jangoan Devaruppula
37 Warangal Raghunathpally Mekalagattu Jangoan Raghunathpally
38 Warangal Raghunathpally Veldi Jangoan Raghunathpally
39 Warangal Raghunathpally Madharam Jangoan Raghunathpally
40 Warangal Raghunathpally Ibrahimpuram Jangoan Raghunathpally
41 Warangal Raghunathpally Fatheshapur Jangoan Raghunathpally
42 Warangal Narmetta Malakpet Jangoan Narmetta
43 Warangal Narmetta Hanmanthapur Jangoan Narmetta
44 Warangal Narmetta Bommakur Jangoan Narmetta
45 Warangal St Ghanpur Chelpur Jangoan Chilpur
46 Warangal St Ghanpur Krishnagigudem Jangoan Chilpur
47 Warangal St Ghanpur Shivunipalli Jangoan St Ghanpur
48 Warangal St Ghanpur Meedikonda Jangoan St Ghanpur
49 Warangal St Ghanpur Raghavapuram Jangoan St Ghanpur
50 Warangal Narmetta Abdulnagaram Jangoan Tharigoppula
51 Warangal Zaffergadh Thidugu Jangoan Zaffergadh
52 Warangal Zaffergadh Sagaram Jangoan Zaffergadh
53 Warangal Zaffergadh Thimmapur Jangoan Zaffergadh
54 Warangal Zaffergadh Suraram Jangoan Zaffergadh
55 Warangal St Ghanpur Venkatadripet Jangoan Chilpur
56 Warangal Zaffergadh Raghunadhapalli Jangoan Zaffergadh
57 Warangal Zaffergadh Uppugal Jangoan Zaffergadh
58 Warangal Zaffergadh Thammadapalli
(I) Jangoan Zaffergadh
59 Warangal Bachannapet Katkuru Jangoan Bachannapet
60 Warangal Bachannapet Nagireddypalli Jangoan Bachannapet
61 Warangal Narmetta Ankushapur Jangoan Tharigoppula
62 Warangal Narmetta Bonthagattunagar am
( Bonthalaparre) Jangoan Tharigoppula
63 Warangal Narmetta Akkarajupalli Jangoan Tharigoppula
64 Warangal Narmetta Veldanda Jangoan Narmetta
65 Nalgonda Gundala Suddala Jangoan Gundala
66 Nalgonda Gundala Ambala Jangoan Gundala
67 Nalgonda Gundala Vangala Jangoan Gundala

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Mahabubabad
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Warangal Kesamudram Korkondapalli Mahabubabad Kesamudram
2 Warangal Mahabubabad Shanigapur Mahabubabad Mahabubabad
3 Warangal Mahabubabad Mudupugal Mahabubabad Mahabubabad
4 Warangal Korivi Balpala Mahabubabad Korivi
5 Warangal Korivi Korivi Mahabubabad Korivi
6 Warangal Dornakal Ravigudem Mahabubabad Dornakal
7 Warangal Dornakal Kannegudla Mahabubabad Dornakal
8 Warangal Nellikudur Chinna Mupparam Mahabubabad Nellikudur
9 Warangal Nellikudur Chinna Nagaram Mahabubabad Nellikudur
10 Warangal Nellikudur Kachikal Mahabubabad Nellikudur
11 Warangal Nellikudur Mecharajpally Mahabubabad Nellikudur
12 Warangal Nellikudur Nainala Mahabubabad Nellikudur
13 Warangal Nellikudur Ramanjapuram Mahabubabad Nellikudur
14 Warangal Nellikudur Nellikudur Mahabubabad Nellikudur
15 Warangal Thorrur Somaram Mahabubabad Thorrur
16 Warangal Thorrur Gurtur Mahabubabad Thorrur
17 Warangal Thorrur Khanapur Mahabubabad Thorrur
18 Warangal Thorrur Ammapur Mahabubabad Thorrur
19 Warangal Thorrur Kommanepalli Mahabubabad Thorrur

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Khammam
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Hydarsaipeta Khammam Thirumalayapalem
2 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Patharlapadu Khammam Thirumalayapalem
3 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mohammadapuram Khammam Thirumalayapalem
4 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mujahidpuram Khammam Thirumalayapalem
5 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Kakaravai Khammam Thirumalayapalem
6 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Raghunadhapalem Khammam Thirumalayapalem
7 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Sublaid Khammam Thirumalayapalem
8 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Hasnabad Khammam Thirumalayapalem
9 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Laxmidevipalli Khammam Thirumalayapalem
10 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Jupeda Khammam Thirumalayapalem
11 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Painampalli Khammam Thirumalayapalem
12 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Solipuram Khammam Thirumalayapalem
13 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Bochodu Khammam Thirumalayapalem
14 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Bandampalli Khammam Thirumalayapalem
15 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Beerolu Khammam Thirumalayapalem
16 Khammam Kusumanchi Gaigollapalli Khammam Kusumanchi
17 Khammam Kusumanchi Chowtapalli Khammam Kusumanchi
18 Khammam Kusumanchi Pocharam Khammam Kusumanchi
19 Khammam Kusumanchi Kusumanchi Khammam Kusumanchi

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Medak
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Medak Kulcharam Appajipally Medak Kulcharam
2 Medak Kulcharam Pothireddypally Medak Kulcharam

