Guidelines for Transfer and Posting of Telangana Employees 2

Considering the complexity of the Health, Medical and Family Welfare department that comprises of more than two hundred cadres, sub-cadres and diverse specialties, in partial modification of guidelines issued in the G.O. read above, the Government hereby issue the following guidelines:

Ban on transfer of Telangana employees from 16 June 2018

In order not to dislocate the work, transfers shall not exceed 20% of any one cadre for Doctors and Nurses.

Transfer and posting of doctors shall be strictly to the specialist post to which they belong. Specialists of a given speciality shall not be posted in any post earmarked for a different speciality. Mismatch of postings are strictly prohibited.

Doctors who have put in more than five years in the same station will not be transferred automatically, but only consequent on valid request for transfers by others of same speciality / Cadre. Further the request can be considered against clear vacancy and in the absence of the same, by shifting the person who has put in the longest service beyond five years in the Station seniority.

The RDM&HS offices were merged with DPH&FW Office for administrative convenience along with staff in 2016. The seniority of staff in respect of Warangal Zone office will be counted as single station seniority, i.e Warangal.

Agriculture & Cooperation Department – Constitution Committee for approval of transfers for the Multi Zonal / Zonal Cadre posts under control of CC&RCS, Hyderabad during the period of Ban lifting on Transfers

The CHNC offices were abolished in the year 2016 and the staff were redeployed along with the posts to its original institutes. For counting the seniority, their seniority may be considered including the previous CHNC staff seniority.

The Nursing Personnel with specialised training (recognised by the Nursing Council of India and the State Government) and those working in specialised disciplines in teaching hospitals like maternity and paediatric care, intensive care units, operation theatres, trauma and burns wards, emergency services, etc., shall not be shifted to non-specialist locations. Concerned HOD’s and Medical Superintendents’ certificate shall be necessary to this extent.

The following Committees are hereby constituted for considering the transfer of the staff at Zonal, Multi-zonal, HOD :

  1. DME
  2. Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare- Chairman
  3. Director of Medical Education           –        Member / Convener
  4. / Joint / Deputy Secretary –        Member
  1. DPH & FW
  2. Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare – Chairman
  3. Director of Public Health & Family Welfare -Member/ Convenor
  1. Addl / Joint Director of DPH & FW –  Member
  2. / Joint / Deputy Secretary –  Member


  • TVVP
  1. Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare – Chairman
  2. Commissioner, TVVP –        Member / Convenor
  3. / Joint / Deputy Secretary –        Member


District level:

  1. TVVP
  2. District Collector of erstwhile District – Chairman
  3. District Collector of the concerned new district – Member

iii.Program Officer from TVVP                               – Member

iv.District Head Quarters Hospital,

Medical Superintendent                                  – Member

The Director, Public Health & FW/ Commissioner, TVVP / Director of Medical Education, TS, Hyderabad are hereby directed to take immediate action to operationalise these orders.

Other Heads of Departments of HM&FW Department shall follow guidelines issued by Government vide reference read above and effect transfers.

 This order is issued with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O. No. 002833-B/319/A1/HRM.I/2018, dated:29-05-2018.



1) Online Application form shall be filled up by the applicant Teacher / Head Master Gr.II in the specified website.

2) The Teachers/HMs seeking transfer under preferential category/ Spouse Category or claiming Special /Performance related points should enclose following relevant certificates as the case may he to the application

Spouse Certificate.

Physically Handicapped / Disability Certificate.

Certified or original court orders of the competent court for legally separated women teachers, duly ensuring whether any stay orders issued by Apex courts.

Medical certificates issued by competent authority for claiming preferential categories i.e Rule – 8 (d) (e) (f) & (g).

Certificate issued by the concerned Headmasters in respect of Teachers and the DEO in respect of Head Masters on the percentage of passes in SSC Public 2018 in the subject taught by the teacher and overall pass percentage of the School for HMs.

3) The teachers who completed two years of service in that particular category of post as on 31-05-2018 and who are interested for participation in transfer shall apply through on­line as per schedule.

