Penuballi PACS Election held unanimously – Postponed by Government Now Cancelled

Funny Mistake by the Government of Andhra Pradesh was rectified today 31-01-2013.

Step 1 :Government of AP have issued orders by virtue of power conferred under Rule 22(c)  (1) (iii)  of PACS Rules 1964, postponing the elections to the Managing Committee of  Penuballi PACS, Panuballi Mandal, Khammam District until further orders.

Step 2: The CC & RCS, A.P. Hyderabad Khammam  has  stated that for the said society  only one nomination for each constituency has been filed and after the day of withdrawal there is no contest for any of the constituencies.   The election to the MC of  PACS, Penuballi was held unanimously on 26-01-2013, as informed by the DCO, Khammam whereas the orders were issued by  the Government postponing the elections on 29-01-2013.

NOW : Government after examination of the matter since the election are  unanimous the orders for postponement of election to the Managing Committee of  Penuballi PACS issued in  G.Ort.No.291, A & C (Coop-V) Department, dated 29-01-2013  are hereby cancelled.

1.  G.O.Rt.No.291, A&C(Coop-V) Dept, dated 29-01-2013.

2 From the CC & RCS, Hyd. Lr.No.2552/2013/Election Cell,  dated 30-01-2013.

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