3 Medak Kulcharam Rangampet Medak Kulcharam
4 Medak Kulcharam Sangaipet Medak Kulcharam
5 Medak Kulcharam S. Wariguntham Medak Kulcharam
6 Medak Kulcharam Ch.Ghanapur Medak Kulcharam
7 Medak Kulcharam Paithra Medak Kulcharam
8 Medak Kulcharam Thukkapur Medak Kulcharam
9 Medak Kowdipally Kowdipally Medak Kowdipally
10 Medak Kowdipally Lingarajguda Medak Kowdipally
11 Medak Kowdipally Ramdassguda Medak Chilipched
12 Medak Kowdipally Gowthapur Medak Chilipched
13 Medak Kowdipally Gangavaram Medak Chilipched
14 Medak Kowdipally Jaggampet Medak Chilipched
15 Medak Kowdipally Antharam Medak Chilipched
16 Medak Narsapur Ibrahimabad Medak Narsapur
17 Medak Kowdipally Chandur Medak Chilipched
18 Medak Narsapur Dharmaram Medak Narsapur
19 Medak Narsapur Admapur Medak Narsapur
20 Medak Narsapur Jakkapally Medak Narsapur
21 Medak Narsapur Chippalthurthi Medak Narsapur
22 Medak Narsapur Nagulapally Medak Narsapur
23 Medak Narsapur Moosapet Medak Narsapur
24 Medak Narsapur Mohammadabad Medak Narsapur
25 Medak Narsapur Seetharampur Medak Narsapur
26 Medak Narsapur Rustumpet Medak Narsapur
27 Medak Narsapur R.C.Pur Medak Narsapur
28 Medak Narsapur Tuljarampet Medak Narsapur
29 Medak Narsapur Awancha Medak Narsapur
30 Medak Narsapur Kondapur Medak Narsapur
31 Medak Narsapur K.Maddur Medak Narsapur
32 Medak Narsapur Yellapur Medak Narsapur
33 Medak Medak Ananthasagar Medak Havelighanpur
34 Medak Medak Byathole Medak Havelighanpur
35 Medak Medak Lingasanpally Medak Havelighanpur
36 Medak Medak Shalipet Medak Havelighanpur
37 Medak Medak Suklalpet Medak Havelighanpur
38 Medak Medak Fareedpur Medak Havelighanpur
39 Medak Medak S.Kuchenpally Medak Havelighanpur
40 Medak Medak Maqdumpur Medak Medak
41 Medak Alladurg Muslapur Medak Alladurg
42 Medak Tekmal Eklaspur Medak Tekmal
43 Medak Tekmal Bodmatpally Medak Tekmal

44 Medak Tekmal Bardipur Medak Tekmal
45 Medak Tekmal Palvancha Medak Tekmal
46 Medak Tekmal Dhanoora Medak Tekmal
47 Medak Tekmal Malkapur Medak Tekmal
48 Medak Tekmal Kusangi Medak Tekmal
49 Medak Papannapet Enkepally Medak Papannapet
50 Medak Shivampet Konthapally Medak Shivampet
51 Medak Shivampet Gundlapalli Medak Shivampet
52 Medak Shivampet Usrikapally Medak Shivampet
53 Medak Shivampet Shivampet Medak Shivampet
54 Medak Shivampet Gangaipally Medak Shivampet
55 Medak Shivampet Bijilipur Medak Shivampet
56 Medak Shivampet Gomaram Medak Shivampet
57 Medak Shivampet PeddaGotimukla Medak Shivampet
58 Medak Shivampet Chennapur Medak Shivampet
59 Medak Toopran Nagulapally Medak Toopran
60 Medak Toopran Padalpally Medak Toopran
61 Medak Toopran Venkatapur Medak Toopran
62 Medak Yeldurthy Domararncha Medak Yeldurthy
63 Medak Yeldurthy Peddapur Medak Yeldurthy
64 Medak Yeldurthy Melloor Medak Yeldurthy
65 Medak Yeldurthy Koppulapally Medak Yeldurthy
66 Medak Medak Peroor Medak Medak
67 Medak Kulcharam Pothireddypally Medak Kulcharam
68 Medak Kulcharam Tummaipally Medak Kulcharam
69 Medak Kowdipally Kanchanpalli Medak Kowdipally
70 Medak Kowdipally Kannaram Medak Kowdipally
71 Medak Kowdipally Md. Nagar Medak Kowdipally
72 Medak Kowdipally Nagsanpally Medak Kowdipally
73 Medak Kowdipally Railapur Medak Kowdipally
74 Medak Kowdipally Tunki Medak Kowdipally
75 Medak Kowdipally Mutturajpally Medak Kowdipally
76 Medak Narsapur Reddypally Medak Narsapur
77 Medak Narsapur Khazipet Medak Narsapur
78 Medak Narsapur Tujalpur Medak Narsapur
79 Medak Narsapur Tirumalapur Medak Narsapur
80 Medak Narsapur Gollapally Medak Narsapur
81 Medak Narsapur Lingapur Medak Narsapur
82 Medak Narsapur CC.Kunta Medak Narsapur
83 Medak Shivampet Lingojigudam Medak Shivampet
84 Medak Ramayampet Naskal Medak Nizampet
85 Medak Ramayampet Ramayampet Medak Ramayampet
86 Medak Ramayampet Komatipally Medak Ramayampet
87 Medak Ramayampet Konapur Medak Ramayampet
88 Medak Ramayampet Nandigaon Medak Nizampet
89 Medak Ramayampet Nizampet Medak Nizampet
90 Medak Ramayampet Kalvakunta Medak Nizampet
91 Medak Ramayampet Venkatapur K. Medak Nizampet
92 Medak Ramayampet Bachrajpally Medak Nizampet
93 Medak Ramayampet Rayalapur Medak Ramayampet
94 Medak Ramayampet Sutharpally Medak Ramayampet
95 Medak Ramayampet Shivaipally Medak Ramayampet
96 Medak Chegunta Ibrahimpur Medak Chegunta
97 Medak Chegunta Kistapur Medak Chegunta
98 Medak Chegunta Pulimamidi Medak Chegunta
99 Medak Chegunta B.Kondapur Medak Chegunta
100 Medak Chegunta Govindapur Medak Chegunta

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Sangareddy
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Medak Hathnura Seri Sirpura Sangareddy Hathnura
2 Medak Hathnura Govindarajpalli Sangareddy Hathnura
3 Medak Hathnura Lingapur Sangareddy Hathnura
4 Medak Hathnura Cheekmaddur Sangareddy Hathnura
5 Medak Hathnura Konyal Sangareddy Hathnura
6 Medak Hathnura Madhura Sangareddy Hathnura
7 Medak Patancheru Chitkul Sangareddy Patancheru
8 Medak Patancheru Bhanoor Sangareddy Patancheru
9 Medak Patancheru Kardanur Sangareddy Patancheru
10 Medak Patancheru Pocharam Sangareddy Patancheru
11 Medak Patancheru Ilapur Sangareddy Ameenpur
12 Medak RC Puram Tellapur Sangareddy RC Puram
13 Medak RC Puram Osman Nagar Sangareddy RC Puram
14 Medak RC Puram E.N.pally Sangareddy RC Puram
15 Medak Narayankhed Ryakal Sangareddy Narayankhed
16 Medak Narayankhed Sanjeevanraopet Sangareddy Narayankhed
17 Medak Narayankhed Narsapur Sangareddy Narayankhed
18 Medak Narayankhed Kondapur Sangareddy Narayankhed
19 Medak Narayankhed Gangapur Sangareddy Narayankhed
20 Medak Narayankhed Venkatapur Sangareddy Narayankhed
21 Medak Narayankhed Bhanapur Sangareddy Narayankhed

