Introducing water sports at Telangana Minor Irrigation tanks

Introducing water sports at Telangana Minor Irrigation tanks ,Government have receiving number of representations from various organizations requesting to issue permission for introducing WATER SPORTS (like boating, kayaking, skills development programs and various facilities for tourists) in Minor Irrigation tanks to promote employment opportunities for younger generation.

Since competing claims exists between multiple organizations for the same irrigation projects to establish water sports and other tourism projects and a clear policy to be evolved with objective criteria for selecting among the competing organizations. Stringent eligibility criteria also to be imposed as this water sports domain involves public safety.

Government have decided to issue a policy for introducing Water Sports to promote employment opportunities for younger generation in Minor Irrigations tanks whenever feasible. Accordingly, the District Collectors are authorized to do the entire process. On fulfillment of the eligibility criteria of the competing organizations are to be asked to participate in an auction. The financial proceeds from the auction can be redeployed to keep the water bodies clean and also for the development of the concerned Gram Panchayats duly following the prescribed terms and conditions.

Certain guidelines for introducing Water Sports to promote employment opportunities

1. The Irrigation facilities should not be disturbed by boating activities under any circumstances as reservoir is meant for Ayacutdars for Agricultural purpose. Agriculture will be given top priority over boating always.

2. Boating & other tourism related activities should not be allowed to pollute the reservoir water.

3. Fishing activities should not disturb the fishermen who will continue to have their rights as earlier.

4. The Officials of the Department / Government representatives shall have every right to inspect the activities anytime without any prior notice in all locations to ensure the organizations to follow the terms & conditions and there should not be any restrictions or obstruction for their entry for inspection.

5. Department has every right to cancel the permission given at any time without giving any reason.

6. Any objection by the higher authorities of any Department / Government for permission is liable for cancellation of permission without any prior notice and no compensation or reimbursement of cost and maintenance due to above permission will be paid by the Government for any reason what so ever.

7. Lifting / diverting of water for any purpose is not allowed.

8. The natural flow from the catchments area should not be disturbed.

9. Dumping / throwing of any type of effluents / wastes etc., into the reservoir which pollutes the quality of water is not allowed.

10. Boating activity should not damage Irrigation Structure. The organization shall take up all the precautionary measures to safe guard the Irrigation structures and if any damages occurs, the society / agency has to restore the damaged structures with their own cost as per the directions of the Irrigation officials.

11. All precautionary and safety measures such as indicating the boating area, restricted area & sign boards, etc., should be displayed at the appropriate places.

12. Department is not responsible to any accidents or damages that may happens, if any, due to boating activity. The organization is only responsible. The Government i.e., Irrigation Department at any cost will not pay any compensation or cost or reimburse any amount on account of any mishap that happens.

13. If any temporary structures are to be constructed within the zone exclusively designated for water sports activities, prior permission shall be obtained by the Organization form the Department and those temporary structures shall be immediately cleared off.

14. Insurance for working staff, watersports/ boating operators and boating passengers (as per the boat capacity) and any other activities in water should advancely paid by the concerned society /agency and all watersports operators should possess safety certificate. All safety standards and norms laid down band norms laid down by the Government from time to time shall be strictly followed by all operators.

15. Security deposit based on number of activities (sports) and period is to be deposited before concluding agreement. The violation of any conditions laid above will instantly lead to cancellation of above permission without any prior intimation or notice and the Security Deposit made by the organization shall be forfeited, without notice.

16. Violation of any conditions laid above will instantly lead to cancellation of above permission without any prior intimation or notice.

17. The credentials of the Foundation / Agency should be got verified through the concerned District Collector.

Minor Irrigation – introducing water sports (like boating, kayaking, skills development programs and various facilities for tourists) to promote employment opportunities for younger generation – Certain guidelines –


IRRIGATION & CAD (MIT) DEPARTMENT  G.O.Ms.No. 31 Dated: 27-05-2017

From the District Collector & Magistrate, Vikarabad District, Lr.No.C/ 876/2017, dated 02.05.2017.

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