Group clashes in the Pay and Accounts Office, Hyderabad

The Pay and Accounts Officer, Hyderabad has informed that on 02-01-2013  Sri G. Poornachander Rao, Auditor has  indecently behaved and manhandled  his colleague in his presence.

Sri G.Poornachander Rao, Auditor  was placed under Suspension and in the reference orders were revoked suo moto.

The Andhra Pradesh Non-Gazetted Officers’ Association has requested the Government to conduct an enquiry in to the matter with a senior officer of Finance Department and in the reference the Pay and Accounts Officer has also requested the Government to appoint an Inquiry Officer to inquire in to the matter.

After careful examination of the matter, Govt. hereby appoints                                     Sri K .Venkateswara Rao, Additional Secretary to Government, Finance Department to inquire into the entire episode and submit a report within 15 days.

G.O.Rt.No. 754 Dated:02 -03-2013 Read the following:

Ref: 1. Letter No. PAO/Admn/U.I/2012-13/395 dated 03-01-2013 of Pay and Accounts Officer, Hyderabad.

2. Proc. No. PAO/Admn/U.I/2012-13/163 dated 02-01-2013 of Joint Pay and Accounts Officer(Admn.), Hyderabad

3.Proc.  No. PAO/Admn./UI/2012-13/167 dated 10-01-2013 of Pay and Accounts Office, Hyderabad.

4.  Representation of A. P. Non-Gazetted Officers’ Association dated 06-02-2013

5. Letter No. PAO/Admn/U.I/2012-13/451-1dated 04-02-2013 of Pay and Accounts Officer, Hyderabad.

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