22 Medak Narayankhed Jujalpur Sangareddy Narayankhed
23 Medak Narayankhed Jagannathpur Sangareddy Narayankhed
24 Medak Narayankhed Paidipally Sangareddy Narayankhed
25 Medak Kalher Kalher Sangareddy Kalher
26 Medak Kalher Masanpally Sangareddy Kalher
27 Medak Kalher Mahadevpally Sangareddy Kalher
28 Medak Kalher Bachepally Sangareddy Kalher
29 Medak Kalher Meerkhanpet Sangareddy Kalher
30 Medak Kalher Raparthy Sangareddy Kalher
31 Medak Hathnura Gundlamachanur Sangareddy Hathnura
32 Medak Hathnura Sadullanagar Sangareddy Hathnura
33 Medak Hathnura Kodapak Sangareddy Hathnura
34 Medak Hathnura Shairkhanpalli Sangareddy Hathnura
35 Medak Hathnura Royyapalli Sangareddy Hathnura
36 Medak Hathnura Akwancheguda Sangareddy Hathnura
37 Medak Jinnaram Amdoor Sangareddy Jinnaram
38 Medak Jinnaram Shivanagar Sangareddy Jinnaram
39 Medak Sangareddy Chiduruppa Sangareddy Kandi
40 Medak Patancheru Chinnakanjarla Sangareddy Patancheru
41 Medak Patancheru Bachaguda Sangareddy Patancheru
42 Medak Raikode Itkepally Sangareddy Raikode
43 Medak Raikode Pampad Sangareddy Raikode
44 Medak Raikode Jamalpur Sangareddy Raikode
45 Medak Raikode Nagwar Sangareddy Raikode
46 Medak Raikode Kushnoor Sangareddy Raikode
47 Medak Raikode Hulgera Sangareddy Raikode
48 Medak Raikode Chimnapur Sangareddy Raikode
49 Medak Nyalkal Hussain nagar Sangareddy Nyalkal
50 Medak Nyalkal Cheekurthi Sangareddy Nyalkal
51 Medak Nyalkal Shamshallapur Sangareddy Nyalkal
52 Medak Nyalkal Ramtirth Sangareddy Nyalkal
53 Medak Nyalkal Nyalkal Sangareddy Nyalkal
54 Medak Nyalkal Mirzapur-N Sangareddy Nyalkal
55 Medak Nyalkal Mungi Sangareddy Nyalkal
56 Medak Hathnura Devulapalli Sangareddy Hathnura
57 Medak Hathnura Doulathabad Sangareddy Hathnura
58 Medak Hathnura Reddykhanapur Sangareddy Hathnura
59 Medak Hathnura Nasthipur Sangareddy Hathnura
60 Medak Andole S.R.M.Pally Sangareddy Andole
61 Medak Andole Kansanpally Sangareddy Andole
62 Medak Andole Ramsanipally Sangareddy Andole

63 Medak Pulkal Muddaipet Sangareddy Pulkal
64 Medak Pulkal Pulkal Sangareddy Pulkal
65 Medak Pulkal Mudimanik Sangareddy Pulkal
66 Medak Pulkal Kudur Sangareddy Pulkal
67 Medak Pulkal Isojipet Sangareddy Pulkal
68 Medak Pulkal Gangojipet Sangareddy Pulkal
69 Medak Raikode Madhapur Sangareddy Raikode
70 Medak Raikode Peapalpally Sangareddy Raikode
71 Medak Raikode Moratga Sangareddy Raikode
72 Medak Raikode Mamidipally Sangareddy Raikode
73 Medak Raikode Dharmapur Sangareddy Raikode
74 Medak Raikode Yousufpur Sangareddy Raikode
75 Medak Raikode Singitham Sangareddy Raikode
76 Medak Raikode Naganpally Sangareddy Raikode
77 Medak Raikode Hasnabad Sangareddy Raikode
78 Medak Raikode Kodoor Sangareddy Raikode
79 Medak Raikode Khudavandapur Sangareddy Raikode
80 Medak Raikode Yenkepally Sangareddy Raikode
81 Medak Raikode Mahabhatpur Sangareddy Raikode
82 Medak Raikode Shapur Sangareddy Raikode
83 Medak Raikode Musthafapur Sangareddy Raikode
84 Medak Nyalkal Ganjoti Sangareddy Nyalkal
85 Medak Nyalkal Rukmapur Sangareddy Nyalkal
86 Medak Nyalkal Naimatabad Sangareddy Nyalkal
87 Medak Nyalkal Mamidgi Sangareddy Nyalkal
88 Medak Nyalkal Rajola Sangareddy Nyalkal
89 Medak Nyalkal Kalbemula Sangareddy Nyalkal
90 Medak Nyalkal Basanthpur Sangareddy Nyalkal
91 Medak Nyalkal Metalkunta Sangareddy Nyalkal
92 Medak Nyalkal Gangwar Sangareddy Nyalkal
93 Medak Nyalkal Mirzapur.B. Sangareddy Nyalkal
94 Medak Nyalkal Khaleelpur.M Sangareddy Nyalkal
95 Medak Nyalkal Rejintal Sangareddy Nyalkal
96 Medak Nyalkal Malkanpahad. Sangareddy Nyalkal
97 Medak Jharasangam Potpalle Sangareddy Jharasangam
98 Medak Jharasangam Bardipur Sangareddy Jharasangam
99 Medak Jharasangam Machnoor Sangareddy Jharasangam
100 Medak Jharasangam Krishnapur Sangareddy Jharasangam
101 Medak Zaheerabad Buchnelli Sangareddy Zaheerabad
102 Medak Zaheerabad Burdipahad Sangareddy Zaheerabad
103 Medak Zaheerabad Tumkunta Sangareddy Zaheerabad
104 Medak Zaheerabad Kothur -B Sangareddy Zaheerabad
105 Medak Zaheerabad Didigi Sangareddy Zaheerabad
106 Medak Zaheerabad Pastapur Sangareddy Zaheerabad
107 Medak Zaheerabad Tamadpalle Sangareddy Zaheerabad
108 Medak Zaheerabad Zahirabad – R Sangareddy Zaheerabad
109 Medak Zaheerabad Raipally Sangareddy Mogudampally
110 Medak Zaheerabad Hyderabad Sangareddy Zaheerabad
111 Medak Zaheerabad Hothi – K Sangareddy Zaheerabad
112 Medak Zaheerabad Allipur Sangareddy Zaheerabad
113 Medak Zaheerabad Ranjole Sangareddy Zaheerabad
114 Medak Zaheerabad Huggelli Sangareddy Zaheerabad
115 Medak Koheer Khanapur Sangareddy Koheer

