Construction of building on the western side of the existing Press Club

The President, Press Club, Hyderabad has represented that the Press Club, Hyderabad has over 1,000 journalists representing various media organizations as members. The existing premises of Press Club was built 70 years ago and has limited accommodation which is insufficient to meet the requirements of the Club which needs a conference facility, recreation room and a family enclosure, apart from earmarked parking for visiting journalists. They have informed that they are willing to take up the construction of additional structures in the existing premises from their own funds and also willing to give an undertaking that the right over the additional construction will vest with the R&B Department and Press Club will not have any claim over the property in future.

The Chief Engineer (R&B) Buildings, Hyderabad has stated that the Press Club building is Government building having an area of 4610 Square yards and built up area of 6887 Sft. The building was constructed in the year 1930. The building under question is an old building and it is not advisable to construct additional floors on the existing Building. As per the plan, there is an open land on the Western side of the existing Press Club and the Press Club authorities may be advised to construct a building on this proposed land subject to certain conditions.

Government after examination of the matter and based on the recommendations of the Chief Engineer(R&B), Buildings, Hyderabad hereby accord permission for construction of building in the open land on the Western side of the existing Press Club, Hyderabad subject to the following conditions:

The building shall be constructed with prior plan approval of the GHMC.

The Press Club, Hyderabad shall give a legally enforceable undertaking that the ownership of the constructed building will vest with (R&B) Department and they shall not claim the ownership of such buildings at any point of time.

The structural approval of the proposed building should be obtained from R&B Department before grounding the work.

The Press Club, Hyderabad shall construct the building at their own cost without financial assistance from the Government.

The existing buildings shall not be disturbed during the construction.

The newly constructed building should not be put to any commercial use.

Any violation of any of the above conditions shall lead to vacation of the premises without prior notice.

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