APEDC building complex Handed over to APIIC Hyderabad

Orders were issued transferring the Electronic Test & Development Centre, Kushaiguda to A.P.Industrial Development Corporation Ltd from 1-4-1977.     orders were issued ratifying the action of the APIDC for transfer of the ETDC from the control of APIDC to that of A.P. Electronics Development Corporation (APEDC).

The Chairman, APEDC has stated that the APEDC building is situated in the Electronics Industrial Estate of APIIC at Kushaiguda, facing R&B Road from ECIL, cross roads to Kushaiguda.  The building is a three storied RCC structure surrounded by a compound wall.  The extent of land is about 2.47 acres.  The building was originally constructed by APIIC during 1974-76 and handed over to APSSIDC for administrative control.   Subsequently the building and administrative control was transferred to APIDC.   The ownership of assets of the Centre(ETDC building) was not transferred to APEDC even though it was ordered in the G.O. .  The APEDC is now under voluntary liquidation, and the said land and buildings are not required by APEDC either for developmental purpose or for clearing the liabilities of the APEDC.  Protection and maintenance of the property would be a problem once the APEDC is liquidated.  He has therefore requested the Government for transferring title and possession to any Government Department or Corporation. He has stated that as per Statement of Affairs/Accounts  of  the  Corporation  as  on  the  date  of  liquidation,  the Liabilities to be discharged by APEDC stands at  Rs. 396.00 lakhs excluding the share capital amount of Rs. 1272.00 lakhs.   The Corporation is in a position to discharge the liabilities excluding the share capital.

The APIIC in its letter has stated that the estimated value of the land and buildings at the present fair market value is Rs.22,14,62,000/-. The land area is 9,652.15 Sq.Mts. The Public Enterprises Dept., vide Letter dt. 22.10.2011 has informed that during the review meeting held in September, 2011 it was decided to advise that Government  issues an  order transferring this asset to  either APIIC or APIDC thereby relieving APEDC from this asset. Thus liquidation of the company would be completed quickly. This will also save the expenditure and effort in getting the title in favour of APEDC and thereafter selling it.

Government of AP   after examination of the entire issue hereby decided and handed over the Land and Buildings of ETDC belonging to APEDC situated at Sy No. 321/1/E, to an extent of land is 11,432.08 Sq. Yds. or 9,562.15 Sq.m, which includes the extent of the building area in  5,620 Sq. Mts. (covered by all floors) to the APIIC, Hyderabad  and  the disposal of land can  be decided separately by the Government.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance(Expr.I&C) Dept vide their U.O.No.11731/183/Exp. I&C/2012, dt.15-5-2012

The Managing Director, APIIC and the Liquidator, APEDC shall take further necessary action accordingly in the matter.

G.O.Ms.No. 8  Dated:13 -02-2013 READ the following:-

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