4) The following Teachers / HMs shall compulsorily apply for transfer :

The Teachers who have completed (8) years and HMs who have completed (5) years of services as on 31-05-2018 in the present place of working in the present post.

ii] The Male Teachers working in Girls High Schools below 50 years age as on 31-05-2018.

5) The District Educational Officer should ensure that the teachers at Point No. 04 apply for transfers. If not applied for transfer, such teachers shall be given transfer orders in absentia in the left over vacancies.

6) The Teachers / HMs who apply for transfer shall take print out copies from the website viz. filled in application form duly signed . One print out copy should be retained with individual and another Print out copy along with copies of the certificates duly attested shall be submitted together with original certificates for verification to the concerned MEO.

7) The printout of ON-LINE application of the individuals as submitted and which were forwarded by the concerned MEO only will be considered. The MEO shall maintain a data with the particulars of each applicant Teacher / H.M.

8) The MEO in turn should submit the application form print outs along with relevant certificates after verifying with original records to the erstwhile District Educational Officer and attest the application form print outs. All the applications received by MEOs should be submitted to DEO on same day for further validation / conformation at district level

9) After due verification , the Mandal Educational officer shall make corrections if any in print copy of application form as submitted by the individuals for transfer based on the Service particulars & documents, etc and all such application forms shall be submitted to the DEO separately each category wise .

10) In respect of the HMs of Government High Schools the Mandal Educational officer shall submit the applications to the RJDSE concerned and with regard to HMs of Zilla Parishad Schools shall be submitted to the erstwhile DEO through special messenger under proper acknowledgement .

1 1 ) Constitution of verification teams for verification of applications for Transfers :

The Mandal Educational Officer shall constitute verification teams for every 50 applications consisting with three members headed by Headmaster of High Schools, with supporting School Assistants/ SGT ensure for proper verification of the particulars as submitted by the Teachers / Headmasters of High Schools and to submit the particulars to the District Educational Officer .
Constitution of Teams headed by any of the District Educational officers of newly formed districts.
a) Validation Teams headed by new district DEO/ Asst Directors.
b) Monitoring headed by another new district DEO/ Asst Directors if available.
c) Redressal Team for Disposal of the objections Assisting the erstwhile DEO
For constitution of above teams the erstwhile DEO shall fully utilise the Staff / Officers and draft them for the purpose such as monitoring, clerical, support, data entry, Assistance, etc and further the new DEOs & Staff should cooperate with their concerned erstwhile DEO in the whole process of conducting teachers transfers without fail.
The erstwhile District Educational Officers should constitute above said teams in sufficient Number with identified Officers/ Staff / H.Ms for validation of application forms.
‘During the verification, the verification teams should specifically verify the
certificates pertaining to the preferential categories and special categories and certify the correctness of the same.

” After thorough verification by the teams and District Educational Officer after satisfying the rules with the evidences shall validate and confirm the details given in the application online in the counseling website.

In respect of the HMs of Government High Schools the RJDSE concerned shall constitute the Teams on the above analogy for verification / validation of application forms and confirmations and carrying out the corrections through ONLINE .
‘ All the DEOs and RJDSEs shall register their names along with the names of the Teams/ members drafted for verification/validation Teams through ONLINE in the specified Web site so as to enable them to confirm / Corrections of the application form through ONLINE.
Vacancies to be displayed :
The DEO/RJDE shall notify the vacancies in the website for the purpose of counseling :