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Siddipet
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Medak Jagdevpur Tegulnarsapur Siddipet Jagdevpur
2 Medak Jagdevpur Kondapur Siddipet Jagdevpur
3 Medak Jagdevpur Dharmaram Siddipet Jagdevpur
4 Medak Jagdevpur Vardarajpur Siddipet Markook
5 Medak Jagdevpur Sivaru Venkatapur Siddipet Markook
6 Medak Jagdevpur Kondapur Siddipet Jagdevpur
7 Medak Mulugu Kotyarla Siddipet Mulugu
8 Medak Mulugu Adivimasjid Siddipet Mulugu
9 Medak Mulugu Narsampally Siddipet Mulugu
10 Medak Mulugu Mustafguda Siddipet Mulugu
11 Medak Mulugu Cheelasagar Siddipet Mulugu
12 Medak Mulugu Gangadharpally Siddipet Mulugu
13 Medak Mulugu Zapthi singaipally Siddipet Mulugu
14 Medak Dubbak Dubbak Siddipet Dubbak
15 Medak Dubbak Chillapur Siddipet Dubbak
16 Medak Dubbak Paddagundavally Siddipet Dubbak
17 Medak Dubbak Timmapur Siddipet Dubbak
18 Medak Dubbak Habisipur Siddipet Dubbak
19 Medak Dubbak Dharmajpet Siddipet Dubbak
20 Medak Dubbak Lachapet Siddipet Dubbak

21 Medak Dubbak Enagurthy Siddipet Dubbak
22 Medak Dubbak Choudarpally Siddipet Dubbak
23 Medak Mirdoddi Mothey Siddipet Mirdoddi
24 Medak Mirdoddi Kasulabad Siddipet Mirdoddi
25 Medak Mirdoddi Mirdoddi Siddipet Mirdoddi
26 Medak Mirdoddi Dharmaram Siddipet Mirdoddi
27 Medak Mirdoddi Kondapur Siddipet Mirdoddi
28 Medak Mirdoddi Andey Siddipet Mirdoddi
29 Medak Thoguta Kangal Siddipet Thoguta
30 Medak Thoguta Lingampet Siddipet Thoguta
31 Medak Thoguta Yellareddypet Siddipet Thoguta
32 Medak Thoguta Tukkapur Siddipet Thoguta
33 Medak Thoguta Thoguta Siddipet Thoguta
34 Medak Dubbak Chittapur Siddipet Dubbak
35 Medak Siddipet Bussapur Siddipet Siddipet Rural
36 Medak Kondapak Marpadga Siddipet Kondapak
37 Medak Kondapak Duddeda Siddipet Kondapak
38 Medak Kondapak Ankireddypally Siddipet Kondapak
39 Medak Kondapak Vishwanathaplly Siddipet Kondapak
40 Medak Kondapak Velikatta Siddipet Kondapak
41 Medak Kondapak Zaptinacharam Siddipet Kondapak
42 Medak Kondapak Sirsangandla Siddipet Kondapak
43 Medak Kondapak Kondapak Siddipet Kondapak
44 Medak Kondapak Thimmareddypally Siddipet Kondapak
45 Medak Kondapak Lakadaram Siddipet Kondapak
46 Medak Kondapak Mathpally Siddipet Kondapak
47 Medak Chinnakodur Vittalapur Siddipet Chinnakodur
48 Medak Chinnakodur Alipur Siddipet Chinnakodur
49 Medak Chinnakodur Machapur Siddipet Chinnakodur
50 Medak Nanganur Maqdumpoor Siddipet Nanganur
51 Medak Nanganur Konaipally Siddipet Nanganur
52 Medak Nanganur Thimmaipally Siddipet Nanganur
53 Medak Nanganur Ankeshapur Siddipet Nanganur

54 Medak Nanganur Nagarajpally Siddipet Nanganur
55 Medak Nanganur Khanapur Siddipet Nanganur
56 Medak chinnakodur Chowadaram Siddipet chinnakodur
57 Medak chinnakodur Ch.A pally Siddipet chinnakodur
58 Medak chinnakodur Sivampally Siddipet chinnakodur
59 Medak chinnakodur Medipally Siddipet chinnakodur
60 Medak chinnakodur Chinnakodur Siddipet chinnakodur
61 Medak chinnakodur Ramancha Siddipet chinnakodur
62 Medak chinnakodur Chandlapur Siddipet chinnakodur
63 Medak chinnakodur Pedda Kodur Siddipet chinnakodur
64 Medak chinnakodur Ramunipatla Siddipet chinnakodur
65 Medak chinnakodur Ibrahimpur Siddipet chinnakodur
66 Medak chinnakodur Kasthurpally Siddipet chinnakodur
67 Medak chinnakodur Gonepally Siddipet chinnakodur
68 Medak chinnakodur Mandapally Siddipet Siddipet Urban
69 Medak Siddipet Imambad Siddipet Siddipet
70 Medak Siddipet Nacharpalli Siddipet Siddipet Urban
71 Medak Siddipet Ensanpalli Siddipet Siddipet Urban
72 Medak Siddipet Tadkapally Siddipet Siddipet Urban
73 Medak Thoguta Bandarpally Siddipet Thoguta
74 Medak Nanganur Rajgopalpet Siddipet Nanganur
75 Medak Nanganur Palamukula Siddipet Nanganur
76 Medak Nanganur Oblapur Siddipet Chinnakodur
77 Medak Thoguta Venkatapur Siddipet Thoguta
78 Medak Thoguta Ghanpur Siddipet Thoguta
79 Medak Doulthabad Deepayampally Siddipet Doulthabad
80 Medak Mirdoddi Kudavelly Siddipet Mirdoddi
81 Medak Mirdoddi Bhoompally Siddipet Mirdoddi
82 Medak Mirdoddi Khazipur Siddipet Mirdoddi
83 Medak Dubbak Pothareddypet Siddipet Dubbak
84 Medak Doulthabad Surampally Siddipet Doulthabad
85 Medak Doulthabad Mubaraspur Siddipet Doulthabad
86 Medak Mirdoddi Rudraram Siddipet Mirdoddi

