Exgratia to Families of Eighteen persons died in Gulf Countries

In the circumstances reported by the Collector and District and Magistrate, Karimnagar in the references, giving the financial status of the families of the following 18 (Eighteen) persons who died in Gulf countries and also about their immovable properties, under Below the Poverty Line (BPL) category and also facing severe financial hardships by them and as recommended for financial assistance consequent to the death of their spouses Government have examined the request.

1. Smt. Rajoji Anasurya, W/o Sri Late Rajoji Laxmi Narayana, R/o Dharmaram (V), Mallapur (M), Karimnagar District.

2. Smt. Birkula Chinnakka, W/o Sri late Birkula Chinna Ganga Reddy, R/o Ambaripeta (V), Kathlapur (M), Karimnagar District.

3. Smt. Marripalli Laxmi, W/o Sri late Marripally Rajamullu @ Rayamallu, R/o Thatipalli (V ), Mallaial (M), Karimnagar District.

4. Smt. Chityala Bhagirata, M/o Sri Late Chityala Gangarajam, R/o Indiranagar, Medipalli (V) & (M), Karimnagar.

5. Smt. Sanapelli Mastanamma, W/o Sri late Sanapelli Bhoomaiah, R/o Suddapalli (V), Pegadapalli (M), Karimnagar District.

6. Smt. Kammari Kalavathi @ Medenapalli Vijaya, W/o Sri late Kammari Ramulu @ Narahari, R/o Varshakonda (V), Ibrahimpatnam, Karimnagar District.

7. Smt. Kothakonda Thirumala, W/o Sri Late Sri Kothakonda Rajesham, R/o Gopalraopet (v), Ramadugu (M), Karimnagar District.

8. Smt. Manupati Rajavva, W/o Sri late Manupati Poshi Yellaiah, R/o Mallial (V), Chandurthy (M), Karimnagar District.

9. Smt. Edla Narsavva, W/o Sri Late Edla Bhagwan, R/o Mohinikunta (V), Mustabad (M), Karimnagar District.



10. Smt. Myadaveni Venkata Raju, W/o Sri Late Myadaveni Rajender, R/o Chinna Metpalli (V), Korutla (M), Karimnagar District.

11. Sri Pitla Vaikuntam F/o Sri Late Pitla Parsharamulu, R/o Maddikunta (V), Mustabad (M), Karimnagar District.

12. Smt. Dontharaveni Laxmi, W/o Sri Late Dontharaveni Hanmaiah, R/o Raikal (V) & (M), Karimnagar District.

13. Smt Lingampally Gangamani, W/o Sri Late Lingampalli Shankaraiah, R/o Shathrajpalli (V), Vemulwada (N) Karimnagar District.

14. Smt. Kamutam Laxmi W/o Sri Late Kamutam Nampalli, R/o Dharmaram (V), Konaraopet (M), Karimnagar District.

15. Smt. Karipe Padma M/o Sri Late Karipe Bhumeshwar, R/o Yousufnagar (V), Korutla (M), Karimnagar District.

16. Smt. Bollu Laxmi W/o Sri Late Bollu Devaiah, R/o Samudralingapur (V), Gambiraopet (M), Karimnagar District.

17. Smt. Bojja Laxmi W/o Bojja Narayana, R/o Rudrangi (V) Chandurthy (M), Karimnagar District.

18. Smt. Kallepalli Laxmi W/o Sri Late Kallepalli Anjaiah, R/o Gundi Gopalraopet (V), Ramadugu (M), Karimnagar District.

2. The Government, after careful examination of the matter and based on the reports furnished by the Collector and District Magistrate, Karimnagar, hereby accord sanction for payment of Exgratia of Rs.18.00 (Eighteen lakhs only) @ Rs.1.00 lakh each to the above families of the deceased.

3. The amount sanctioned in para 2 above, shall be debited to the Head of Account “2052 – Secretariat General Services, MH – 90 – Secretariat, SH (14) NRI Cell, 500 – Other charges, 503 other Expenditure” and shall be met from the provision of the current Financial year 2012-2013.

4. The G.A (Claims – C) Department shall draw the amount and credit it by way of Electronic Clearing Services into the District Collector, Karimnagar (A/c No.62253111519, State Bank of Hyderabad, Collectorate Complex Branch Karimnagar, DDO Code 15012302001).

5. The Collector & District Magistrate, Karimnagar shall disburse the amount sanctioned in para 2 above at Rs.1.00 (Rupees one lakh) each duly crediting into the account of each of the spouse / Father / Mother of the following deceased families as indicated in para 1 above by Electronic Clearing Services and report compliance.

6. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.898/18/Expr.GAD.I/13, dated.15.01.2013.

G.O.Rt.No: 255 Dated:18.01.2013 Read the following:-

1. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/400/2011, Dated.10.08.2012.
2. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/4253/2011, Dated.10.08.2012.
3. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/1148/2012, Dated.10.08.2012.
4. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/566/2011, Dated.10.08.2012.
5. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/3518/2011, Dated.06.08.2012.
6. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/593/2012, Dated.25.08.2012.
7. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/1150/2012, Dated.27.08.2012.
8. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/162/2011, Dated.27.08.2012.
9. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/2028/2012, Dated.31.07.2012.
10. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/594/2012, Dated.31.07.2012.
11. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/2010/2012, Dated.31.07.2012.
12. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/1147/2012, Dated.31.07.2012.
13. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/4249/2011, Dated.25.08.2012.
14. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/4250/2011, Dated.25.08.2012.
15. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/3135/2012, Dated.20.09.2012.
16. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/2111/2012, Dated.25.08.2012.
17. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/3134/2011, Dated.28.08.2012.
18. From the Collector, Karimnagar, Lr.C4/1149/2012, Dated.28.08.2012.

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