Payment of compensation to the landloosers of Indira Sagar Project

The Collector, Khammam in his letter read above has stated that Sri Krishna Kishore, formerly Special Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition), ISPP, Bhadrachalam Unit-II  has been allotted an amount of Rs.7.02 crores for disbursement of compensation to landlooser assignees in respect of Tatakuragommu Village of Velairpad Mandal as per the orders of the Hon’ble High court of A.P. Hyderabad.  The Collector, Khammam has stated that the said Special Deputy Collector has allowed one Sri Raj Kumar, Advocate, a mediator in disbursement of compensation and allowed him in collecting huge amounts from the illiterate poor tribal land loosers. The Collector, Khammam has  further stated that it has come to his notice that he (Special Deputy Collector) deceived the poor tribals for his personal gain by clubbing the ryots of having one surname though they are separate and no blood relation in between them, at the time of disbursing land compensation and computed the land to land of Ac.6.25 and remaining Cash compensation after obtaining affidavit from the advocate and by allowing the advocates in such deal with fraudulent means and with ulterior motive.

It is noticed from the enclosures to the report of the Collector, Khammam, that  the Revenue Divisional Officer, Palvancha has conducted enquiry into the irregularities in payment of compensation for acquiring land for Indira Sagar (Polavaram) Project in certain Villages.  The report prima facie reveals the role played by on advocate namely Sri Raj Kumar and his agents in the entire process of payment of compensation in connivance with Bank officials and revenue Officials concerned. The Revenue Divisional Officer, Palvancha has stated that nearly Rs.80,00,000/- of amount may be fetched by the Advocate Mr.Rajkumar @ 20% per  acre  and very meager amount has paid to the tribals.  The Revenue Divisional Officer, Palvancha has finally recommended for thorough investigation by Vigilance or Anti Corruption Bureau on the involvement of all departments.

The Collector, Khammam has also enclosed copy of a complaint submitted by an advocate wherein the complainant has described a process called “Clubbing”   wherein names of the tribals having similar surnames were clubbed together for computing land and for  payment of compensation and  alleged that Sri Krishna Kishore, Special Deputy Collector & Sri P.Srinivasulu, Senior Assistant Office of the Special Deputy Collector, Unit–II, Bhadrachalam division  have taken 20 to 25% commission from the ryots.

After careful examination of the report of the Collector, Khammam and enclosures thereon Government have observed that private persons were involved in the case including an advocate who is reported to have played a key role in the entire episode deceiving the innocent and illiterate tribals and decided to entrust the case to CBCID for detailed investigation.

The Director General, CBCID, Hyderabad is therefore requested to cause thorough investigation into the commissions & omissions of the Revenue Officials of Office of the Special Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition) ISPP, Bhadrachalam, Unit-II, Khammam,  private persons i.e., an advocate named Sri Rajkumar and his agents and the Bank Officials concerned and other related departments.

The Collector, Khammam is requested to render all assistance including handing over of entire records connected to the land acquisition and payment of compensation to landloosers etc in the Office of the Special Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition) ISPP, Unit-II, Bhadrachalam to the Director General, CBCID for expeditious and proper investigation.

The Director General, CBCID, Hyderabad is requested to complete the investigation within a period of (2) months and submit a detailed report along with findings & recommendations for taking further action in the matter.

These orders issued with the concurrence of Home Dept vide their U.O.No.202/Sc.B/A1/2012, dt.6-2-2013.

G.O.Ms.No. 180  Dated:08 -04-2013                                                                                                         From the Collector, Khammam, Rc.No.A5/71/2012, dt.08.05.2012

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