87 Medak Mirdoddi Almaspur Siddipet Mirdoddi
88 Medak Mirdoddi Jangapally Siddipet Mirdoddi
89 Medak Mirdoddi Veerareddypet Siddipet Mirdoddi
90 Medak Mirdoddi Mallupally Siddipet Mirdoddi
91 Medak Mirdoddi Lingupally Siddipet Mirdoddi
92 Medak Mirdoddi Alwal Siddipet Mirdoddi
93 Medak Mirdoddi Chepial Siddipet Mirdoddi
94 Medak Mirdoddi Lingapur Siddipet Mirdoddi
95 Medak Thoguta Venkatraopet Siddipet Thoguta
96 Medak Thoguta Zapthilingareddipally Siddipet Thoguta
97 Medak Dubbak Potharam Siddipet Dubbak
98 Medak Dubbak Arepally Siddipet Dubbak
99 Medak Dubbak Cheekode Siddipet Dubbak
100 Medak Dubbak Rajakkapet Siddipet Dubbak
101 Medak Dubbak Dumpalapally Siddipet Dubbak
102 Medak Dubbak Hasan Mirapur Siddipet Dubbak
103 Medak Dubbak Appanapally Siddipet Dubbak
104 Medak Dubbak Timmapur Siddipet Dubbak
105 Medak Dubbak Ramakapet Siddipet Dubbak
106 Medak Dubbak Akaram Siddipet Dubbak
107 Medak Dubbak Boppapur Siddipet Dubbak
108 Medak Dubbak Shivarampur Siddipet Dubbak
109 Medak Siddipet Ibrahimpur Siddipet Siddipet Rural
110 Medak Siddipet Narayanraopet Siddipet Siddipet Rural
111 Medak Siddipet Sitharampally Siddipet Siddipet Rural
112 Medak Siddipet Chinthamadka Siddipet Siddipet Rural
113 Medak Siddipet Ankampet Siddipet Siddipet Rural
114 Medak Siddipet Raghavapur Siddipet Siddipet Rural
115 Medak Siddipet Pullur Siddipet Siddipet Rural
116 Medak Siddipet Chinnagundavelli Siddipet Siddipet Rural
117 Medak Siddipet Raorukkal Siddipet Siddipet Rural
118 Medak Siddipet Irkode Siddipet Siddipet
119 Medak Chinnakodur Jakkapur Siddipet Siddipet Rural

120 Medak Chinnakodur Gangapur Siddipet Chinnakodur
121 Medak Chinnakodur Gurralagondi Siddipet Siddipet Rural
122 Medak Chinnakodur Malyala Siddipet Siddipet Rural
123 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Katkur Siddipet Akkannapet
124 Karimnagar Husnabad Akkannapeta Siddipet Akkanapeta
125 Karimnagar Husnabad Anthakkapeta Siddipet Akkanapeta
126 Karimnagar Husnabad Choutapalle Siddipet Akkanapeta
127 Karimnagar Husnabad Dongala Dharmaram Siddipet Akkanapeta
128 Karimnagar Husnabad Gandipalle Siddipet Akkanapeta
129 Karimnagar Husnabad Gouravelli Siddipet Akkanapeta
130 Karimnagar Husnabad Husnabad Siddipet Husnabad
131 Karimnagar Husnabad Jangaon Siddipet Akkanapeta
132 Karimnagar Husnabad Kesavapur Siddipet Akkanapeta
133 Karimnagar Husnabad Mallampalle Siddipet Akkanapeta
134 Karimnagar Husnabad Pandilla Siddipet Husnabad
135 Karimnagar Husnabad Potharam (S) Siddipet Husnabad
136 Karimnagar Husnabad Potlapalle Siddipet Husnabad
137 Karimnagar Bejjanki Kallepalle Siddipet Bejjanki
138 Warangal Cherial Komaravelli Siddipet Komuravelli
139 Warangal Maddur Kamalaipalli Siddipet Maddur
140 Warangal Maddur Arjunapatla Siddipet Maddur
141 Warangal Maddur Jalepalli Siddipet Maddur
142 Warangal Cherial Ramsagar Siddipet Komuravelli
143 Warangal Cherial Tapaspalli Siddipet Komuravelli
144 Warangal Cherial Peddarajupeta Siddipet Cherial
145 Warangal Cherial Nagapuri Siddipet Cherial
146 Warangal Maddur Dhulmitta Siddipet Maddur
147 Warangal Maddur Lingapur Siddipet Maddur
148 Warangal Maddur Narsaipalli Siddipet Maddur
149 Warangal Maddur Madduru Siddipet Maddur
150 Warangal Maddur Gagillapur Siddipet Maddur
151 Warangal Maddur Marmamula Siddipet Maddur
152 Warangal Maddur Salakpur Siddipet Maddur
153 Warangal Maddur Thornala Siddipet Maddur
154 Warangal Maddur Bekkal Siddipet Maddur
155 Warangal Maddur Bairanpalli Siddipet Maddur
156 Warangal Maddur Rebarthi Siddipet Maddur
157 Warangal Maddur Vallampatla Siddipet Maddur
158 Warangal Maddur Vangapalli Siddipet Maddur
159 Warangal Maddur Ladnur Siddipet Maddur
160 Warangal Maddur Dharmaram Siddipet Maddur
161 Warangal Maddur Kondapur Siddipet Maddur
162 Warangal Maddur Kutigal Siddipet Maddur

