Cement Concrete Roads in Telangana Gram Panchayats 4

Cement Concrete Roads in Telangana Gram Panchayats Guidelines:

Laying of Internal Cement Concrete Roads shall be taken up under the project “Pucca Internal Roads within a village with convergence funds” subject to maintaining the wage material ratio as per MGNREG Act, 2005 at District level.

1) Priority shall be given to SC/ST localities.
2) 20% of the cost of the work to be borne by the Gram Panchayat fund or
any other available funds such as CDP/MPLAD etc.,

3) Priority should be given to the villages where the wage component generation is higher.
4) The work shall be executed by the PR Engineering Department /Tribal Welfare Engineering Department.
5) The total cost of sanctions for these CC Roads works shall not exceed
Rs. 600.00 Cr from NREGS funds. These works shall be completed before 31.3.2017.
6) The District Collector & DPC, MGNREGS shall constitute a committee with District Panchayat Raj Engineer (DPRE) of PR Dept., as Member Convener. The committee shall finalize the list of works to be taken up in convergence with MGNREGS.
7) The District Collectors have to send the proposals to the Commissioner/Director, Rural Development and approval will be given by the Government and administrative sanction will be given by the District Programme Co-Ordinator, MGNREGS.
8) For identification and finalization of these works, a committee has to be formed at District level.

a) District Level Committee: For proper implementation of the project, a District level MGNREGS Convergence Committee shall be constituted with the District Collector /District Programme Coordinator (DPC), MGNREGS as Chairman of the Committee with the following members. The Committee shall be responsible for finalizing the list of works for sanction and monitoring the progress of works from time to time.

i. District Collector / District Programme Coordinator, MGNREGS – Chairman.
ii. District Panchayat Raj Engineer (DPRE), PRED – Member Convener.
iii. Chief Executive Officer(CEO), ZP- Member.
iv. District Rural Development Officer (DRDO),DRDA – Member. v. District Panchayat Officer(DPO) – Member. vi. District Tribal Welfare Officer (DTWO)-Member.

b) Responsibilities of committee members:

I. District Rural Development Officer (DRDO), DRDA:
The District Rural Development Officer shall assess the availability of material component at GP and District level based on the actual wage expenditure and approved labour budget under MGNREGS.

II. District Panchayat Officer:
i) The DPO shall assess the availability of local funds for convergence with

ii) He shall ensure the GP resolutions as per guidelines of MGNREGA.
III. Chief Executive Officer, ZP:
The Chief Executive Officer shall ensure the proper flow of convergence funds at Mandal and Zilla Parishad level.

IV. District Panchayat Raj Engineer (DPRE):
a) The DPRE, PRED shall convene the District level MGNREGS Convergence Committee meeting.

b) Ensure the identification of material suppliers for all materials except cement as per MGNREGS Procurement guidelines in vogue.

c) Based on the availability of material component at GP level/District Level, and on the recommendation of the Gram Panchayat, the DPRE, PRED shall prepare action plan for taking up the above works after ensuring technical feasibility and place it before the committee for finalizing the proposals.

d) The estimates shall be prepared by PRED. Payments upto a maximum of 80% shall be made from MGNREGS funds through eFMS and balance payment of not less than 20% shall be made from convergence funds through eFMS or Cheque and both put together not more than estimated cost. Accordingly suitable modifications will be made in software to tap funds from two grants.

V. District Programme Coordinator, MGNREGS/District Collector & Chairman:

The District Collector & DPC shall finalize the proposals for the works under the project “Pucca Internal Roads within a village under convergence funds” based on the recommendation of the District Level MGNREGS Convergence Committee duly following MGNREGS guidelines.

VI. District Tribal Welfare Officer (DTWO):
The District Tribal Welfare Officer (DTWO) shall ensure inclusion of eligible Tribal habitations in the proposals and also proper implementation of the project.

c) General:
i) All unskilled wage payments shall be met from MGNREGS funds.
ii) All payments under the Project shall go through eFMS only.

iii) The DPRE, PRED/Executive Engineer, TWED shall raise separate FTOs for MGNREGS funds and pay order for Convergence funds for proper accounting.

iv) The Social Audit process shall be carried out as per MGNREG Act Procedure in vogue.

v) The Quality Control inspection of the works shall be carried out by the Vigilance and Quality Control wing of PRED.

vi) Project Manager, TCS shall provide necessary software in this regard.

2. The Director, Rural Development shall take necessary action accordingly.
Telangana State – Construction of Cement Concrete Roads without drains under MGNREGS in convergence with Gram Panchayat or any other funds – Guidelines – Duly Supersession of the G.O.Rt.No. 1000 PR&RD(Progs.I) Dept. dt: 15.12.2016 and further orders – Issued.


G.O.Rt.No. 21 Dated: 10.1.2017. Read the following:

1. MGNREGA Act, 2005(Central Act No.42 of 2005)
2. Gazette No.19, Dated 03.01.2014 of Govt. of India.
3. Govt. Memo No.3437/Progs.I/2016, Dated.21.05.2016
4. From the Director, PR&RD, Telangana No.3147/EGS/AEE /PE /2016, Dated. 07.09.2016.
5. G.O.Rt.No.1000 PR & RD (Progs.I) Dept., Dated: 15.12.2016

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