Guidelines for admission into Telangana Btech under Sports quota

Guidelines for admission into Telangana Btech under Sports quota. Government of Telangana have been issued recognizing the sports disciplines and the priority of achievements to be followed and considered for eligibility for seeking admissions into various professional courses in the state and constitution of committee to verify the genuine Sports persons.

Government have constituted a Committee under the Chairmanship of Sri B.V.Papa Rao, IAS(Retd.) Advisor to Government on Policy and Institutional Development, to make suitable recommendations for evolving a sound criteria for admissions into professional courses under Sports Quota.

the Committee has submitted its report to the Government.

The Government, after careful examination of the recommendations of the above Committee and in supersession of all earlier G.Os. reference cited, issue the following guidelines for admissions into professional courses like Engineering, Medical Agriculture, etc., under Sports Quota.

The sports persons of the competitive Sports Disciplines listed in the Annexure-I to this G.O. conducted in the following Games shall only be eligible for consideration for selection under Sports Quota.
(i) Olympic Games
(ii) Youth Olympics Games
(iii) Asian Games
(iv) Youth Asian Games
(v) Commonwealth Games
(vi) Youth Commonwealth Games
(vii) South Asian Federation Games
(viii) last National Games.

The said list of sports disciplines shall be updated from time to time by the Sports Authority of Telangana State (SATS) with the Assistance of the Olympic Association of Telangana, wherever necessary, within one month after the conduct of any of the above Games or delete any sports discipline of the existing list if the same is deleted from the above Games.

7. The sportspersons who participated in the following competitions shall only be considered under Sports Quota.

(i) Olympic Games
(ii) Youth Olympic Games
(iii) World Championship(Senior/Youth/Junior/Sub Junior)
(iv) Asian Games
(v) Youth Asian Games
(vi) Commonwealth Games
(vii) Youth Commonwealth Games
(viii) Asian Championship(Senior/Youth/Junior/Sub Junior)
(ix) South Asian Games
(x) National Games
(xi) National Championships in the sports disciplines as mentioned in Para (I) above.

8. The following points shall be assigned to the eligible candidates for arriving at the Priority list for admission under Sports Quota considering the best achievements of the candidates from the last 4(four )Years.

Sl.No. Tournaments Priority Points
Senior Youth L.Jr. Sub.Jr.

Individual Team Individual Team Individual Team
1. Olympic Games: Gold 10 09 06 05
Sliver 09 08 05 04
Bronze 08 07 04 03
Participation 07 06 03 02
World Champion
ships Gold 09 08 06 05
Sliver 08 07 05 04
Bronze 07 06 04 03
Participation 06 05 03 02
3 Asian Games Gold 08 07 05 04
Sliver 07 06 04 03
Bronze 06 05 02 01
Participation 05 04 02 01
4 Commonwealth Games Gold 07 06 05 04
Sliver 06 05 04 03
Bronze 05 04 03 02
04 03 02 01
5 Asian Championships Gold 06 05 04 03
Sliver 05 04 03 02
Bronze 04 03 02 01
Participation 03 02 01 01
6. South Asian Games Gold 05 04
Sliver 04 03
Bronze 03 02
Participation 02 01
7 National Games(Disciplines of Current National Games) Gold 04 03 2.5 02
Sliver 03 02 1.5 01
Bronze 02 01 1.0 0.5
8 National Championship
(Disciplines of Para I above) Gold 04 03 2.5 01

Sliver 03 02 1.5 01
Bronze 02 01 1.0 0.5

9. All the eligible candidates seeking admission under sports Quota shall submit a copy of the same application with details of his/her sports achievements/ testimonials to the SATS, duly certified/ attested by the concerned State Associations recognized by the SATS, within 7(seven) clear working days of the last date of application to a particular course.

10. The certificates/Testimonials of achievements submitted by the candidates shall be scrutinized by the Scrutiny Committee, consisting of the following to prepare the Priority List strictly in accordance with the point system indicated in the Table at para.6 above.

a) Vice Chairman & Managing Director, S ATS – Chairman

b) President, Olympic Association of Telangana – Member
or his Nominee

c) Two Technical Officials of SATS, nominated
by VC&MD, SATS – Members

11. The recommendations of the above Scrutiny Committee shall be placed before the Evaluation Committee, consisting of the following, for evaluation and approval.

a) Secretary to Government YAT&C(S) Department Chairman
b) VC&MD, SATS Convener
c) Commissioner of Health and family welfare Member
d) Commissioner of Technical Education Member
e) Commissioner of Agriculture Member
f) Registrar, Kaloji Health University Member
g) Registrar, Jayashanker Agriculture University Member
h) Registrar, JNTU Member
I) Registrar Osmaina University Member
J) President Olympic Association of Telangana/or
his Nominee Member

12. The Candidates who submit false certificates shall be liable for criminal action against the candidates and her/her parents and the admission obtained with such false certificates shall be deemed to be cancelled. In case of false certification or attestation by any concerned state Association the said Association shall be disqualified for 3(three) years besides criminal prosecution against the signatory of the false certificate. The said Association shall not be extended any financial support by the Sports Authority of Telangana State and the Sports Authority of Telangana State Government during the period of disqualification.

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