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Mahabubnagar
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Mahboobnagar Jadcherla Macharam Mahabubnagar Jadcherla
2 Mahboobnagar Jadcherla Badepally Mahabubnagar Jadcherla
3 Mahboobnagar Jadcherla Malleboinpally Mahabubnagar Jadcherla
4 Mahboobnagar Jadcherla Alwanpally Mahabubnagar Jadcherla
5 Mahboobnagar Jadcherla Koduparthy Mahabubnagar Jadcherla
6 Mahboobnagar Jadcherla Nagasala Mahabubnagar Jadcherla
7 Mahboobnagar Koilkonda Lingalched Mahabubnagar Koilkonda
8 Mahboobnagar Balanagar Lingaram Mahabubnagar Balanagar
9 Mahboobnagar Balanagar Hemajipuram Mahabubnagar Balanagar
10 Mahboobnagar Balanagar Peddarevalli Mahabubnagar Balanagar
11 Mahboobnagar Jadcherla Kondeedu Mahabubnagar Jadcherla
12 Mahboobnagar Jadcherla Soudagarpalli Mahabubnagar Jadcherla
13 Mahboobnagar Midjil Bhairampally Mahabubnagar Midjil
14 Mahboobnagar Midjil Donur Mahabubnagar Midjil
15 Mahboobnagar Midjil Masigundlapally Mahabubnagar Midjil
16 Mahboobnagar Midjil vadiyal Mahabubnagar Midjil
17 Mahboobnagar Midjil Mannanur Mahabubnagar Midjil
18 Mahboobnagar Midjil Midjil Mahabubnagar Midjil
19 Mahboobnagar Midjil Velgomula Mahabubnagar Midjil
20 Mahboobnagar Midjil Vaspula Mahabubnagar Midjil

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Nagarkurnool
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Mahboobnagar Tadoor Polmuru Nagarkurnool Tadoor
2 Mahboobnagar Tadoor Aitol Nagarkurnool Tadoor
3 Mahboobnagar Tadoor Govindaipally Nagarkurnool Tadoor
4 Mahboobnagar Tadoor Papagal Nagarkurnool Tadoor
5 Mahboobnagar Tadoor Akunellikudur Nagarkurnool Tadoor
6 Mahboobnagar Thimmajipet Thimmajipet Nagarkurnool Thimmajipet
7 Mahboobnagar Midjil Jagboinpally Nagarkurnool Urkonda
8 Mahboobnagar Kalwakurthy Jeedipally Nagarkurnool Kalwakurthy
9 Mahboobnagar Kalwakurthy Venkatapur Nagarkurnool Kalwakurthy
10 Mahboobnagar Kalwakurthy Bekkera Nagarkurnool Kalwakurthy
11 Mahboobnagar Kalwakurthy Vepur Nagarkurnool Kalwakurthy
12 Mahboobnagar Kalwakurthy Suddakal Nagarkurnool Kalwakurthy
13 Mahboobnagar Kalwakurthy Gundur Nagarkurnool Kalwakurthy
14 Mahboobnagar Kalwakurthy Lingasanipally Nagarkurnool Kalwakurthy
15 Mahboobnagar Midjil Ramreddypally Nagarkurnool Urkonda
16 Mahboobnagar Midjil Jaknalpally Nagarkurnool Urkonda
17 Mahboobnagar Midjil Ippapad Nagarkurnool Urkonda
18 Mahboobnagar Midjil Narsimhapally Nagarkurnool Urkonda
19 Mahboobnagar Midjil Gudiganpally Nagarkurnool Urkonda
20 Mahboobnagar Achampet Chennaram Nagarkurnool Achampet
21 Mahboobnagar Uppununthala Ayyavarpally Nagarkurnool Uppununthala
22 Mahboobnagar Uppununthala kamsanipally Nagarkurnool Uppununthala
23 Mahboobnagar Uppununthala Tippapur Nagarkurnool Uppununthala
24 Mahboobnagar Uppununthala Uppununthala Nagarkurnool Uppununthala
25 Mahboobnagar Uppununthala Pertanvanipally Nagarkurnool Uppununthala

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Nalgonda
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Nalgonda Chityala Yelikatta Nalgonda Chityala
2 Nalgonda Munugode Rathi Palle Nalgonda Munugode
3 Nalgonda Munugode Pulipalpula Nalgonda Munugode
4 Nalgonda Munugode Kalavala Palle Nalgonda Munugode
5 Nalgonda Munugode Gudapur Nalgonda Munugode
6 Nalgonda Munugode Jamasthan Palle Nalgonda Munugode
7 Nalgonda Nalgonda Budharam Nalgonda Nalgonda
8 Nalgonda Nalgonda Kanchanppalle Nalgonda Nalgonda
9 Nalgonda Kanagal Derveshpur Nalgonda Kanagal
10 Nalgonda Kanagal Parvathagiri Nalgonda Kanagal
11 Nalgonda Kanagal Mailaram Nalgonda Kanagal
12 Nalgonda Kanagal Serilingotam Nalgonda Kanagal
13 Nalgonda Devarakonda Penchikal Pahad Nalgonda Devarakonda
14 Nalgonda Devarakonda Kacharam Nalgonda Devarakonda
15 Nalgonda Nalgonda Musham Palle Nalgonda Nalgonda
16 Nalgonda Kanagal Mangena Palle Nalgonda Kanagal
17 Nalgonda Kanagal Jangamai Guda Nalgonda Kanagal
18 Nalgonda Nidamanur Marpaka Nalgonda Nidamanur
19 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mupparam Nalgonda Nidamanur
20 Nalgonda Munugode Singaram Nalgonda Munugode
21 Nalgonda Munugode Kaslapuram Nalgonda Munugode
22 Nalgonda Munugode Kompalle Nalgonda Munugode
23 Nalgonda Munugode Chalmeda Nalgonda Munugode
24 Nalgonda Munugode Munugode Nalgonda Munugode
25 Nalgonda Nakrekal Palem Nalgonda Nakrekal
26 Nalgonda Nakrekal Kadaparthy Nalgonda Nakrekal
27 Nalgonda Kethepalle Kasangode Nalgonda Kethepalle
28 Nalgonda Kethepalle Uppala Pahad Nalgonda Kethepalle
29 Nalgonda Kethepalle Koppole Nalgonda Kethepalle
30 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Pamulapahad Nalgonda Madugulapally
31 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Chali Chimala Palem Nalgonda Vemulapalle
List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Suryapet
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Narayanappa Guda Suryapet Atmakur (S)
2 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Naseempet Suryapet Atmakur (S)
3 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Enubamla Suryapet Atmakur (S)
4 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Dacharam Suryapet Atmakur (S)
5 Nalgonda Mothey Urlugunda Suryapet Mothey
6 Nalgonda Mothey Singarneni Palle Suryapet Mothey
7 Nalgonda Mothey Bumkachrla Suryapet Mothey
8 Nalgonda Mothey Mamillagudem Suryapet Mothey
9 Nalgonda Mothey Mothey Suryapet Mothey
10 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mali Puram Suryapet Thirumalgiri
11 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Pasthala Suryapet Nagaram
12 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Ganugubanda Suryapet Thungathurthi
13 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Sangam Suryapet Thungathurthi
14 Nalgonda Jajireddi
Gudem Nagaram Suryapet Nagaram
15 Nalgonda Jajireddi
Gudem Devaraneni Kotha Pal Suryapet Nagaram
16 Nalgonda Jajireddi
Gudem Parsai Palle Suryapet Jajireddi
17 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Kunta Palle Suryapet Maddirala
18 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Ramachandrapuram Suryapet Maddirala
19 Nalgonda Nuthankal Ganjivari Kothapalle Suryapet Maddirala
20 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mamindla Madava Suryapet Maddirala
21 Nalgonda Nuthankal Yerra Pahad Suryapet Nuthankal
22 Nalgonda Nuthankal Dirisana Palle Suryapet Nuthankal
23 Nalgonda Nuthankal Bhikumalla Suryapet Nuthankal