i) All the existing clear vacancies except the leave vacancies.
ii) All the vacancies arising due to compulsory transfers as per transfer Rules.
iii) Receiving of objections on the provisional vacancies
iv) Redressal of Objections if any and Notifying the final vacancies (category, management – wise / subject – wise / medium wise and area wise, district wise / zone wise) for display in notice board in the o/o DEO/RJDE and in official designated WEB SITE for Transfer counseling
Seniority list to be displayed:
i) After due verification/validation of the applications by the DEO/RJDSE the provisional seniority list with entitlement points will be displayed in the official website and in the O/o the DEO/ RJDSE
ii) Receiving of objections on the provisional seniority list.
iii) Redressal of Objections if any and Notifying the final seniority list vacancies
(category, management – wise / subject – wise / medium wise and area wise, district wise / zone wise) for display in notice board in the o/o DEO/RJDE and in official designated WEB SITE for Transfer counseling.
Conduct of counseling:
i) As per schedule the process of counseling i.e., the allotment of vacancy based on the options excised by the teachers based on entitlement seniority by the web counseling software.
ii) The Teachers/ FIMs shall participate in Transfer counseling by exercising their options through Web Counseling only
iii) The resultant vacancies will be displayed during the course of the option exercised by the Teacher/HM.
iv) The remaining activities will be done automatically by software.
v) If any applicant teacher / HM is failed to participate in counseling through online on the schedule dates, his/her request for transfer shall not be considered in later period under any circumstances.
vi) If any problem arises in the online process, only after rectification the process should be taken up.

Transfer orders and Relief :

i) Transfer postings list can be generated from the website, which is system developed based on entitlement points, options, vacancies .
ii) Down load the list to place before the Committee for approval by the DEO/RJDSE.
iii) Issuing of the posting orders as per the approval list of the committee by the competent authorities and shall download the generated posting orders and to issue to all the HMs / Teachers on the same day.
iv) The Teacher / HM who are to be compulsorily transferred and who have applied for transfer and not participated web counseling or not even applied for transfer shall be given posting orders in absentia from the left over needy school vacancies at the end of the counseling with the approval of the Committee.
v) The Head Master Gr.II (Gazetted) / Teacher are not be eligible to be posted in the Schools located in the same Gram Panchayat, if they completed (5) years and (8) years of service respectively.
vi) Once transfer orders are issued by the competent authority with the approval of the Committee, review or modification of the Orders shall not be considered, either by the Committee or by the competent authority.
vii) In all the orders of the transfers the condition is to be included that the orders shall be subject to outcome of Court Cases if any pending before Hon’ble High Court and any other pending cases.
viii) The transfers affected lists shall be displayed on website and also at the office of Regional Joint Director of School Education, District Educational Officer and CEO/ZPP/MPP office after completion of counseling.
ix) The Head Master Gr.II (Gazetted) / Teachers who are on transfer shall be relieved from the present place of working on receipt of the transfer orders and he / she shall join in the new school where they are posted on the next day of serving of orders.
x) The transferred employee will be deemed to have been relieved on the next day of the issue of the transfer order.
xi) A Head Master Gr.II (Gazetted) / Teacher who does not join in transferred post cannot claim compulsory wait under any circumstances for any reason.
xii) All transfers shall be effected within the present Management, Agency Area to Agency Area, Plain Area to Plain Area only.


S.No. Activity Date
1 Applying for Transfer through ONLINE and submission of Printout copy along with certificates to MEO (Teachers / HMs of High Schools) 07-06-2018



3 Submission of Verified Printout copies along with certificates by the MEO to the DEO/RJDSE 08-06-2018



4 Publication of Vacancy Lists 09-06-2018
5 Objections on vacancy position to RJDSE / DEO 10-06-2018



6 Rectification of objections on Vacancy 12-06-2018
7 Validation of the application by RJDSE / DEOs online 09-06-2018



8 Provisional eligibility list as per entitlement points and display of finalized vacancy list 14-06-2018
9 Submission of Objections if any to RJDSE / DEO on entitlement points 15-06-2018 & 16-06-2018
10 Redressal of objections on entitlement points by RJDSE / DEO 16-06-2018



11 Display of final eligibility list as per entitlement points 19-06-2018
12 Submission of Web Options by the applicants through online 20-06-2018



13 Download the transfer list for Committee Approval 25-06-2018
14 Issue of Transfer orders by RJDSE / DEO 26-06-2018


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