Guidelines for Telangana Integrated hospital facility Management services

Guidelines for Telangana Integrated hospital facility Management services Based on the recommendations of the Centre for Innovations in Public Systems (Administrative Staff College of India), the existing Sanitation Policy was framed by integrating Sanitation & Security Services in the year 2013 for a period of 3 years and the same was approved by the Government vide the G.O.Ms No.37, HM & FW (C2) Department, dt:27.11.2014 duly ratifying the action taken by the Corporation in calling tenders and entrusting the works to the agencies.

Sanitation policies of TSMSIDC and Tamil Nadu, etc. were studied by the HOD’s of Medical & Health & Family Welfare Dept., Telangana State under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary to the Government during the meeting held on 02.04.2016 at Indian institute of Family Welfare, Vengalrao Nagar, Hyderabad. It is observed that providing supportive services for patient care in the hospitals will result in better and efficient delivery of services. Therefore, it was felt to modify the existing policy to ensure better services in the Health facilities. During the course of implementation of the ongoing sanitation policy certain other short falls like non-specification of equipment to be used, types of consumables to be used, performance evaluation etc., were identified.

Therefore, the existing policy i.e., Sanitation & Security Services has been suggested to be revised namely “Integrated Hospital Facility Management Services” that incorporates ‘patient care services’ component with previously existing components such as sanitation, pest control and security services.

Scope of patient care services may include the following:-            

Helping patiexnts in transport in wheel chairs, trolleys etc across different patient care areas such as patient arrival areas, outpatient blocks, operation theatres, wards, ICUs, labour rooms, imaging areas etc.

Taking laboratory test samples to laboratories and getting reports from the laboratories and imaging areas.

Changing of dipers, placing of bed pans, urinary pans, disposal of biomedical waste to the appropriate bins of biomedical waste. Unforeseen manual jobs related to patient care from time to time.

Guidelines for Telangana Integrated hospital facility Management services

After examination of the matter and proposal submitted by the Managing Director, Telangana State Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation, Hyderabad vide letters 2nd, 4th & 6th read above, Govt. hereby approve the following “Integrated Hospital Facility Management Services” for improving the patient care services in the Govt. hospitals in the State with an amount of Rs.5,016/- per bed/month (approx.).   

The major revisions to improve the services made in the proposed policy are described below:

Item Existing Proposed
Components 1.     Security

2.     Sanitation & Pest


1.     Sanitation,

2.     security & Pest control

3.     Patient Care Services

Tender packages 24 packages for DME and TVVP hospitals Each District as one unit
System of sanitation and pest control Simple description of sanitation and pest control method to be followed by the agency. Well defined items and consumables to be used that includes the mechanized system
Performance evaluation Simple            descriptive approach Objective         evaluation         with      several            key parameters to a total performance score of 100.
Penalty          for

poor performance

Simple            descriptive

penalty clauses

Payments to the agency will be  proportionate to average month performance score.

Tender conditions like EMD, Processing fee, annual turnover of bidders, solvency certificate, past experience etc., will be decided by the Tender Committee under the chairmanship of District Collector, based on the total No. of beds / working beds in the hospitals under the jurisdiction of DME & TVVP in the District.

The District Collector is empowered to constitute the tender committee in the Districts except Hyderabad District. In case of Hyderabad District, the Managing Director, Telangana State Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation is empowered.

The division of responsibilities for implementing the proposed scheme is specified clearly in the table below:-

Sl.No. Item of work Responsibility
1 Tender Inviting Authority The District Health Society chaired by District Collector except Hyderabad
2 Technical Evaluation Committee Constituted by the District Collector
3 Finance Committee Constituted by the District Collector
4 Signing of agreement Superintendent of Hospitals / Directors of RIMS / Principal of Medical College / Hospital Administrators.
5 Implementing authority Superintendent of hospitals / Director of RIMS / Principal of Medical College / Hospital Administrators.
6 Payment to Agency Payment      Authority      is       implementing


7 Monitoring of the  performance The District Health Society chaired by

District Collector

Monitoring of the Performance agency by implementing authority:

S. No. Monitoring Item Max Score for each Category
1 Attendance & Uniform of the Staff 05
2 Patient care 10
3 Cleanliness of Toilets / Urinals / Wash basins 10
4 Cleanliness of Wards 10


5 Cleanliness of Labour Room / OT / Emergency / OP/ Lab 10
6 Cleanliness of Drainage and Sewerage 10
7 Usage of equipment / Consumables/durables/ Reputed Chemical/ Pesticides 10
8 Control of  Pest & Rodents 10
9 No complaints from Public on Pest Control Services 5
10 Attendance & Uniform of the Security Staff 10
11 No complaints from Public on Security Services 5
12 Control of crowd and systematic parking of Vehicles 5

Performance of the agency will be decided based on the percentage of marks given and is as follows:

If the agency is fully compliant (i.e. = or > 96%), 100% payment of agreement amount will be made to the agency.

For the remaining (partially / non-compliant agency) monthly payments will be made based on the actual percentages of performance in proportion to agreement amount.

If the agency is non-compliant (75% or less) consecutively for three months or five times in a year the contract will be terminated automatically and the performance security will be forfeited. Such agencies are not eligible to participate in the future tenders invited by the TSMSIDC up to next two years.

The District Health Society shall enter into MoU with the sanitation agency. The Health Department, & Telangana State Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation, will support the District Administration, Sanitation workers in capacity building so that highest standards of sanitation are met.

All the District Collectors/ the Director of Medical Education, Hyderabad / the Commissioner, Telangana Vaidya Vidhana Parishad, Hyderabad / Director, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Adilabad shall take necessary action accordingly. They are also requested to redeploy the existing staff for implementation of the present policy.

This order issues with the concurrence of the Fin (EBS.V) Dept., vide their No.2674/6/A2/EBS.V/2017, dt.11.01.2017.

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