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Yadadri
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Nalgonda Choutuppal Peepal Pahad Yadadri Choutuppal
2 Nalgonda Narayanapur Guddi Malkapuram Yadadri Narayanapur
3 Nalgonda Narayanapur Kothulapuram Yadadri Narayanapur
4 Nalgonda Narayanapur Chimiriyala Yadadri Narayanapur
5 Nalgonda Narayanapur Kothagudem Yadadri Narayanapur
6 Nalgonda Narayanapur Kankanal Gudem Yadadri Narayanapur
7 Nalgonda Narayanapur Gujja Yadadri Narayanapur
8 Nalgonda Narayanapur Puttapaka Yadadri Narayanapur
9 Nalgonda Alair Tangutoor Yadadri Alair
10 Nalgonda Alair Srinivasa Puram Yadadri Alair
11 Nalgonda Valigonda Golle Palle Yadadri Valigonda
12 Nalgonda Pochampalle Jiblak Palle Yadadri Pochampalle
13 Nalgonda Choutuppal Nelapatla Yadadri Choutuppal
14 Nalgonda Choutuppal Jai Kesaram Yadadri Choutuppal
15 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Ramannapeta Yadadri Ramannapeta
16 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Janam Palle Yadadri Ramannapeta
17 Nalgonda Valigonda Pahilwanpur Yadadri Valigonda
18 Nalgonda Valigonda Kashamma Bkunta Yadadri Valigonda
19 Nalgonda Valigonda Malle Palle Yadadri Valigonda
20 Nalgonda Valigonda Gangapur Yadadri Valigonda
21 Nalgonda Valigonda Venkatapur Yadadri Valigonda

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Vikarabad
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Mahboobnagar Bomraspet Lingampally Vikarabad Bomraspet
2 Mahboobnagar Bomraspet Nandarpur Vikarabad Bomraspet
3 Mahboobnagar Bomraspet Amsanpalle Vikarabad Bomraspet
4 Mahboobnagar Bomraspet Gouraram Vikarabad Bomraspet
5 Mahboobnagar Bomraspet Erlapally Vikarabad Bomraspet
6 Mahboobnagar Bomraspet Choudarpally Vikarabad Bomraspet
7 Mahboobnagar Bomraspet Machanpally Vikarabad Bomraspet

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Medchal Malkajgiri
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Farzandguda Medchal
Malkajgiri Alwal
2 Rangareddy Medchal Khajiguda Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
3 Rangareddy Quthubullapur Bahadoorpally Medchal
Malkajgiri Dundigal
4 Rangareddy Medchal Akbarjapet(H) Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
5 Rangareddy Medchal Bandamadharam Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
6 Rangareddy Medchal Dabilpur Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
7 Rangareddy Medchal Gosaniguda (H) Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
8 Rangareddy Medchal Kandla Koya Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
9 Rangareddy Medchal Konaipalle(H) Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
10 Rangareddy Medchal Masireddipalle (H) Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
11 Rangareddy Medchal Munirabad Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
12 Rangareddy Medchal Railapur Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
13 Rangareddy Medchal Rajbollaram Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
14 Rangareddy Medchal Seethanguda Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
15 Rangareddy Medchal Shahzadiguda(H) Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
16 Rangareddy Medchal Somavaram Medchal
Malkajgiri Medchal
17 Rangareddy Shamirpet Masjidpur Medchal
Malkajgiri Shamirpet
18 Rangareddy Shamirpet Husyarpally H/o Uddamarry Medchal
Malkajgiri Shamirpet
19 Rangareddy Shamirpet Mandaipally (H) Medchal
Malkajgiri Shamirpet
20 Rangareddy Shamirpet Potaipally Medchal
Malkajgiri Shamirpet
21 Rangareddy Shamirpet Uddamarry Medchal
Malkajgiri Shamirpet
22 Rangareddy Shamirpet Yakuthpur (H) Medchal
Malkajgiri Shamirpet

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Rangareddy
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Mahboobnagar Keshampet Dattaipally Rangareddy Keshampet
2 Mahboobnagar Keshampet Ippalapally Rangareddy Keshampet
3 Mahboobnagar Keshampet Chowlapally Rangareddy Keshampet
4 Mahboobnagar Keshampet Chintakuntapally Rangareddy Keshampet

