Division of Husnabad Nagar Panchayat into 20 twenty wards

Government have notified the draft delimitation of 20 (twenty) wards of Husnabad Nagar Panchayat inviting views or suggestions, if any, on the proposal.

The  Commissioner  and  Director  of  Municipal  Administration,  Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad in the letter 5th read above while informing that no suggestions have been received in the matter, stated that the Municipal Council, Husnabad Nagar Panchayat in its C.R.No.38, dated 30.06.2012 has resolved to accept draft notification issued by the Government in the G.O. 4th  read above and requested to issue final notification on division of Vemulawada Nagar Panchayat into 20 (twenty) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Andhra Pradesh Gazette,  dated: 05.10.2012.

The  Commissioner,  Printing,  Stationary  and  Stores  Purchase  (Printing Wing),  Hyderabad,  is requested  to  furnish  25  copies  of  the  Notification  to Government urgently.


 In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 10 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965 (Andhra Pradesh Act 6 of 1965) read with rule 13 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules, 1994 issued in G.O.Ms.No.31, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department, dated 03.02.1995 and in supersession of all the previous notifications on the subject, Government hereby direct that the Husnabad Nagar Panchayat shall be divided into 20 (twenty) wards as shown in the Schedule appended to the notification with immediate effect.



 ANNEXURE TO G.O.Ms.No. 377  , MA & UD (Elec.I) Dept., dated 03.10.2012



NORTH Starts from Kareemnagar Road and goes towards the east side up to surveyNo.83
EAST Starts from survey No.83 boundary runs towards the south side survey No.162boundary



Starts from survey No.162 boundary runs towards south side and then runswest side and connect 40 fits proposed road and goes towards west and turn towards north and goes up to H.No.22-63/3 and goes towards west through

the Karimnagar road and turns north side H.No.17-11/16/A and runs towards west up to H.No.21-41/A and up to end of Kareemnagar road.

WEST Starts from H.No.21-41/A runs towards the Karimnagar road up to end ofNagara Panchayat Husnabad boundary.


NORTH Starts from Karimnagar road and runs towards east side along with 40 fitsroad and turns towards south side
EAST Starts from survey No.28 Husnabad village and then runs towards souththrough H.No.21-41/A/1,21-35,20-73/1,19-95 and 19-88 up to end 19-80.
SOUTH Starts from H.No.19-80 turns towards west and immediately turns towardsnorth along with H.No.19-89 and up to end of H.No.19-127
WEST Starts from H.No.19-127 and runs towards north side along with Kareemnagarroad up to end of connected with 40 fits wide road goes to main road.


NORTH Starts from H.No.19- 62 and runs towards east side up to 19-89 and turnstowards south and east up to 19-79
EAST Starts from H.No.19-79 and runs towards south side up to end of H.no.18-30
SOUTH Starts from H.No.18-30 and runs towards west side up to end of 18-15
WEST Starts from H.No.18-15 and runs towards to the north side through H.No.18-5,18-1,19-1 up to end of H.No.19-62


NORTH Starts from open place and runs towards east side along with H.No.17-60 upto end of statue of Marpaka Rajaiah
EAST Starts from H.No.17-30 and runs towards west up to H.No.17-76/A and thenruns towards south and east through the H.No.17-11 connected to internal main road.
SOUTH Starts from H.No.11-    and runs towards west side through H.No.17-22,17-23up to end of 17-67.
WEST Starts from H.No.17-67 runs towards north side up to H.No.17-83/1/7 andthen runs towards west side again runs towards north side and connects to the 40 fit wide road.


NORTH Starts from back side of H.No. 17-7/10 and runs towards east side up to backside of H.No. 17-30.
EAST Starts from back side of H.No. 17-30 and runs towards south side and turnsfrom middle of church compound wall again turns towards west back side of

H.No.16-101 and runs east side and runs east end of H.No.16-13/2/A

SOUTH Starts from H.No.16-13/2/A and runs towards west side through the H.No.16-13 up to end of H.No.16-22
WEST Starts from H.No.16-22 and runs towards north side up to end of H.No.16-34








Starts from H.No. 15-80 and runs towards south through the H.No. 16-12/8/Aand 16-12/2 and turns towards north side up to back side of H.No. 16-101 and    then turns to east  side comments to the church compound wall and then turns to north side and turn to east along with Karimnagar road north corner of Karimnagar road and runs towards south side along with proposed

40 feet road and then turns to east side along with proposed 40 feet road and ends towards north adjacent  of survey No 174 and 162 up to end of NP boundary   end   of   the   survey   No   161   and   163   east   side   of   the

Nagarapanchayathi boundary.

EAST Starts from survey No. 162,163,161 corner of north east with runs towardssouth along with NP boundary towards potharam road end of the Survey No.,

177 corner of north south at potharam road.




Starts from corner of north south potharam road survey No. 177 runs towardspotharam road and connects to west side Ramavaram road ( Proposed 60 feet road) and turns to north side and run towards up side along with

Ramavaram toad up to the H.NO. 16-8/9/21/3 and bends towards H.No. 16-

8/C/1  along  with  H.No.  16-7  and  curved  along  with  H.No.  15-103/2/1 towards extension to H.No. 15-9 and ends to south face.

WEST Starts from H.No. 15-9 corner of the south and west along with end of theH.No. 15-80 and touch of the corner west and east.





Starts from H.No.15-8 along with towards east side H.No.14-75/4 curving thearea bearing H.No.16-1 and semi curve to east side through the H.No.16-

8/c/1 along with up to corner of north east Nagaram road towards down side of Nagaram road and turns towards east side along with 60 fit wide proposed road towards Potharam road and end of up to AMC compound.

EAST Starts from north and east corner along with grave yard up to end of the eastboundary with AMC compound i.e corner of east and south.


Starts from east and south corner towards along with AMC compound to westside through the Sairam Auto on Nagaram road towards H.No.14-64 and continued curving the H.No.14-58 along with up side of H.No.14-51  & 14-50,

14-99 by curving west face and end up to H.No.15-I corner of south and east.

WEST Starts from H.No.15-I south and west corner along with the towards to northface and ending of the house No.15-8 end of the point is west and north.





Starts from H.No.13-77 with through the Kareemnagar road through towardseast side through the H.No.14-15 along with the north side through the H.No.14-30, 14-31 and bending towards east side by curving through the H.No’s 14-58/1, 14-64 end of the corner and north east corner and end of medibavi line.
EAST Starts from H.No.14-64 Reddy colony towards down side of the medibavi lineends up to H.No.13-12 corner of east and south.


Starts from H.No.13-12 east & south corner along with the back side ofcommercial complex towards from H.no.13-100 up to towards south side of Kareemnagar road and ends south back side of commercial complex west side Kareemnagar road.
WEST Starts from back side of commercial complex along with the Kareemnagarroad end of the point towards to north side H.No.13-77 i.e west and north corner.




Starts from H.no.12-100 with Kareemnagar road back side of commercialcomplex H.No.12-46 at north face along with the 12-43/9 medibavi and H.No.14-64 turns to right side of H.No.12-43/51 and 12-41/8/2 touching with the Nagaram road of H.no.12-30/5 and continued up to Agriculture market


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