5 Mahboobnagar Keshampet Thommidirekula Rangareddy Keshampet
6 Mahboobnagar Shadnagar sherigudem Rangareddy Shadnagar
7 Mahboobnagar Shadnagar Madurapuram Rangareddy Shadnagar
8 Mahboobnagar Shadnagar Gantlavelli Rangareddy Shadnagar
9 Mahboobnagar Shadnagar Veljarla-III Rangareddy Shadnagar
10 Mahboobnagar Talkondapally Sri
Ramakrishnapuram Rangareddy Talkondapally
11 Mahboobnagar Talkondapally Lingaraopally Rangareddy Talkondapally
12 Mahboobnagar Talkondapally Takrajguda Rangareddy Kadthal
13 Mahboobnagar Talkondapally Nagireddyguda Rangareddy Kadthal
14 Mahboobnagar Kothur Serigudabadraipally Rangareddy Kothur
15 Mahboobnagar Kothur Khajiguda Rangareddy Kothur
16 Mahboobnagar Amangal Kadthal Rangareddy Kadthal
17 Mahboobnagar Amangal Karkalpad Rangareddy Kadthal
18 Mahboobnagar Amangal Mudivennu Rangareddy Kadthal
19 Mahboobnagar Amangal Sethipalli Rangareddy Amangal
20 Mahboobnagar Amangal Akutotapalli Rangareddy Amangal
21 Mahboobnagar Madgul Dodlapahad Rangareddy Madgul
22 Mahboobnagar Talkondapally Venkatapuram Rangareddy Talkondapally
23 Mahboobnagar Talkondapally Badnapur Rangareddy Talkondapally
24 Mahboobnagar Talkondapally Chandradaram Rangareddy Talkondapally
25 Mahboobnagar Kondurg Tummalapally Rangareddy Chowdergudem
26 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Tadlakalva (H) Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam
27 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Turkaguda Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam
28 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Yerrakunta (H) Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam
29 Rangareddy Kandukur Akbarja Rangareddy Kandukur
30 Rangareddy Kandukur Alikhanpally Rangareddy Kandukur
31 Rangareddy Kandukur Annojiguda (H) Rangareddy Kandukur
32 Rangareddy Kandukur Dabbedaguda Rangareddy Kandukur
33 Rangareddy Kandukur Gafoornagar (H) Rangareddy Kandukur
34 Rangareddy Kandukur Jaithwaram khalsa Rangareddy Kandukur
35 Rangareddy Kandukur Peruguda (H) Rangareddy Kandukur
36 Rangareddy Manchal Khanapur Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam
37 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Aknapally Rangareddy Maheshwaram
38 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Ameerpet Rangareddy Maheshwaram
39 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Dabilguda (H) Rangareddy Maheshwaram
40 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Dubbacherla Rangareddy Maheshwaram
41 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Gattupally Rangareddy Maheshwaram
42 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Gollur Rangareddy Maheshwaram
43 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Kollapadkal Rangareddy Maheshwaram
44 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Mansanpally Rangareddy Maheshwaram
45 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Nagireddypally Rangareddy Maheshwaram
46 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Thupra Kurd chinna Rangareddy Maheshwaram
47 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Venkannaguda (H) Rangareddy Maheshwaram
48 Rangareddy Shamshabad Muchintal Rangareddy Shamshabad
49 Rangareddy Shamshabad Peddathupra Rangareddy Shamshabad
50 Rangareddy Manchal Rangapur Rangareddy Manchal
51 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Pochampallywada Rangareddy Abdullapurmet
52 Rangareddy Saroornagar Dawudkhanguda(H) Rangareddy Balapur
53 Rangareddy Shabad Bongiripally(H) Rangareddy Shabad
54 Rangareddy Shabad Damarlapally Rangareddy Shabad
55 Rangareddy Shabad Hythabad Rangareddy Shabad
56 Rangareddy Shabad Komerabanda (H) Rangareddy Shabad
57 Rangareddy Shabad Maddur Rangareddy Shabad
58 Rangareddy Shabad Nagarkuta Rangareddy Shabad
59 Rangareddy Shabad Peddavedu(H) Rangareddy Shabad
60 Rangareddy Shabad Rudraram(H) Rangareddy Shabad
61 Rangareddy Shamshabad K.B.Doddi (H/o Sultanpally ) Rangareddy Shamshabad
62 Rangareddy Shamshabad Kaveliguda (H) Rangareddy Shamshabad
63 Rangareddy Shamshabad Nanajpur Rangareddy Shamshabad
64 Rangareddy Shamshabad Rayannaguda H/o Kacharam Rangareddy Shamshabad
65 Rangareddy Maheshwaram Nagaram Rangareddy Maheshwaram
66 Rangareddy Shamshabad Bahadurguda(H) Rangareddy Shamshabad
67 Rangareddy Shamshabad Cherlaguda(H) Rangareddy Shamshabad
68 Rangareddy Shamshabad Devatha Bowli(H) Rangareddy Shamshabad
69 Rangareddy Shamshabad Golkonda Kalan Rangareddy Shamshabad
70 Rangareddy Shamshabad Golkonda Kurd Rangareddy Shamshabad
71 Rangareddy Shamshabad Hariguda (H) Rangareddy Shamshabad
72 Rangareddy Shamshabad Kacharam Rangareddy Shamshabad
73 Rangareddy Shamshabad Rasheedguda(H) Rangareddy Shamshabad
74 Rangareddy Shamshabad Satamroy Rangareddy Shamshabad
75 Rangareddy Shamshabad Shajadhibegam Rangareddy Shamshabad
76 Rangareddy Shamshabad Shankarapura Rangareddy Shamshabad
77 Rangareddy Shamshabad Sultanpalle Rangareddy Shamshabad
78 Rangareddy Rajendranagar Gungurthy(H) Rangareddy Gandipet
79 Rangareddy Rajendranagar Manikonda Kalsa Rangareddy Gandipet
80 Rangareddy Rajendranagar P S bowli Rangareddy Gandipet
81 Rangareddy Shankarpally Gopularam(H) Rangareddy Shankarpally
82 Rangareddy Shankarpally Kondakal Rangareddy Shankarpally
83 Rangareddy Shankarpally Maharajpet Rangareddy Shankarpally
84 Rangareddy Shankarpally Mokila Rangareddy Shankarpally
85 Rangareddy Shankarpally Ravulapalle Rangareddy Shankarpally

List of OE villages for Notification 2010-11 of Hyderabad
No Erstwhile District Erstwhile Mandal Village New District after
Reorganisation New Mandal
1 Rangareddy Hyderabad Hyderabad Urban Hyderabad Hyderabad

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